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Jojo Poses: 25+ Awesome Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Poses

Jojo poses! What a unique blog post idea *sarcastic tone* I know there are a lot of other websites and social media posts that  cover this topic, but hey, I can at least collect different Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure poses from various sources and compile them into a single post right? (But in reality, the author is just lazy and wants to do an image post to escape the cumbersome writing work)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is renowned for its unique art style and iconic posing. The fashionable characters striking these poses is a treat for the eyes.

Although it is quite bizarre (see what I did there) for someone to do these kinda extreme poses while in a normal conversation, it is indeed delightful to see something out of the ordinary. And as a fellow JoJo fan, I know we all wanted to try out (or has tried out) one of these poses (don’t tell me I’m the only one who does these Jojo’s bizarre adventure poses in bathroom!)

Here are some of the cool JoJo posing from Phantom Blood (part 1) to Golden Wind (part 5).

List of the most Bizarre Jojo poses!


Jonathan Joestar Stance

Jonathan Joestar - jojo's bizarre adventure poses

This the classic JoJo pose which became viral and was referenced in several other anime!

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Jonathan Joestar Poses

Here’s that fighting pose Jonathan does while using ripple energy.

Dio Brando Pose

The lean, mean posing machine- Dio! He has the most number of these awesome poses among all the characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. His poses to his phrases, literally everything he did has gone infamous in the JoJo fan base!

Dio Brando Poses

You might have seen this one. It is the “It was me, Dio!” pose which is used in several anime memes.

Part 1 Dio pose

Nope! You can’t just catch a ball normally if you’re in JJBA. You need to have that style in everything you do. And here’s Dio flawlessly catching the ball like a champ.

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Part 1 Dio Poses

Look how cool Dio is pointing at JoJo. This man is knows how to present himself awesome!


Joseph Joestar Pose

joseph joestar - Jojo poses

Here we have one of the most normal poses in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Jojo Poses: 25+ Awesome Jojo's Bizarre Adventure poses

A crazy pose by our crazy Joseph Joestar! Man, he’s got some flexible fingers!!

Part 2  joseph pose jojo

By far the most easiest pose in Jojo. Just put you hands on the side of your face and grin :-]

Caesar Pose

Caesar's Pose

Caesar’s pose is way similar to Jonathan’s pose. The only difference Caesar covers both the eyes and looks through the gap between his fingers, whereas Jonathan’s hands covers only one of his eyes.

Kars Pose

Cars pose

Kars’ pose might look simple, but it is not. You gotta have flexible shoulders to nail this one.

Kars' fab hair

Now, this one is a simple but bad-ass looking pose.

The Pillar Men Pose

Best Awaken My Masters GIFs | Gfycat

It’s the legendary pose from the menacing pillar men trio! *Plays the pillar men theme in the background*


Jotaro’s Badass Posing

Ah. Here he is! The very definition of badass. He’s got a very little number of poses, but all of them are lit af!

Jotaro - jojo's bizarre adventure poses

Here’s Jotaro pointing menacingly at his opponent. (This pose is taken from the game – All star Battle, but we can see this pose in the Anime too.)

Jotaro yare yare daze - jojo's bizarre adventure poses

Calm. Collected. Yare Yare Daze. This pose is pretty famous in the JJBA fandom and is also the reason why Jotaro hats are popular among cosplayers and other JJBA fans.

Star Platinum Pose

star platinum pose

We’ve all been waiting for this one! Star Platinum’s power pose! *Ora! ora! noise intensifies*

Dio Poses

Dio wryyy pose - jojo's bizarre adventure poses

This is the defying gravity wryyy pose which is really popular with cosplayers. You would’ve also seen people posing like Dio in TikTok videos. You gotta bend back as close to the floor as possible to pull this off.

Dio t-pose - jojo's bizarre adventure poses

T-pose. Yup Dio did this one too, in mid-air nonetheless.

Part 3 Dio pose - jojo's bizarre adventure poses

Now, this pose was literally to show off Dio in JoJo’s body. Cross your right arm towards your left shoulder and your left am towards your right hip and voila!

Dio pose side view - jojo's bizarre adventure poses

The same pose viewed from a different angle.

Kakyoin Poses

Awesome jojo's bizarre adventure poses - kakyoin pose

Alright, this one is the Cool Kakyoin pose.

Kakyoin fanart

Kakyoin gesturing (greeting) people in style.

Polnareff Pose

Polnareff leaning close to floor

This is one of the most extreme poses in the entire franchise! It requires great balance and flexibility to pull this one off.

The Gang Pose

Jojo group posing

Similar to the Pillar men pose this is one of the few iconic group poses in JoJo’s bizarre adventure.


Josuke Poses

The poses got a bit more edgy and weird in part 4, but it is worth a look nonetheless.

25+ Awesome Jojo's Bizarre Adventure poses

Look at those hips. How does he do that!!? Honestly, I don’t think it’s all that cool, but it’s indeed bizarre and funny. (It’s kinda gay if anything)

The more I look at it, the more funny it is omg.

Josuke standing

This one is more like a dance pose. It’s pretty neat and easy to execute just by giving it a glance.

25+ Awesome Jojo's Bizarre Adventure poses

Alright! This is my favorite Josuke pose. I mean, look at him! He’s so gorgeous in this pose. This pose was definitely meant for Josuke.

Killer Queen Pose

Killer Queen and Kira

Here it is! The super cool Killer Queen pose!! It is pretty hard to imitate it. For me, it is almost impossible to put my hands up and down at the same time like that, but who knows, you might be able to pull it off.


Giorno Giovanna Pose

Giorno x gold experience

Well, I don’t know why he posed like that while talking about something totally out of context with the pose, but it is a bizarre pose, alright.

Giorno - 25+ Awesome Jojo's Bizarre Adventure poses

Here it is. The sexy “I want to become a Gang-Star” stance! Simple, but flawless.


Till this point you saw all the poses from the actual anime. Now, I know there might some more poses I might have missed, but hey, I tried to do a decent compilation. Hope you are satisfied with what you saw ^^

Okay, that’s it for this post! These were some of the most awesome Jojo’s bizarre adventure poses from part 1 to 5. I know part 6 is almost here, so I’ll try to keep this article updated! Until then, buh-bye~

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