Reasons Why Jotaro Is The Best Protagonist Of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most influential and famous manga series ever. The best thing about JJBA is that there’s a new hero in every part. Out of the first three seasons, there’s something about Jotaro Kujo’s conflicted life that makes him so unique and more interesting than his predecessors. Though Jotaro transformed himself from a happy little child to a badass, rock-solid character, who doesn’t give a flying F about anybody, but retains his nobility, more facets to his personality deserve a peak well. Care to know why he’s the man of the hour?

Here are four reasons why Jotaro is the best main character JoJo ever had! 

4. A Stout Appearance


Jotaro is established as a tall, well-built, and charming man, even as a teenager. His dark, luscious hair blends well with his bold eyebrows, green eyes, strong jaw, and – let’s not forget – a hat that screams “ALL ABOARD!” Not going to lie, but without the hat, Jotaro would lose his dramatic flair. 

A die-hard fan tip: If you want to show your addiction to JoJo, you should start investing in some Jotaro hat  so you can be associated with the JJBA fandom!

Furthermore, Jotaro also endures a mid-resemblance to his grandfather, Joseph Joestar, and his great-great-grandfather, Jonathon Joestar, when he was young. Moreover, his attire changes as he grows, but chills that come when he enters the room remain the same!

3. Impression 

jojo part 4

As mentioned in the beginning, Jotaro is different from the other bloodlines. He has had a more intense impact on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series than anyone could have ever hoped. For instance, his stand, the Star Platinum is one of the strongest stands in the JJBA universe, successfully beating even the Shining Diamond.

The best representation of this comes from Diamond Is Unbreakable. While Kira may technically have been Higashikata’s rival, Jotaro was the one who brought him to his knees on two separate occasions. Hence, another reason he’s the best!

2. Setting

best jojo character

The theme of Jotaro Kujo’s mission made it much more engaging and vibrant. It made him meet many people and encounter various situations that heartened the growth of himself and his friends. While being a marine biologist, Kujo kept the dynasty of his bloodline – making both ends meet with accuracy.

1. A Remarkable Company

Jojo trivia

The Stardust Crusaders were incredible allies to Jotaro. Each of them offered something special to the table. Joseph Joestar (his Grandfather) made for a viable leader, Kakyoin, wiser than the other allies. Avdol proved to be a great guide for their journey, and Polnareff with his silver chariot was magnificent. 

In short, he had the best gang by his side. They pushed each other to the limit and went through above and beyond. Therefore, having a ride-or-die company and a groundbreaking personality makes up for the number #1 reason why Jotaro Kujo was the best protagonist of the overall anime.


There you have it – reasons why Jotaro Kujo’s the best protagonist of JJBA. Lastly, being a man of few words, Jotaro sure brought many unforgettable moments to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!

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