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[Anime Quiz] Guess the Anime from its Japanese title!

It’s time for another anime quiz! Today I’m going to create a “Guess the anime from Japanese title” quiz for non-native anime fans who don’t know to read Japanese (because, there’d be no point if you can already read Japanese and understand what it says.)

However, you might be wondering how you can guess the anime if you don’t know Japanese.

There are several visual clues that might help you to guess the anime. For example, the color theme of the logo, or the font style might instantly make you recognize the anime. There might be some other clues, like certain symbols on the logo that might point to a particular anime. Certainly, I’m not gonna list them all here, as figuring them out is a part of the fun too!

But of course, you should have paid attention to the logo while you were watching the anime in order to find these clues. And I understand it’d be very difficult to guess the anime if it’s not a popular one, so majority of the anime are going to be popular ones that most anime fans would know.

So, let’s begin the quiz!

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Can You Guess the Anime From Its Japanese Title

Guess the anime from Japanese title

This one is for the western fans who does not understand Japanese.

Hope you liked this “Guess the anime from Japanese title” quiz! If want to play more such quizzes, check the anime quiz category for more fun quizzes (^^)

Well, it only has a few anime quizzes as of now, but I’m planning to create more quizzes and make Anime Everything Online a fun place for otakus and weaboos. If you want to get notified of these future updates, hit the bell icon on the bottom right corner to subscribe for post notifications!

See you in the next post~

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