Greatest Anime Swordsman Poll

Heya! I’m here with another poll!! This time, you’ll be voting for the greatest anime swordsman ever.

By greatest anime swordsman, we’re talking about the strongest character or the ones who have the potential to become the strongest sword wielder ever.

With that criteria in mind, I’ve created a listing of the candidates for this poll. I know I might have missed someone, however, you can still enter the missing character in the “other” field. If the character you suggested was also suggested by several other people, the character will be added to the poll.

Poll Rules

You are allowed to vote for a maximum of 3 characters. And you can change your vote anytime.

Your votes will be recorded via cookies so you can’t vote for the same character multiple times.

If you want to vote for some other character that is not in the list, you can vote for “other” and comment in down below so I can include your choice in the listing.

(You might have to wait a bit if the poll doesn’t show up.)

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