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Have you ever wondered what is happening in the mind of a serial killer? ID: INVADED lets you dive into the subconscious of some of the most brutal and sadistic killers that Japanese imagination can think up. Below is a first look and preliminary review of ID: INVADED which has now made me think about the world in an entirely different way. 


ID: INVADED anime review

ID: INVADED is an anime about what the world would be like if we could travel into the minds of killers in order to solve the mysteries of the murders they commit. They use a handheld device to measure a crime scene’s cognitive particles, or basically the killer’s overwhelming intent to kill. With the discovery of these particles, this allows the “great detective” to enter the killer’s mind or their “ID wells” and take a look at how they think, discover clues and try to find the serial killer creator known as “John Walker”. John Walker is a strange name for this character as it reminds me of the alcohol, but his appearance and mysterious presence are enough for me to respect the character design.

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The basic premise for the show is that the main character Sakaido has fallen from grace. He was a cop previously, but some personal life tragedies resulted in him being a test subject and tool for this newly found crime unit. This show is much like the Leonardo Dicaprio film “Inception” but offers a different twist that makes it much more interesting to watch.

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Sakaido must start fresh in every new world he visits, not knowing anything about himself or why he has appeared in these new worlds. The difference between each of these worlds and the killers creates a trippy effect that makes you question what the show is about. I like this personally, it feels to be more of a psychological thriller with a “Psycho Pass” type storyline. While this world seems to be set in the present it almost feels like a dystopian anime. 

If you think that you can understand the mind of a killer and would like to take a closer look, then this show is for you. If you can understand the feelings associated with the struggles of losing someone close to you and wanting to find peace then this show is for you. Lastly, If you think that most anime are too obvious, have too much fluff and don’t challenge you, ID: INVADED is worth your time. 

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