Kemono Jihen Season 2: Release Date, Plot & More!

Kemono Jihen, also known as Monster Incident, is a fantasy mystery anime from 2021. It fulfilled manga fans’ hopes and got a good rating of 7.39 on MyAnimeList. Announced at Jump Festa ’20, it aired on January 10, 2021. Its creator, Ajia-do Animation, is a well-known animation studio in the Japanese Anime industry. They have not released any information on the show’s future. So, will Kemono Jihen get a season 2?

Kemono Jihen Season 2 Overview

Name of the SeasonKemono Jihen
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAction, Fantasy, Mystery
Initial Release DateJanuary 10, 2021
Kemono Jihen Season 2 Release DateNo official dates announced
Kemono Jihen Season 2 Manga ChaptersChapter 22 and beyond

Kemono Jihen Season 2 Release Date & Status

Kemono Jihen

As of August 30, 2023, Ajia-do Animation Works has not renewed Kemono Jihen for a second season. The studio has only confirmed the production of “Yubisaki to Renren” for 2024, but the rest of their schedule remains uncertain.

We hope Kemono Jihen gets a place in their schedule next year, so that we can get a new season.

With no official confirmation, we speculated about season 2, considering manga source material, disc sales, and popularity.

Overall, there is a chance of the show getting a new season, but it’s still just a possibility. The series has enough source material and a decent fan following. While the profitability of the anime is not great in terms of Blu-Ray and merchandise sales, the anime is ranked #619 in terms of popularity on MyAnimeList.

Not to mention, the manga is pretty popular in Japan, which further increases the chance of renewal.

Is There Enough Source Material For A Sequel?

Is There Enough Source Material For A Sequel?

Shō Aimoto wrote and illustrated the “Monster Incident” manga series, starting on December 2, 2016, in Jump Square by Shueisha. The series has 19 volumes so far, with the latest released on July 4, 2023. The anime adapted the first six volumes, leaving ample material for the second season.

To be precise, the next season of “Monster Incident” should start from Chapter 22 of the 6th volume.

Excitingly, Seven Seas Entertainment now holds the English rights for the manga, boosting its global appeal and the chances of a new season. The manga is highly popular in Japan, with over 4 million copies circulating.

What Will Happen In Kemono Jihen Season 2?

What Will Happen In Kemono Jihen Season 2?

The series tracks Inugami, a Tokyo occult expert, and Kabane, a boy, as they unravel mysteries in a village and Tokyo. Inugami guides Kabane to unearth his guardian and the puzzle around his rock. On the journey, Kabane befriends Shiki, Mihai-san, Akira, Nobimaru, and Kon.

The upcoming season could involve Kabane reuniting with his family and resolving season 1 issues like null stone retrieval and lifestone. In season 1, we saw our lovable fox girl, Kon form a bond with Kabane.

However, the folks at Shinjuku Police are looking to exploit her newly formed friendship. We will get to see Yoko and Nobimaru causing trouble for the main gang.

Which Studio Will Animate The Next Season?

Ajia-do is a fairly old Japanese company that has animated several hit shows in the fantasy and isekai genres. Their work includes popular titles such as “Ascendance of a Bookworm“, and “How Not To Summon A Demon Lord.”

This studio adapted the first season of the anime. So, we can expect the same studio to adapt the second season of Kemono Jihen.

Ajia-Do is very well-versed in anime production, as they have created over 60 series so far. Therefore, we can expect them to do a great job with the sequel.

Monster Incident 2 Characters & Cast

Monster Incident 2 Characters & Cast

Most of the characters from the first season will also be in season 2’s story. Below is a list of few characters and their Japanese VA who will play a role in the upcoming season.

CharactersJapanese Voice Actors
Kabane KusakaNatsumi Fujiwara
KonYumiri Hanamori
AkiraAyumu Murase
Mihai FlorescuDaisuke Ono
Merlin WolfordShiki Tademaru

Where Can I Watch Kemono Jihen Season 2?

The first season of Monster Incident is available to stream on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, BiliBili, Muse Asia, and Wakanim. Since these companies hold the distribution rights for the series, we can expect them to update the new episodes when the second season airs.

Another great way to watch the latest season of Kemono Jihen is through buying the Blu-Ray sets from eBay, Blu-ray.com, or Amazon. This way you can directly contribute to the anime’s creators and support them.

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