Top 7 Haikyuu Captains

Haikyuu is a very popular Japanese Manga series that is loved by many people all across the globe. The series which has been written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate has released four seasons till now. All the seasons have been loved the same by the viewers of the series. This popular series revolves around the sport of Volleyball. There are different teams of different high schools that are shown in this series playing.

Fans have loved the illustrating storyline of the series and the amazing character arcs of different characters. There are different captains of different teams in the series. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the best haikyuu captains depending on their popularity. One thing that you need to note is that there will be spoilers. So, without any further ado let’s discuss the captains that are loved by people.

Best Captains In the Haikyuu anime series

The list contains the best captains of the series depending on their popularity, actions and leadership skills so, buckle up and read about some of the best sportspersons of the Haikyuu anime series.

  • Daichi Sawamura- Karasuno Captain
  • Tetsuro Kuroo- Nekoma Captain
  • Tohru Oikawa- Aoba Johsai Captain
  • Kaname Moniwa- Date Tech Captain
  • Daiki Ogano- Shizen Captain
  • Kotaro Bokuto- Fukurodani Captain
  • Wakatoshi Ushijima- Shiratorizawa Captain

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Daichi Sawamura- Karasuno High School

Daichi Sawamura

The first captain to feature on our list is Daichi Sawamura. Sawamura is the captain of Karasuno High school, the major school of the series and is a wing spiker in the team. The personality of Daichi is quite wonderful and this is why he is loved by many people. He is a reliable captain who has solutions for every difficult situation the team faces. As a person, Daichi is also a very understanding, patient and caring person who places his team before individuals and this is one of his best qualities which pleases everyone. 

Tetsuro Kuroo- Nekoma High School

Tetsuro Kuroo - Haikyuu Nekoma captain

Tetsuro is also known as the Scheming captain who is famous for using different tricky schemes that lead his team to wins. He plays the position of a middle blocker and is one of the biggest brains behind his teams’ awesome rhythm. His awesome understanding with the brain of Nekoma High school: Kenma is loved by people and he portrays the role given to him very wonderfully.

Tohru Oikawa- Aoba Johsai High

Tohru Oikawa - popular Haikyuu captains

Oikawa is a fan-favourite captain as well as loved by Hinata who calls him the Great King. He plays as the setter and is quite an awesome player. In the series, Tohru Oikawa is shown to have a very huge following with girls hovering around him. As a captain, he is very reliable and the team can rely on him when the times are tough. He is also very sharp and has a keen understanding of his surroundings which allows him to plan better for the team. 

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Kaname Moniwa- Date Tech High

Kaname Moniwa

Moniwa is different from all the other captains on this list. He has a small build and relies on other teammates to stop fights and differences in the team. He has also a hard time controlling the underclassmen on the team but he is quite cheerful which makes his personality very likeable. Even after he is retired from the team, he was cheering for the team and his teammates from the sidelines which is a very good personality trait.

Daiki Ogano- Shizen High

Daiki Ogano

Daiki Ogano is the captain of Shizen high and is named Broccoli #1 by Kageyama. As a wing spiker, Ogano is a very cheerful player and team captain. Another thing that makes Daiki Ogano very popular is that he is an amazing player on which his team can rely in difficult times. You can see him more after we know the Haikyuu S5 release

Kotaro Bokuto- Fukurodani Academy

Kotaro Bokuto - popular Haikyuu captains

Fukurodani Academy is a private academy in Tokyo and its volleyball captain is Kotaro Bokuto. He is an all-time favourite Haikyuu captain of fans as well as people in the series. Bokuto is one of the coolest captains of the series. He lives life in the moment and does not trouble his mind too much by worrying about the more serious things. As a player, Bokuto is cheered by all of his teammates when he plays and is quite capable of being a good captain of his team even if he is not too serious.

Wakatoshi Ushijima- Shiratorizawa Academy

Wakatoshi Ushijima - popular Haikyuu captains

Ushijima is the monster captain in the series, one whose defeat was a happy feat rather than shocking for the viewers of the series. He is not a bad captain or even a bad player but he is a player that has immense strength which makes him very dangerous for the other teams. He is a strong backbone of his team who knows how he can score the best wins for his team and how to frighten the opponents even before they come on the field.

That’s it for this post! These were all the best captains in Haikyuu anime!

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