Yor Forger Doujin: Spy x Family Doujin Review

In this article we will be reviewing a Yor Forger Doujin from Spy x Family anime and manga series named “Spy x S*x.”

Spy X Family has become one of the highest-grossing and fastest-selling manga in Japan.

This anime has a hot couple named Yor Forger and Loid Forger. Now we all know how the otaku culture is around the world.

If an anime gets popular and if it has a hot waifu with a luscious body and jiggly melons, then in a few weeks of its popularity you will find doujinshi of those characters around the Web.

It’s a normal thing in our Weeb culture and it’s accepted by everyone in the anime community.

Doujinshi are created for the otakus who love certain Waifus from their favorite anime shows.

They tend to create their own fantasies and these fan-made doujins match their “adult” dreams to some extent.

There are many ways in which anime can be spread like a wildfire throughout social media.

One of them is through doujins, which are literally free promotions for the studio.

Making catchy Reels on Instagram, Making Custom Apparel or Products, Creating NSFW Pictures, Creating Doujins like “Spy X S#x” (403212) is the reason nowadays Anime shows get free promotion.

By the way, if you’re wondering the above mentioned numbers are, check out this post where I’ve explained about it.

What to expect from 403212 Yor Forger Doujin?


Yor Forger has taken the Otakus by storm with her hot looks, amazingly toned body, and innocent personality in the anime.

People have already started making NSFW pictures of her.

Yor Forger has literally stirred up the Anime NSFW community. Everyone wants a piece of her.

A gorgeous looking assassin who takes hits and finishes them successfully. Now that’s sensually attractive, isn’t it?

Hold up, it also has something for the female Otakus.

We have Loid Forger, who is a Handsome Spy, a man who takes his business very seriously.

Now which lady doesn’t like a guy in a three-piece suit kicking the butts of guys without messing up his slick back hairstyle?

If you need a hot doujin on Yor Forger and Loid Forger from Spy X Family, then have a look at this doujin called “Spy X S#x” by the creator Ratatat74.

He is one of the best creators of doujins on the internet. Creating a doujin can be tricky because it either becomes a hit or else people find you a bore if you deliver a bad doujin.

The Details of Yor Forger H Manga (403212)


Now let’s review this doujin called “Spy X S#x” and see what we have in store for us (Hopefully Yor’s bare marshmallows).

We all love marshmallows, don’t we?

If you are a man of culture, you know what I mean. 

Let’s start with the art of this doujin.

An amazing work of art has been done by Ratatat74. The art style he used is rough and sketchy, but it’s artistic enough to show the characters’ emotions vividly.

He managed to maintain Yor Forgers’ innocent look and put up her body in revealing lingerie for us.

Yuri Briar, brother of Yor Forger, decides that he will save his innocent sister from the devilish Loid Forger and hopes they won’t hook up.

He is suspicious if they are even a real couple and love each other. This is why he secretly places a microphone at his sister’s place.

The Storyline of 403212 Yor Forger H Doujin


Loid tells Yor that they should do what every couples does, this seemed like a move which was very unlike of the “Twilight”.

Yor agrees to it and gets into lingerie for Loid. Where loid gets undressed and they both start kissing, before we move to another page where they both are exploring each other’s mouths. 

Slowly, Loid starts playing a game with Yor, which makes her body tremble. She is totally into this new Loid.

They both think that’s enough of first base and get to the real thing. Loid takes the matter into his own hands and starts the exploration.

Yor shows Loid some of her tricks she learnt on a horse ranch, if you know what I mean. She displays her extravagant moves to loid and impresses him to the fullest.

It continues…

spy-x-family-hentai review

Now, here’s why this is one of the best Yor Forger H doujin there is because it takes the character’s personality into account.

After the first session, Loid sits on the edge of the bed and starts thinking that he should act more like an agent now.

Then he looks behind and sees Yor bend over and show him the skill she learnt from an adult magazine.

She whispers and says, “Please, I need more of this couple thing.” This makes loid want to give it to her more.

This is a move she learns to tempt Loid from the magazine.

Loid falls into the trap created by the Assassin, playing his pretentious wife.

The Loid decides to carry on playing Yor’s husband and does his duties to the end. When they are done and dusted, Loid finds a microphone inhibitor lying near the bed.

He wonders if it was turned off and Yuri must have heard them having s#x.

Well, Yuri Briar heard everything and is embarrassed to even go to work the next day. Then we see Yor crawling up to Loid saying “I want more, Darling.”

This girl hasn’t had enough of Loid’s bananas, and they keep going on behind the scenes.

The Doujin ends with Anya waking up and Yor tells her that her dad is tired and is still asleep; that day Loid Forger had to skip work because of the bedroom workout by Your Forger.


“Spy x S#x” is a solid spy x family H doujin featuring Yor Forger.

The art matches the energy of the original art a lot. The story is also good enough to be related to the original story.

It has been written well by keeping Yor and Loids’ personalities in mind. The creator of this doujin manages to grab your undivided attention and stir up your otaku mind if you are a Man of Culture.

The artist “Ratatat74” has made the doujin in monochrome and the shades and shapes make it a worthwhile read.

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