Anime vs Manga! Pick Your Poison: Watching Anime or Reading Manga?

Anime vs Manga is one of the most heated topic in the otaku & weeb community. Before we go about yelling at each other which is better, isn’t it fair to define the two first? And while we’re at it we can even tell why this argument started in the first place. I hope you’re excited, and maybe this can help you decide which one you prefer, is it Anime? Or is it Manga? Let’s get into it!

What is Manga?

What is manga?

Manga is like a comic book or graphic novel but is primarily made in Japan. So Captain America and Spider-Man don’t count as Manga. Manga comes in different shapes and forms. Some Manga revolves around horror while others are aimed at teenage girls (Shojo) or teenage boys (Shonen). There are also a wide variety of art styles, each one unique to the respective author. One thing that separates Manga from Western comic books is that it’s usually not colored and has a bizarre reading manner that is Right to Left, not the other way around.

What is Anime?

What is Anime?

Initially, Anime just meant Animation but as time passed by Anime was defined as Animated TV Series or Movies that were made in Japan and involved Japanese influences. Not all Anime is original, some come from Manga, Light novels, and even video games. Just like Manga, there is a wide variety of Anime with different genres, art styles, and quality. Back in the day, Anime culture was rejected by most people around the world, but now it has been one of the most popular trends. It has also contributed a lot of legendary shows and movies that stood the test of time.

Why is there an argument over which is better?

Anime vs manga - which one is better?

It is just human nature that people will argue how one thing is better than the other. Is it Orange Juice or Apple Juice? Hot or Cold? Manga or Anime? This discussion has been out there for several years since the existence of both mediums. There are good manga and anime. One Example is One Piece, a legendary Shonen series that has been praised in both its Manga and Anime form. There is a lot of work put into both art forms although people just want to know which one is superior.

So this time, I’m gonna list down why you should pick one side or the other. I’ll just add in the best characteristics of each medium and then it’s up to you to decide which you think is best. Is it reading Manga or is it watching Anime?

Anime vs Manga: Why choose Manga?

First of all, you need to choose Manga because all the creativity starts here. Most of the legendary Anime has been based on the original Manga. I bet you didn’t even know that Your Name had a Manga before Makoto Shinkai decided to make it into a Movie. Manga also stood the test of time, there have been traces of Manga in the 12th Century which were pictures drawn in scrolls. It may not have the fancy effects that Anime has but it is made up for the amazing art that authors have put all their hearts to. Look at the amazing panels in One Punch Man, it’s hard to believe that it was drawn by a human. 

Anime vs Manga: Why choose Manga?
One punch man manga panel

Manga is also interesting because it incorporates the true passion of the author. The author has to think about the story and the art at the same time which for one seems like an impossible job. Imagine planning out a series like One Piece while trying to figure out the scenes and drawing them afterward. It is a different storytelling device than Anime because it makes the reader think and use his imagination to bring the scenes to life. The voice of the characters, the sound effects, the background music is all decided by the readers themselves. Manga not only gives the readers a chance to be a part of the world nor does it take for granted the influence of the author.

Anime vs Manga: Why choose Anime?

Dude, it’s Anime. There are gems to be found here. Shows such as Attack on Titan and Neon Genesis Evangelion have completely turned the Anime medium upside down. There are shows for everyone, from elementary school students to adults. Anime series nowadays dive into topics that are present in our society. Issues such as discrimination, depression, and political trends are now being discussed and given light through the medium. Not only does Anime bring entertainment but it also gives a lesson that you can use in real life.

Kakegurui Kaede Manyuda quotes
Quote from Kakegurui

Anime brings its source material to life. May it be Manga or Light novels. It makes those emotions that the characters seem real that even the watcher sheds a tear or bursts out in laughter. If Manga uses the imagination of the reader then Anime makes their dreams come true. There’s as much effort put into making an Anime as there is in making a Manga. Everything starts at Manga but is given color by Anime.

Anime vs Manga, which do you think is better? Come on, don’t be shy and pick your poison. Choose, is it Anime or is it Manga?

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3 years ago

I love both but I still prefer watching anime


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3 years ago

After watching the anime I would pickup the manga to know what happened next…111


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