How to Improve Your Memory Using Anime

Can you improve your memory using anime? Yes, you absolutely can. And if you’re an ardent anime watcher, here’s a good news for you. You’re already expanding and improving your memory subconsciously by simply watching anime. Especially if you’re watching it in Japanese. Because when you learn something new, like new Japanese words, your brain creates new neurons to store them.

Whenever they introduce a new character (with a difficult-to-remember Japanese name) or when they repeat a certain Japanese word, it creates new neural pathways in your brain in order to store and retrieve those information.

Literally, your brain will be creating new neurons (they’re the basis of improving your brain efficiency.)

And you know, the more neurons and neural pathways the better.

All these memory improvements are done subconsciously though. Just because you have increased your neurons doesn’t mean you can remember stuffs in real life. And that’s where this post comes in.

But before we jump into improving your memory using anime, you must know the basics!

Where Do You Store Your Memory?

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If you take your phone or PC it stores its data in a “space” called internal/external memory and your phone will go search there if it ever needs to use that information again.

But what about us humans? Where do we store them? Most of us don’t use a specific “space” to store the data. We just randomly throw the data into the abyss, we call our brain, and we just hope that we can retain it and somehow reuse it.

What If You Use a “Space” To Store Your Information?

What if you can allocate specific locations and put the things you want to remember there? If you know where you stored it, retrieving it will be easier, right? Its a simple, but very effective concept.

This is what they call ‘The Mind Palace’ or ‘The Loci Method.’ This method uses our spatial memory to store information.

This is the method that is being use by several memory champions and entrepreneurs for achieving things in their fields.

Ron White, a two time American memory champion and a memory expert, briefs about this method in the following video.

So basically, you just number the items in your room and whenever you want to remember something, you associate it with the numbered items with the help of your imagination.

How To Improve Your Memory Using Anime?

Right. Here’s the fun part. We’re going to be using Anime instead of your room.

Picture your favorite anime character. Let’s say it’s Luffy. Now pick 10 spots on him.

How to improve your memory using anime

1) Straw Hat

2) Eyes

3) Mouth

4) Ears

5) Shoulders

6) Collar

7) Chest

8) Fingers

9) Abs

10) Foot

Now these are the 10 locations on which we are going to place the item to be memorized. Use your imagination to assign an item to each spot.

Let’s use Jim Kwik’s example here. Say you want to memorize these points in order:

  • Good Brain Diet
  • Killing ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
  • Exercise
  • Brain Nutrients and Supplements
  • Positive Peer Group
  • Clean Environment
  • Sleep
  • Brain Protection
  • New Learnings
  • Stress Management

Now let’s associate these points to the spots on Luffy

  1. Imagine a straw hat with fruits over it (when someone says fruit, I usually think diet, so I used fruits here. You can use whatever you want though.)
  2. Imagine ants crawling out of his eyes (creepy, I know. But the more unrealistic and more uncommon it is, the more easier it is to remember things.)
  3. Think of him doing pull ups using his mouth.
  4. Think of him wearing earrings which look like pills.
  5. Imagine his nakama (if you haven’t watched One piece, then imagine a group of nice people) in chibi form sitting on his shoulders.
  6. Think of a mini vacuum cleaner sliding down his collar bones.
  7. Imagine someone sleeping on his chest.
  8. Picturize tiny helmets on his fingers.
  9. Visualize his a shelf in his ab (Yeah, literally like the one Franky has.)
  10. Imagine his foot submerged in hot spring water  (because hot springs are supposed to be relaxing stuff in anime.)

There ya go! You learned to remember stuff and improve your memory with anime!! Simple, ain’t it? It might feel stupid, but as I said, this is the method experts use to remember things.

You can use this method to memorize long paragraph or weird biological names, chemical substances, etc. If you have to do a presentation, this method will help you to remember the points and save you from embarrassment.

Memorization + Learning

Now, you might be thinking, “You’re simply just memorizing things this way. it’s useless to actually learn things”, but guess what, remembering stuff is the base to actually “learning” stuff. What is the point in learning if you’re going to forget it anyways? One the flip side, it is indeed useless if you just memorize things and fail to learn from it. So it’s about how you use it.

Memorizing and learning goes hand in hand after all. So if you want to learn things and retain the knowledge, this method is your best bet.

If you keep practicing this method, you’ll be able to remember more than you usually are capable of. And revising it every now and then will help you to remember it for a longer duration.

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