4 Bleach Mysteries that were Left Out in the Anime

Bleach is a great anime with fantasy, adventure, and drama. The manga was written by author Tite Kubo in 1902. Since the anime isn’t complete, there are some untold mysteries in Bleach that were left out in the anime. Fans love speculating on these untold Bleach mysteries, and their answers are both epic, eye-opening, and mind-boggling. 

What is Bleach?

Bleach is a popular Shounen anime, and it’s about a substitute soul reaper, Ichigo. He lived his whole life as a human who could see spirits, and everything changed when he met Rukia, a soul reaper. She transferred her powers to him when she was injured, and thus his soul reaper adventures started. 

The Anime started in 2004 and continued up to 2012, covering all events of the Manga before the Thousand-Year Blood War that deals with the Quincies. It’s the best part of the manga series and a must-watch (if the anime adaptation ever comes out)!

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Top 4 Untold Bleach Mysteries 

Mystery #1: How do Isshin Kurosaki and Ryuken Ishida Know Each Other? 

Isshin Kurosaki and Ryuken Ishida

Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo’s father, and Ryuken Ishida, Uryu’s father, don’t interact that much in the anime. However, in episode 126 of the anime, they are shown together having a conversation. It’s one of the untold mysteries of Bleach that leaves so much to be desired. 

Ryuken was a Quincy, and Isshin was a Soul Reaper, so how did they know each other? In the Aizen Arc, near the end, Sousuke Aizen reveals that Ichigo’s father is a Soul Reaper. His mother was a human, so how did the two of them even meet in the first place? 

The author answered this untold mystery in Bleach in detail in the ‘Everything but the Rain’ chapters of the Manga in the Thousand-Year Blood War. This part of the series is an epic ice breaker and a total roller coaster of nerves, and it answers all the untold mysteries of Bleach in one go. 

Isshin was the Captain of Squad 6, with Rangiku Matsumoto as his Lieutenant and Toshiro Hitsugaya as his third seat. All was well until a strange Hollow was sighted in Karakura Town, and Isshin went to investigate. This is where their paths crossed. 

Another pure-blood Quincy that Ryuken cared about was injured in a hollow attack. Worried, he went to find Kisuke Urahara for a solution, and Isshin ended up helping save Quincy. Throughout the anime, Isshin and Ryuken don’t interact with each other, and they support their sons from the shadows. 

Mystery #2: How did Ichigo’s Parents Meet?

Bleach mysteries - Ichigo’s Parents

Another great untold bleach mystery is how did Ichigo’s parents even meet? During the initial episodes of Bleach, his mother’s death by Grand Fisher is mentioned. They mourn her, but that’s about it for her role in the anime.

The Meeting

Let’s go back to how Isshin and Ryuken met. So, Isshin felt a hollow and rushed to Karakura Town. On the other hand, Masaki, Ichigo’s mother, also felt the presence of a hollow and went out to investigate. Why did she feel the hollow’s presence, you ask? You must have put the pieces together by now. Well, if you didn’t, let me tell you. It’s because she was a pure-blooded Quincy. Their paths crossed here for the first time. 

The Battle

They were up against a strange hollow called “White.” White was a special type of hollow resulting from Sousuke Aizen’s experiments. It was black, unlike other white hollows, and its hole was closed. It was a tough fight, but Masaki managed to kill it, and the hollow exploded. 

What Happens Next?

Masaki faints after some time, and a hollow hole opens up in her neck. She was in really bad shape. Ryuken takes Masaki and runs out of the house, trying to find some way to help her. Isshin encounters them on the way, and they start arguing. Kisuke Urahara meets them on the way and offers his help.

He tells them that Masaki is undergoing hollowfication. Urahara tells them that he used Quincy’s powers to stop hollowfication in Soul Reapers. So, to prevent it from happening to Quincy, he would need Soul Reaper powers. After considering it for less than a second, Isshin offered up his powers to save her. 

They lived together, got married, and had Ichigo. Happy Ending! Not quite, since she’s dead in the anime. 

Bleach Mystery #3: Why did Misaki die? 

Bleach Mysteries - Misaki death

It’s assumed that she died protecting Ichigo from Grand Fisher. But is that what really happened? Could there be more to the picture? We know she’s a pureblood Quincy, so she had the powers to defend herself. 

In “Everything but the Rain,” Isshin tells Ichigo that he felt Grand Fisher’s presence, but he chose not to go to help them. His faith in his wife’s powers was very strong. So, what really happened that day in the rain on June 17th? 

Anxious for the answer? According to the Quincy lore of Bleach, it takes 900 days for the sealed Quincy King to regain his heart, 90 years for him to get his intellect, and 9 years to regain his powers. He makes a holy selection known as Aluwahlen and takes powers from Quincies, whom he considers mixed-blood to get back his powers. While Masaki was pureblood, the hollow tainted her. The Quincy King stole her powers on that day, so she was defenseless against Grand Fisher, and died protecting Ichigo. 

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Bleach Mystery #4: Why Does Uryu Hate His Father So Much?

Uryu Hate His Father

Ryuken Ishida is a doctor, and his wife, Uryu’s mother, Kanae Katagiri, died on June 17th, as she was a mixed-blood Quincy. Yhwach, the Quincy King, stole her powers too. When she died, before her corpse had grown cold, Ryuken cut her open. This left a terrible unseen wound on Uryu, who hated his father. 

Was he as cold and unloving as Uryu thought? Or was there more to the picture? 

At the end of the series, in the “Two Sides of the World” chapter, Ryuken reveals to Uryu why he did it. He explained to his son that when Aluwahlen is used on a Quincy to take their powers, a silver cloth forms in their hearts, resulting in their death. He collected the silver from his dead wife’s heart and forged it into an arrow. Ryuken did it so they could defeat the Quincy King when he appeared one day. He gives Uryu this arrow and tells him that it’s his right to shoot this arrow. 

That’s it for this post! These are the four untold mysteries in Bleach I found while watching it and discussing it with friends. 

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