No Guns Life Quotes

No Guns Life anime quotes from the following character:

  • Inui, Juzo

Anime Summary

No Guns Life is a cyberpunk anime in which takes place in a post-war period. The technology to produce cyborg soldiers which was used in the war has now become available to the public.

Those who chose to replace their body parts with robotic alternatives were called “Extends.” And the Cyborg soldiers who were used as weapons in the war were called “Over Extend.”

One such over extend, Juzo Inui, runs a consultancy to take care of the problems created by the extends.

However his normal life comes to an end when an odd Extend asks him to save the life of an unconscious kid from their pursuers.

Who is that kid? Why is he being pursued? What dangers are lurking behind the scenes? And how it all connects to Juzo Inui? That’s what No guns life is all about.

Badass quotes from No Guns Life:

Inui Juzo quotes - No Guns Life

I will definitely protect you until you can stand on your own.

No Guns Life Quotes - Juzo Inui

Justice that doesn’t put your own life on the line is just an empty pipe dream.

No Guns Life Juzo Inui Quotes

I’m having a hard time dealing with this problem, that’s bigger than I can handle. But I’ve always believed that everyone should wipe their own ass.

Juzo Inui Quotes

The more they howl, the more they have something to cover up.

NGL quotes - Juzo Inui

I always finish the job and protect my clients. Especially when I haven’t been paid.

Juzo Inui quotes - No Guns LIfe

The world isn’t fair. You’ve got to come to terms with that and move forward.

That’s it for this post! These were some of the badass quotes from No guns life season 1. I’ll be updating this post when the season 2 comes out. So be on the look out for it~

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