Mushoku Tensei – The Anime That Will Make Isekai Great Again

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation is the Anime that will make Isekai great again. Why? Continue reading to learn more!

The Isekai Genre In Anime

When it come to anime in the recent years, we’ve had what many fans would call the rise of the Isekai genre. This obviously started with ‘SAO’ (Sword Art Online), then accumulated with many other shows such as ‘That Time I got reincarnated as a slime’, ‘Re Zero’, ‘Overlord’, ‘Shield Hero’ and many more.

But over the years the Isekai genre has gotten quite repetitive. Due to this fact it lost the meaning of what made this genre special. Most Isekai stories revolve around the main character being summoned in a fantasy world and having to defeat a Demon Lord.

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The Cliche Of Isekai Anime

Anime with overpowered main characters - that time i got reincarnated as a slime

Recently, what the Isekai troop did was to make overpowered characters. These characters have no difficulty taking care of the troubles in their new world. Think of it as playing video games on easy mode, you are guaranteed to clear the game.

Characters like Rimuru from ‘that time I got Reincarnated as a slime’ or Seiya from ‘Cautious Hero’ are typical example of those type of characters .

They face very little to know sort of challenges in the worlds they’re in. Maybe once in a lifetime there’s a new character who’s introduced who potentially cause a threat to our mc, only to be befriended by said mc and eventually join their group. This pattern is seen repeatedly in the isekai genre.

How Does Mushoku Tensei Differ From The Norm ?


So what is it that makes Mushoku Tensei different from other Isekai anime? Well, to start it off, before being transferred into another world our main character was a run of the mill society failure.

He’s a proper shut in in his mid 30s who has given up on society and any hope of actually living a normal life. He was bullied in high school and had zero friends. Not to mention he had quite a bad relationship with is family who consider him to be a failure. They gave him close to zero attention.

In the first episode our mc decides to save a highschool girl who almost got runover by, you guessed it, Truck-kun! He does manage to save her but ends up losing his life in the process.

Unlike the likes of Kazuma, Subaru or Naofumi who enter their fantasy world still looking identical to who they were in the past our MC gets reincarnated as a baby by the name of Rudeus Greyrat.

Mushoku Tensei’s MC

As Rudeus Greyrat he lives in a little house with his new father Paul and his new mother Zenith. Still having the memories of his past life, he’s now a 30 year old man trapped in a child body. While growing up he learned to speak the language of that world. He also learned how to use magic from his mother and sword fighting from his father.

Character Progression


The character progression in Mushoku Tensei is quite fascinating. Our mc starts off as an extreme pervert (he pretty much stay a pervert for the entirety of the show.) At the same time, he is also an insecure person.

Unlike other mc from the isekai genre, Rudeus doesn’t just decide to go on an adventure. He’s actually scared of going outside or meeting new people because of his depressing past. It’s thanks to the effort of his magic teacher Roxy that he eventually starts going outside. Never too far from home, but it’s a start.

The anime has a very slow pace throughout the first few episodes. We’re still focusing on the family dynamic of Rudeus’s new family. Most shows would start with an adventure. The mc will go and farm for EXP in their world to grow stronger. But, Mushoku Tensei gives us time to get familiarized with our MC. After all at the beginning of the show he’s only 6 year old. 

World Building


Another thing that make Mushoku Tensei such a good anime in general is the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around the MC. He’s not some sort of legendary hero summoned from another world to defeat the demon king. Nor is he the best player of an MMORPG who will eventually take over the world.

In Mushoku Tensei We are introduced to many characters with their own goals and are not following the mc around. While when it come to the MC he doesn’t have a specific goal until a life changing event takes place which forces him to get involved with the world.


Overall Mushoku Tensei is a lovely Isekai anime that I would highly recommend to people who have just started watching Anime and are interested in the isekai genre. 

Author’s Corner:

My name is Daniel Moleka. I’m an anime fan AKA a WEEB, and Gamer who love talking about anime and gaming. To be honest, I’m just a dude who loves anime. Follow me at @molexdude on IG, much love. 

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