My Hero Academia Season 6: All You Need To Know!

My Hero Academia Season 6 started airing in October 2022 and finished airing in March 2023. Like every other sequel to this epic superhero series, this season also featured some of the greatest hero vs. villain battles. It introduced some new characters and killed off many familiar ones. Season 6 of the MHA franchise is without a doubt one of the darkest arcs of the show.

In this article, I will be going over everything you need to know about the latest season of the MHA series. You will learn about My Hero Academia S6’s plot, new characters, release date, review, and other information about the sequel.

MHA Season 6 Overview

Name of the SeasonBoku no Hero Academia 6th Season
Season NumberSix
Number of Episodes25
GenreSuperhero, Dark
My Hero Academia Initial Release DateApr 3, 2016 to Jun 26, 2016
My Hero Academia Season 6 Release DateOct 1, 2022 to Mar 25, 2023
Airing StatusFinished
Streaming PlatformsCrunchyroll, Netflix, Ani-One Asia, Bilibili Global
Season 6 CharactersLady Nagant, Star and Stripe, Crust, Yoroi Musha, En, Hikage Shinomori, Second User, Third User

The 6th season of Boku no Hero Academia is all about the villains crushing the hero society. Following the events of the previous season, the League of Villains merged with the Meta Liberation Army to form the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Their goal is to destroy the society that puts the heroes on top of everyone else and bring equality to all through destruction. Knowing their threat, the winged hero Hawks infiltrated their ranks and got crucial information. With this newfound information, the heroes planned a major attack.

We get to see some thrilling action where both the heroes and villains push beyond their limits to be victorious. Things also get a lot darker compared to the previous seasons, and we see people confused by moral dilemmas.

Major Events in My Hero Academia Season 6 (SPOILERS)

Major Events in My Hero Academia Season 6 (SPOILERS)
  • Shigaraki gains the All for One ability.
  • Dr. Garaki is captured.
  • Hawks kills Twice.
  • Dabi exposes Endeavor’s bad parenting to the public and Hawks for a murderer.
  • The Hero society collapses. People started hating heroes.
  • All the captured villains are freed from prison.
  • Deku’s secret is exposed.
  • Deku becomes a vigilante.

Even with all the strongest superheroes in Japan assembled, they were unable to capture the main villains, who killed hundreds of people in the battle. But most of the other 16,000+ Liberation Front members were captured.

The villain Shigaraki’s quirk was awakened, allowing him to disintegrate anything he wanted. He was also infused with All for One’s quirk, which enabled him to wield multiple quirks.

After an epic battle and a series of deaths on both sides, the heroes failed to capture the Liberation Front leader, Shigaraki. Deku, who is worn out after fighting him, decides to become a vigilante because he knows that Shigaraki will definitely come to steal One for All (Deku’s quirk).

The last few episodes of the anime are completely about how people start hating heroes and criticizing them. The villains succeeded in breaking the trust people had in the heroes and throwing the entire city into chaos. However, the students at U.A. give their all to convince people to trust them once again.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

Sub-release date: The latest season of MHA started airing on October 1, 2022, as planned, and continued airing for 3 months after that. The final episode of the sixth season aired on March 25, 2023.

English Dub release date: For the fans who don’t understand Japanese and don’t watch anime with subtitles, English Dub is the lifeline. The dub version of season 6 of MHA was released on October 15, 2022, and it finished airing on April 20, 2023.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Number of episodes

The latest and sixth sequel to the MHA series had 25 episodes. Similar to every other season, these 25 episodes covered an entire manga arc. The Paranormal Liberation Front arc was the main focus of the show. Below is a list of all episodes and their names.

MHA 6th Season Episode Guide:

Episode NumberEpisode NameEpisode Description
1A Quiet BeginningThe heroes prepare to confront Shigaraki’s Paranormal Liberation Front with the aid of their work-study students.
2Mirko, the no. 5 heroWhile Team Endeavor battles the Nomus at Jaku Hospital, Mirko pursues Garaki.
3One’s JusticeThe Paranormal Liberation Front becomes aware of the assault.Hawks fights the villain, Twice.
4KeishoHawks reflects on his past after his encounter with Dabi, and at the hospital, Mirko battles her way past a number of High Ends to reach the Doctor and Shigaraki.
5The thrill of DestructionWhen Shigaraki awakens upon the arrival of reinforcements, the situation begins to turn in the heroes’ favor.
6Encounter, part 2Midoriya uses himself as bait after realizing that Shigaraki is after One For All.
7Disaster WalkerWhile Gigantomachia breaks through the heroes encircling Gunga Villa and is moving toward Team Edge Shots’ rearguard, Team Endeavor is battling Shigaraki.
8League of villains vs U.A. StudentsThe U.A. Class 1A and 1B work study students face up against Gigantomachia as he approaches them carrying the League of Villains. They are led by Yaoyoruzu.
9Katsuki Bakugo: RisingThe heroes battle Tomura, who is rumored to have discovered a way to get rid of Eraser Head. The students and Gigantomakhia’s altercation appears to have come to an end on the side of Mount Gunga.
10The ones within usMidoriya and Shigaraki arrive at the One For All universe, Gigantomachia travels further to the north, and Toga takes a detour.
11Dabi’s danceOchaco and Toga trade punches while Dabi divulges a prior secret.
12Threads of HopeAs the war approaches, Best Jeanist makes an appearance and weaves together the hopes of the fighters in this battle.
13Final PerformanceTo preserve the League, Mr. Compress pulls off his most impressive maneuver.
14Hellish hellAs they deal with the fallout from the bloody battle with Shigaraki and lament the heroes who lost their lives in the conflict, the heroes struggle with shifting public perception.
15TartarusIn order to release All For One and other prisoners, Shigaraki attacks Tartarus.
16The hellish Todoroki FamilyHawks reflects on his relationship with his family in the past while heroes respond to public criticism, and Endeavor’s family pays him a visit in the hospital.
17The wrong way to put out a fireEndeavor thinks back to a time when his oldest son, Toya Todoroki, was still a hero admiring child.
18Izuku Midoriya and Tomura ShigarakiIzuku speaks with former One For All users to learn more about what it means to be a hero in this My Hero Academia season 6 episode.
19Full power!!Izuku encounters Muscular, who has once more been bailed out of jail, and utilizes the quirks of the former wielders against him after deciding not to return to the United States of America.
20Hired gunUsing the combined strength of all One for All users past, Deku challenges Lady Nagant.
21The lovely Lady NagantIzuku’s battle with Lady Nagant reveals to him information about the hero community that strengthens his resolve to aid those in need.
22FriendHis friends recognize there is a problem as Izuku sets off alone in search of justice and work to figure out how they might assist him.
23Deku vs Class AIzuku quits U.A. High School in an effort to protect his classmates and everyone else after Tomura Shigaraki and All For One’s escape and the Search Quirk allowing them to quickly find him.
24A young woman’s declarationIn an effort to aid Izuku, Ochaco speaks up and persuades the bystanders that he poses no danger.
25No man is an islandAll Might meets Stain and learns additional details about Shigaraki and All For One as Izuku tries to rest and recover back at U.A. with his friends.

MHA Season 6 Trailer

Is My Hero Academia Season 6 over?

Yes, My Hero Academia Season 6 is over. Unlike other popular anime that release seasons in parts, MHA released the entire season in one go. This is why the sequel had 25 episodes, which covered the entire Paranormal Liberation Front arc of the manga series.

New Characters Introduced in My Hero Academia Season 6

New Characters in My Hero Academia Season 6

Quite a few new characters were introduced in the sixth sequel of the MHA anime series. We got to see some new and interesting heroes and villains. Some of them had decent screen time, whereas the others didn’t. Either way, they played a role in the latest season, no matter how big or small their impact on the story is.

New Heroes

  • Star and Stripe – The #1 hero from the United States. She will play a major role in Season 7.
  • Crust – The #3 Japanese Pro Hero with the quirk ability to create shields.
  • Yoroi Musha – The elderly Pro Hero who ranked number 9 in Japanese Billboard chart.
  • En – A previous One for All user with smokescreen quirk.
  • Hikage Shinomori – A previous One for All user with Danger sensing quirk.
  • Second User – A previous One for All user with qurik that allows him to alter the velocity of things around him.
  • Third User – A previous One for All user with qurik that allows to stockpile Kinetic energy.

New Villains

  • Lady Nagant – An ex-hero who became a villain after realizing the dark side of the hero society.
  • Taser Vilain – A powerful villain with electric based quirk who fought in the Paranormal Liberation Front battle.

Where Can You Watch My Hero Academia Season 6?

If you are wondering where you can watch the Season 6 of My Hero Academia, here are the best legal streaming platforms available to watch this BNHA sequel.

  • Crunchyroll – This is the official streaming platform for hundreds of anime series. You can watch some titles for free whereas others require a subscription.
  • Netflix – Netflix is a world famous OTT platform for streaming all sorts of digital content. All MHA season from 1 to 6 is available for paid subscribers to watch.
  • Ani-One Asia – This is a free and legal option to watch your favorite anime. Ani-One Asia is a YouTube channel that provides official releases of anime episodes.
  • Bilibili Global – Bilibili is a huge Chinese company which is an alternative to YouTube. They’ve gotten the rights to release My Hero Academia all seasons.
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