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Introductory Manga Books: 5 Options For First Time Manga Readers

Trying to read in a reverse format can be extremely difficult. Manga books and novels are read from back to front, instead of front to back. Besides the unique formatting, the manga genre can be hard to take interest in. Some manga books aren’t translated into different languages or have complex stories to follow. If […]

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Metamorphosis Doujin Review – The Infamous 177013 Explained

The word metamorphosis will mean a completely different thing when you tell it to a random person. But when you mention this word in front of a weeb, he/she is bound to give you that look. We may not have known about Metamorphosis as soon as we stepped into the world of anime, but it […]

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A Shocking Journey to Combine Coding With Manga (MUST READ)

  This is an article about a story. A story of growth, chasing dreams, and unthinkable experiments leading to mind-blowing results. This is the story of a Coding Manga. First, two statements. Manga and Anime are peaking worldwide. Hundreds of countries, each with expanded age demographics, are jumping on the (Mugen) train that us long-time […]

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7+ Best Uncensored Hentai Doujin Recommendation To Pleasure Yourself With

Today I’m going to address the dark desires of all weebs and do a doujin hentai recommendation. What’s more? These recommendations won’t have those pesky lines and blurred tiles. Yup, I’m going to share some of the best uncensored hentai manga codes there is. But how do I judge these doujin titles? How do I […]

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Top 10 Manga Like Solo Leveling With Similar Plot/Main Characters

Every manga and manhwa reader would know this title: Solo Leveling! Anybody who has read it would naturally crave for more manhwa/manga like Solo leveling, because it is THAT good!! Which is why I’m writing this article to qwell the thirst of my fellow manga readers (^^) Solo Leveling has become increasingly popular among modern […]