5 Anime Every Beginner Should Watch

This article, 5 Anime Every Beginner Should Watch, is a guest post by Alicia Benitez. More about the author at the end of the post!

So, you are wanting to get into watching anime and do not know where to start. 

The search option on Netflix and Hulu can be overwhelming, to say the least. 

There are so many to choose from and the sub-categories do not help. 

So Where Do You Start ?!

There is not one anime that is the best to start with. 

The best way to approach anime is in broad strokes. 

Pick around a see what you like and branch out from there. 

But no one really wants to commit to the hours upon hours of watch time to narrow down what you might kind-of like. 

That’s why you clicked on this post right?

You want to know what does an anime person want me to watch.   

Grab your note pad and let’s dive into the top 5 Anime you should watch as a newbie.

Dragon Ball

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Dragon Ball, the OG. My first anime and the best DBZ arch. Dragon Ball is about kid Goku and teen Bulma teaming up to find the Dragon Balls just because. 

The show is a classic journey trope. “It’s about the friends we made along the way.” 

There are minimal filler episodes and you do not have to sit through 12 episodes of screaming to charge up power for the finishing move. Dragon Ball gives you a solid foundation for the lore and format for the series. 

If you are still wanting more and don’t want to commit to all of Dragon Ball Z, GT, Kai or Super, my favorite arch’s are the Buu Saga and Namek Saga.

Fruits Basket


A high school drama with a twist ! Tohur is newly homeless after her mother passes and is offered to stay with her classmate and his family. She soon finds out that her hosts have a secret. Fruits Basket is a sweet anime with the one girl in love with two boys trope that does not make you want to punch the wall. There are little twists here and there that keep you locked in.

Fruits Basket is an anime that if you get locked in, you have to move to the manga to have closure.    

There is a remastered version that aired in 2019. The remaster is basically the HD version of Fruits Basket. The story did not change, so it really is your preference. I am a stickler for the OG versions of everything. I suggest you watch the original first, but if you want the remaster go for it!   

Fullmetal Alchemist

5 Anime Every Beginner Should Watch

Two brothers try to bring their late mother back to life with dire consequences. One lost their entire body, and the other lost an arm and a leg. The Elric Brothers are on a quest to regain their bodies. While looking for answers, they looked too far behind the curtain. There is action, suspense and nazi-ish references. Fullmetal is a good pick if you are into historical fiction with a touch of magic.    

This is an anime I have watched over and over again. No matter how many times I watch it, I am shocked and completely lose it emotionally, even though I know what’s coming. 

Watch Fullmetal BEFORE Brotherhood

Brotherhood is an AU – alternate universe – to Fullmetal. All of the core characters are the same but the reason for why things are happening is vastly different. Do watch Brotherhood, but after Fullmetal. 

Cowboy Bebop


A flavor of the week anime space cowboy adventure that does not disappoint! Cowboy Bebop is absolutely beautiful to watch, with good storytelling. You get attached to the characters and get eager to see who they will encounter next! Because it is a flavor of the week, you do not have to worry about watching in order, but there are a few linear storylines that are a nice treat to follow.

Spike, Jet, Fae and Ed are a group of bounty hunters flying across space in the year 2071  searching for their next paycheck. There are boobies everywhere and have awe-inspiring fight scenes.   

It’s a classic to the point where if you are a fan of anime, Cowboy Bebop has to be in your Watched List. The soundtrack is also top-notch ! After you watch Cowboy Bebop, you will understand callbacks and get references in other media. The “Oh! I know what that means now!”    

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

5 Anime Every Beginner Should Watch

The newest anime I have watched and it is that good that newbies need to give it a go. 

Tanjiro returns home from running an errand to find his family slaughtered by demons. One of his sisters is the only one left alive, but she has been turned into a demon. Tanjiro vows to turn his sister, Nezuko, back into a human. 

Demon Slayer is a take on we have one goal and what do I need to do to achieve that goal. Who is going to help, and who is going to get in my way.  

The storytelling is different enough that I didn’t feel like I’ve seen it before. It is predictable in the sense of once you get to a point of watching so much anime, you can spot the themes and typical flow. 

The animation style is beautiful! There is an American comic book element in the animation that really took me by surprise. All of the characters are so cute! You just want all of the merch. 

There has been no solid release date for season two. The whispers are December of this year, but with COVID, it might be Spring 2021. 


This top 5 only scratches the surface, but provides a range of story tropes and animation styles just to get your feet wet.

This list is not in the recommended order. In my opinion, you should watch the original version before the remastered or AU versions to gain an appreciation for the show. 

Be warned, you will come across anime like Fruits Basket that you have to finish by reading the manga. Nowadays, you can find them published on the internet, it just takes a quick Google.

No go forth and WATCH !

5 Anime Every Beginner Should Watch

Alicia Benitez

“Alicia Benitez (@nicavocadobinz) is a content creator and small business copywriter. When she is not giving her hot takes on Twitter, she is lurking on Instagram or playing Nintendo. Follow Alicia on Twitter to keep in the loop !”

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