Metamorphosis Doujin Manga: The Infamous 177013 Explained

The word metamorphosis will mean a completely different thing when you tell it to a random person. But when you mention this word in front of a weeb, he/she is bound to give you that look. We may not have known about Metamorphosis as soon as we stepped into the world of anime, but it is not at all possible that it hasn’t come to our notice in some way or the other. If nothing you would’ve at least seen some 177013 memes cirulating on social media. Alternatively, there is also a chance you’ve heard of its Japanese title – Henshin.

If Boku no Pico is considered as the holy grail of anime, then 177013 is without a doubt the holy grail in the world of manga. Just like people troll a newbie in anime with Boku no Pico, a custom should be made to troll newbies in the manga world. Although, the downside is that they may be scarred for life and never touch any other manga ever. 

But is Metamorphosis as horrifying as people describe? Today we will take a look at it ourselves and review this Doujin that has certainly created quite an uproar among fans. We will also discuss the possibility of an anime adaptation for this Doujin in the near future.

177013 – The Infamous Number Explained

What is 177013

For those who don’t know, 177013 is just a number that identifies a doujin called “Metamorphosis” in nhentai.net. To be more precise, that number is a part of the URL which leads you to that doujin. If you want to learn more about these numbers you can check my article on hentai codes.

And this code has become so infamous in the anime and weeb community. Why? Because its just plain depressing. The story revolves around sex, drugs and prostitution. Saki gets caught up in it and the readers also get caught up in Saki’s journey simultaneously. The fascinating thing about 177013 is that it is going to stick to your mind for a long time. 

Well maybe, it is not so fascinating for everyone. Regardless, it is going to give you an entirely new perspective on life. It will teach you to value life because no one can predict when things will turn upside down and the situation will be beyond recovery.

With that explained, hope you won’t get confused when we use “metamorphosis” and “177013” interchangably in the rest of the article.

How it all started?

Also known as 177013 or Henshin, this manga has 225 pages and begins in such a way that will give you no idea about what is yet to come. It was released back in 2013 composed by Shindo L

It is crazy that even after all these years no Doujin has been able to create the effect the manga has done. In another lesser-known fact, 177013 is also known as Emergence with the later name not so common. 

Did it ever occur to you whether Emergence has been inspired by any previous work? Franz Kafka, a famous writer has a book with the same title – “The Metamorphosis“. Technically, the title means to change or transformation which is the essence of Kafka’s book. 

Emergence Doujin has been inspired by that very same book taking the core idea of that transformation. Not only that, but the plot of our Doujin is also very dark like Franz Kafka’s book.    

Summary of Metamorphosis – 177013 in a Nutshell

177013 in a nutshell

Our protagonist in this story is Saki Yoshida – the infamous girl in glasses whom any weeb would identify instantly. She is a shy girl which is why she could not make many friends in middle school. So after her graduation, she decides to undergo a makeover and attempt to make more friends in high school. 

Her effort works as a senior named Hayato takes notice of her and starts flirting. But things progress too fast from there and Saki ends up losing her virginity. 

Things don’t stop there as she also becomes associated with drugs and prostitution. This is the change that the author has highlighted to remain true to the title of Metamorphosis. 

Metamorphosis/177013 Review

177013 - metamorphosis review

The Dark Core

If there is one word, to sum up, 177013 perfectly, it’s “dark“. And probably too dark for many people to intake. The other thing that people point out after reading this doujin is that it is also too realistic for their taste. 

All the events that have been described in this doujin are very likely to occur in real life. Once you finish the manga, it leaves you with a bad taste. It feels like someone ripped out your heart straight from your body like what Sukuna did to Yuji. 

And this is exactly what some fans complain about. They don’t want to feel gloomy after reading a hentai doujin. They want the ending to be spicy or entertaining. Instead, they feel like locking away the memory of reading 177013 to a far corner in their brain. 

Uniqueness of Metamorphosis

If you start reading Emergence thinking that it is just another doujin manga with lots of sex then you will be in for a big surprise. It is true that Metamorphosis also has those scenes but that is not the main part of the story. 

It is the transformation of Saki that completely rips apart her innocence as the world comes crashing down on her. 177013 is not your average story with a happy ending. This is also what makes it so special. It has got the touch of reality to it. It proves to us that even our life may not turn out to be “and they lived happily ever after”. Life will be cruel and it is our job to deal with them.

Now let us talk about some of the positive aspects of this doujin. The story is a combination of beauty and tragedy. The author deserves all the praise for crafting such a creative work that has made a mark among all the fans. 

Although it is fair to say that he hasn’t made the mark in quite the way he would have liked it. Saki’s character has been brought up in the exact way the author had planned. Saki tried to undergo a change but it led her to a bottomless pit that she couldn’t escape from. 

Fun fact: 177013 has an alternate ending where Josuke from Jojo’s bizarre adventure saves Saki. The code for that doujin is 265918.

Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation Release Date

metamorphosis anime adaptation

Before talking about a possible anime adaptation for this doujin let us talk about whether the fans actually want this story to be animated. The answers can be quite conflicting and as we have mentioned before people are divided with their opinions. 

While some fans have truly been scarred by this doujin, others have appreciated what the author has tried to show to us. In our opinion, an anime adaptation will give true recognition to the author’s work that it deserves.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding an anime adaptation for 177013. At this point in time, it is only speculation. If you browse through social media you can probably find tons of fans who are eagerly waiting for the anime and others who are horrified with the idea at the same time. 

The most probable release date for the anime is going to be sometime next year and even then it is still a long shot. Some say it might release in June 2022 or later. There has also been no teaser or trailer to show us what we can expect from Metamorphosis anime. It will also be interesting to see which streaming platform gets the right for this anime when it is finally released.

FAQs About Emergence Manga (177013)

In our opinion 177013 a.k.a Metamorphosis does not get enough credit that it deserves. Yes, it deviates from the normal plot of a doujin manga but that’s what makes it so unique. Once you get over the depressing parts and try to understand what the story is trying to teach you, you will begin to value it more. So, if you are looking to try something new this doujin is definitely one to consider. Read the complete story and tell us whether you agree with our views or not.

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