Egg Studio New Pokemon Statue – Blue Oak & His Team

EGG studios is ever so proud to present the awesome Pokémon Foursome series! This brilliant Anime Statue collection features your favorite Pokemon characters like Ash and Blue Oak, alongside their most iconic companions along the way. They’ve truly been through thick and thin together, and these stunning statues are reminiscent of that fact and more.

EGG Studio

Following its ground-breaking launch, the pre-order project for the brand new figurine of Gary Oak and his Pokemon Team is now underway. You feasted your eyes on Ash Ketchum with his most iconic Pokemon last week, so now the stage is set for his Rival.

Who Is Blue Oak?

6 blue oak

Pokemon revolutionized the world with the debut of the Pokémon Red and Blue Version Games in the year 1996.

Within these memorable games, we met Blue Oak, our first ever Pokemon Rival. He is the grandson of Professor Oak, who conveniently forgot Blue’s name at the start of the game, giving players the chance to rename him however they pleased.

If you’re guilty of giving him a ridiculous name back then, let’s take a moment to remember his canonical name and Team.

Blue Oak’s Presence In Game

3 pokemon rival

The Generation one games are in a league of their own and Blue’s presence undoubtedly made them more fun.

He was self-absorbed, rude, snarky and overly competitive, sometimes even insulting us. It goes without saying that he was a sore-loser, refusing to accept that he was less skilled everytime.

Regardless, he was our first and last opponent, pushing our Pokemon to the limit nearly every time.

Following multiple encounters and battles in-game, we finally run into him as the Kanto Pokemon League Champion, becoming the final hurdle for us to overcome.

So who could forget the tough fight we faced back then?

4 blue oak gen one

Blue Oak wasn’t done with us there either, because he returns as the Viridian City Gym Leader in the Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal versions games.

It’s worth noting that he’s the only Rival to do so in the franchise! He proved to be an especially tough challenge once again due to not having a set type for his Gym.

He used a wide variety of Pokémon types to really drill in the feeling of our final Gym Battle. Upon attaining victory, he would give us the Earth Badge with much more dignity and respect.

So it goes without saying that Blue is a character who went through some solid Character Development and really matured over the years into a Cool Rival.

5 blue oak all design

So what should you expect from this epic Pokemon Statue? You will be able to behold Blue Oak in his original Red and Blue attire, donning a badass Black Cloak flowing in the breeze.

Surrounding him are five of his most iconic Pokémons: Blastoise, Arcanine, Nidoking, Umbreon, and Scizor.

This epic lineup of Pokemon is nothing short of mesmerizing as their varied Types clash against each other in a show of power and magnificence!

EGG Studios’ Pokemon Foursome Series

Ultimate Blue Oak Pokemon Statue

For those eager to know more about this Statue, let us hit you up with the precise dimensions! 

This gorgeous Statue stands at a whooping 36 centimeter Height, 42.5 centimeter Depth and 43.5 centimeter Width. On the other hand, this sturdy Statue is made from Resin and PU.

Compared to the previous Ash Ketchum statue, Blue Oak (Gary) is surrounded by more big built Pokemon that would have no trouble at all carrying him around. These heavy Ball Park Pokemon can pack quite the powerful punch, but how well would they fare against nimble and speedy Pokemon? While you discover the answer to that in the Pokemon Anime, don’t forget that big Pokemon like this make Statues ever more stunning and impactful!

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Blue Oak Pokemon Statue

Riding atop Arcanine’s sturdy back, Gary Oak is firmly holding onto one more Pokeball in his hand. This signifies that he has one more Pokemon in his team, one that may just change everything! This vibe is further enhanced by his firm-looking eyes and trademark smirk, showing off absolute confidence in his team’s strength.


Blue Oak & His Team Pokemon Statue

Right behind Blue Oak is the final Evolution form of his starter Squirtle: the ever-intimidating Blastoise. With its Water Canons ready to fire, all who oppose Blue better beware!


Blue Oak & His Team Pokemon Statue

On the other side towers Nidoking, with its Horn Drill at the ready to attack any enemies head-on.  With these two giants watching his back, almost nothing can harm Blue!

In the center, Arcanine stands majestically while looking ahead, forming a strong and stable core for this inverted triangle composition. It’s also worth noting that daring Red Flames envelop Arcanine’s hind legs and rear, forming a clear opposite to Blastoise’s Water.

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Blue Oak & His Team Pokemon Statue

Blue Oak’s petite Umbreon is the smallest Pokemon in the Team, but is clearly not the weakest. Innocently standing on the edge of a fallen log, its nimble and fast movements can wear even the toughest opponents down, giving it the perfect opening to finish things off with a Dark Pulse!


New Pokemon Statue – Blue Oak & His Team

Last but not least is Blue’s Scizor! Scyther earns its much-deserved evolution in generation 2, becoming the formidable Bug and Steel type Pokemon. This Pokemon is both fast and strong, capable of delivering decisive blows in the blink of an eye! If you want a taste of what its battles are like, check out Scizor’s fight against Snorlax and Muk in succession at the Silver Conference, where Ash and Gary really duked it out. It just kept going before finally yielding to the relentless flames of Charizard! As for this Statue, Scizor comes with two awesome Special Effect pieces, one of which is vivid blue, which you can replace however you see fit.

Vivid Background

Blue Oak & His Team Pokemon Statue

Finally, the background itself is alive with vivid Red Flames and Blue Waves colliding against each other upon a sturdy Rock base. What’s more, these two Special Effect pieces can be detached if you so wish!

This new EGG Studio Pokémon Statue is an absolute treat for longtime Pokemon fans! But it is limited to 188 units as of now, so you better be prepared to grab yours ASAP. Don’t worry though, because it won’t be released until July 2023 at the earliest, so just mark your Calendars and wait!

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