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Top 10 Best Anime Where Mc Is Op But Hides It

The word “overpowered main characters” is only just the beginning because in today’s article we will be going through a few examples of overpowered main characters in anime who hide it. There’s often a solid reason why they prefer hiding their powers. Maybe it’s to hide their true identity or get underestimated and then show their ultimate power. We don’t know the reason why they hide their powers until later on it the show. This kind of mystery is exactly what makes these sort of anime exciting.

List Of 10 Best Anime Where Mc Is Op But Hides It

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  5. MOB PSYCHO 100

Best Anime Where Mc Is Op But Hides It


TSUKIMICHI - MOONLIT FANTASY anime where the MC is OP but hides it

We kick things off with moonlit fantasy which is a brand new isekai that aired last season.

Featuring a weak-looking main character that is actually absurdly overpowered with insane abilities within his arsenal, strong magic, intense aura, and strong willpower to finish the job just right.

However, most people underestimate him because he is only level 1, but not many know his true powers and what he is really capable of.

It’s a great addition to the isekai genre and actually one of the more popular anime this year.


The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

The life of Saiki is definitely disastrous as the title says. His peaceful life that he loved  is now over because he has gained tremendous popularity because of having eye catching look and personality.

Now you see, Saiki didn’t want this at all. He wanted nothing to do with others. He simply wanted to hide his insane psychic powers and live a slow-paced life.

Howver, all his efforts were shattered by his friends who make his life more rowdy. This anime is hilarious and definitely worth your time.



The king’s avatar is regarded as one of the best Chinese anime where mc is op but hides It.

The once known “Battle God” in an MMORPG has decided to retire for his personal reasons. But due to his love for games he has returned once again. However, this time he decides to start a brand new account without the help of any of his friends or any sponsors.

He will use his gamer’s abilities and know-how of what he found out with his prior experience to begin from the lowest and reach the pinnacle all on his own.

Nobody knows he is the legendary gamer as this is equivalent to a smurf account that he is now using to flex on all the others.


17+ meaningful Plunderer quotes

Plunderer is a very underrated fantasy series about a legendary warrior called ‘the plunderer’, who survived the great war hundreds of years back. He was romoured to be alive even centuries after the war.

Meanwhile, the main female lead of the show starts off on a journey to find this legendary man. Why? Because it was her mother’s final words. She asked her daughter to find the plunderer and seek help.

Now venturing off to find him she stumbles across a very strange man with a mask. He was a super perverted, hilarious man who has been hitting on multiple women.

Until the time is right, who could this man be? Is he some sort of importance to her?

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anime where the MC is OP but hides it

MOB PSYCHO 100 is a masterpiece created by studio bones that is receiving a third season very soon in 2022. It is also one of the perfect examples of anime where mc is op but hides it.

This had to be on this list because it fits the topic of today’s article. Mob is just your average high school kid, except her wields psychic powers. He uses this power to work alongside a man named Reagan to exorcise evil spirits.

Now his powers grow stronger when he reaches 100 percent, but his ultimate power beyond that is unknown.

He probably could even destroy the world judging from what we know. Mob is undoubtedly one of the strongest anime characters there is.  This is a truly remarkable series with a unique art style and fascinating characters to watch.

You can check the detailed review of mob psycho 100 on Solanki Anime.



This is a story of a stray god named Yato, who is actually an overpowered being yet no one knows about him. All he does is roam around the neighborhood and get work from people for a mere change. He has to do at least that much to be alive, you see.

Yato had a female spirit that can turn into a weapon for him to weild. He used her to slay evil spirits that tourmented the human world. However, the spirit was completely fed up with the way Yato was doing things (and his sweaty hands.) So she left him to become another famous God’s weapon.

After that, Yato met a girl (our female MC) who got into an accident and became able to see spirits and gods. With their fate intertwined with each other, they go through a ton of exciting events that you’ll love for sure!


anime where the mc is a monster

Up next is a series called Parasyte the maxim which features an ordinary human who became a superhuman after getting infected by an alien-parasite.

The parasite was called migi and the pair is forced into an uneasy coexistence. They must defend themselves from hostile parasites that hope to eradicate them along with humanity.

There’s a lot of action, a huge character development where a weak character becomes a more stronger, dominant character. Parasyte is also one of the best anime where mc is op but hides it, because he needs to keep his powers a secret if he want’s to maintain his life as a normal human.


charlotte - anime where the MC is OP but hides it

Charlotte is a series that focuses on the aspect of people with unique superpowers. A high schooler named Yuu had the power to takeover the mind of a subject, although only for a few seconds. He uses it to cheat in an exam, but gets caught redhanded by the female MC who is gathering people with special powers.

After being forced to transfer school and join a club, he has to stop people from using their powers for the wrong reasons.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg. A very shocking truth is revealed later on, and they literally take on a mission to save the future.


anime where the MC is OP but hides it

We’re going back to the classics with the devil is a part-timer. It is a super famous anime where the MC is an overpowered demon lord.

I’m super excited for season two and I can’t wait to see the cast return once again. This is a reverse isekai series of a hero and a demon lord getting transferred to the human world.

Both of them had no choice but to blend into society and get a job to earn a living and pay their expenses.

Though not all seem to go peacefully for the demon lord. Because he is still being prusued by the “hero”. Not to mention, some other trouble is still out there and the whole city is on the verge of destruction. It is also one of my favorite anime where mc is op but hides It.


Platinum End - anime where the MC is OP but hides it

Finally, on this list we have Platinum end created by the same author as Death Note. This show is quite an interesting series of the battle royale where few selected people have been granted angel-like powers and must kill each other until only one remains. The survivor will become a god and get their ultimate wish granted.

Quite the tempting offer so a lot of people are determined to win. However, it’s not easy task. Some of them are more powerful than others so each plan requires straight-up precision.

Our main character is quite powerful, but he is not brave enough to use his abilities just yet.

The series is very slow-paced but I feel something will come in return that will surely surprise us for the wait.

Well, it looks like it’s time to finish the article as we have come to an end. So I just wanted to say thank you all so much for reading to the very end of the article.

If I forget to mention your favorite anime in this list of best anime where mc is op but hides It, then please feel free to comment them down below~

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