12 Strongest Meliodas Forms Ranked According To Strength (With Power Levels)

Meliodas is the main character of the popular action-adventure anime series Seven Deadly Sins. Despite his youthful appearance, his incredible powers and abilities make him one of the most popular and strongest anime characters ever. He is an extremely extroverted and lively individual who has no fear of anything.

Meliodas was first introduced as one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins group. But he gradually became the strongest member of his group and eventually became the demon king by acquiring powerful forms throughout the series.

The entire life of Meliodas is a mystery, and the only way to uncover it is to watch the entire series. Not only is his life a mystery, but his forms and powers are also complicated to understand.

But don’t worry, we provide you with the complete list of all the forms of Meliodas that he gets throughout the series.

We included all of his forms, from Ten Commandment Meliodas to Demon God Meliodas. Some of his forms have less screen time in the anime, and a few of his forms were unnoticed by viewers because of their identical looks.

So without any further delay, let’s get straight to this fantastic list of all the forms of Meliodas.

12. Ten Commandment – Most Mysterious form of Meliodas

Ten Commandment meliodas

Power Level – Unknown

The Ten Commandments is the least popular yet most powerful form of Meliodas. He used this form three thousand years ago, when he was evil and ruthless. In his past, he was incredibly strong like his father, the Demon King, and had everything to become the next Demon King.

His Demon clan’s biggest enemies, the Archangels of the Goddess Clan, were also feared by Meliodas in his Ten Commandment form. As a consequence, we get an idea of how incredible this form was. Due to having very little information regarding this form and its unknown power level, we rank it in the last position in this list. 

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11. Sealed Base Form – Weakest form of Meliodas

Sealed Base Form

Power Level – 3370

The Sealed Base Form is the weakest form of Meliodas, but he defeated several powerful characters by using it. When he is one of the seven deadly sins’ members, he usually uses this form against many powerful characters.

He doesn’t want to hurt them; he only needs information for other members of the Seven Deadly Sins to reunite with them. Even though this form is weak, he is able to use his powerful ability to full counter. He also used Dragon’s handle, a broken sword, to fight against tougher opponents. 

10. Lostvayne form 

Meliodas with Lostvayne

Power Level – 4070

The Lostvayne form is one of the least powerful forms of Meliodas, but has acquired some rare and powerful abilities. In this form, he gets a very powerful demon sword, Lostvayne, from his fellow sinner member, Merlin (Boar’s Sin of Gluttony).

Lostvayne is not an ordinary sword, and it provides special magical powers to Meliodas. As a consequence, he is able to make multiple clones of himself, and each of his clones is quite powerful.

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9. Sealed Demon Mark Form- First demonic form of Meliodas

Sealed Demon Mark Form Meliodas

Power Level – 4400

The Sealed Demon Mark Form is the first demonic form of Meliodas. In this form, a demon mark appeared on his forehead and unlocked some of his demonic powers. After unlocking his demonic powers, even a little bit, he became more powerful than his previous form.

His demon mark first appeared in the tournament during his fight against Ban, Fox’s Sin of Greed. Through using the power of this form, he is able to defeat him and get the title of strongest member of the seven deadly sins group. 

8. Sealed Wrath Form- Berserk form of Meliodas

Sealed Wrath Form Meliodas

Power Level – 10300

The Sealed Wrath Form is one of the most dangerous and uncontrollable forms of Meliodas. He already had demonic powers in his previous form, the Sealed Demon Mark Form, but he lost control over them and got this new form. Due to the enormous growth of his demonic powers, his whole body starts to be covered by a dark, evil aura. However, he gradually gained control over it because his demonic powers were already sealed in his past.

This form is also well known as the Berserk form, and it acquired a great power level that was more than twice that of his previous form.

7. Power Restored Form 

Power Restored SDS transformation

Power Level – 32500

The Power Restored Form is the form that he gets by breaking the seal that was placed on him in his past. He gets an incredible number of powers and abilities that he desperately needs to fight the Ten Commandments. In this form, he looks similar to his Berserk form, but all of his powerful moves become far stronger than in all of his previous forms.

As a result, he succeeded in defeating Galand, Truth of the Ten Commandments, in the Istar arc. In this fight, he easily dodged all of Galand’s halberd attacks and landed multiple powerful punches and kicks on him.

6. Unsealed Demon Mark Form

Unsealed Demon Mark transformation - seven deadly sins

Power Level – 56000

The unsealed Demon Mark Form is a relatively more powerful form of the Melodias Power Restored Form. In his previous form, he just broke the seals and got his lost powers. While in this form, he enhanced his demonic powers and acquired some new, powerful abilities. 

His form might look similar to his previous one, but his power level is far beyond his previous one. He shows the incredible power of this form in the fight against Drole, Patience of the Ten Commandments, and Gloxinia, Repose of the Ten Commandments.

5. Post Revival Form 

Post Revival

Power Level – 60000

Meliodas’ Post-Revival Form is not a form; it is his base power, which he acquired after being resurrected. In his previous fight against Estarossa, one of the four archangels of the Goddess Clan, Meliodas was killed by him.

After being revived, he lost some of his emotions that had led him to the full extent of his demonic powers. He shows the power of this form by defeating two powerful Ten Commandments, i.e., Monspeet and Derieri, with ease. Later, Meliodas also joined his demon clan, but only for a while.

4. Post Revival Demon Mark Form 

Post Revival Demon Mark

Power Level – 90000

This form is similar to his previous Sealed Demon Mark form, which provides a boost to his base form. However, this time, Meliodas’s base form was incredibly strong, and after getting a demon mark on his forehead, its power went to the greatest level. 

Prior to this form, he always seemed like a very fun-loving and kind person. However, in this form, he slightly shows his true self, which is merciless and evil. He excellently shows the power of this form in the fight against Fraudrin, one of the powerful members of the Ten Commandments. In this fight, he not only defeated him but also gave him a brutal and painful death.

3. Assault Mode

Assault Mode

Power Level – 142000

Assault mode is one of the most powerful forms of Meliodas, which takes him to another level. This form is similar to his previous Berserk form, in which he was able to use the full extent of his demonic power. Their only difference is their power level, with Assault mode being 14 times more powerful than his Berserk form.

Through acquiring this form, Meliodas also became the strongest member of the Seven deadly Sins group, even stronger than Escanor. Now, he is capable of defeating all four archangels of the goddess without any difficulty.

2. Post Purgatory Form- One of the strongest forms of Meliodas

Post Purgatory Meliodas Form

Power Level– 600000

The Post Purgatory Form is one of the most powerful forms of Meliodas, which makes him the strongest character in the series, second only to the Demon King. He attained his post-Purgatory form after spending a significant amount of time in Purgatory until being rescued by Ban. He is being imprisoned by the demon king in Purgatory, a realm located between the living world and the afterlife.

In this form, he succeeds in breaking his curse and awakening his original magic power. He is now free to use his demonic and magical powers to their full potential.

After he was released from this realm, he became so powerful and acquired a greater power level than all of his prior forms. Meliodas also gave a tough fight to the demon king but did not have enough power to defeat him.

1. Demon King Form- Most Powerful form Meliodas 

Demon King Meliodas

Power Level – Infinite

The Demon King Form, also known as Demon God Meliodas, is the most powerful form of Meliodas in the series. After getting the powers of all ten commandments, he became the next Demon King. However, he lost control over his demon king form due to losing most of his memories in purgatory.

With the help of his entire seven deadly sins group and his continuous attempts, he finally gets control of his body. Now having complete control over his godly powers, he succeeds in killing the Demon King. At this time, he held up the power of the Demon King, powering all ten commandments and becoming the Celestial Being. However, he decided to destroy all of his demonic powers for the sake of the world.

We hope you have received all of the required information about all of the forms of Meliodas. Each of his forms was extremely strong in its own way. Even in his weakest form, he can beat several formidable characters in the series. Stay tuned for more wonderful lists like this, as well as amazing anime write-ups.

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