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27+ Major Characters In Solo Leveling – All You Need To Know

Hey everyone! Welcome to Anime Everything Online! Today I’m here with another interesting post about some of the most badass characters in Solo Leveling.

Solo Leveling is the most popular manhwa series of all time, and it is credited with popularizing manhwa around the world. The series’ beautiful art style, unique plot, incredible fighting sequences, and diverse cast of characters are the main reasons for its success. In this article we will be taking a look at all the major hunters and monarchs in Solo Leveling.

Following the connection between the human world and the magical world via a massive gate, most humans gain supernatural powers and become hunters. They all worked as office workers, dancers, wrestlers, drivers, businessmen, and so on before becoming hunters. All of the characters in the series have distinct appearances and abilities that set them apart from other series’ characters.

There are mainly three groups demonstrated in the series: hunters, monarchs, and magical beasts. Most people are eager to learn who the major characters in Solo Leveling are and what their roles are in the series. So don’t worry; we’ve compiled the best list of all the important characters in Solo Leveling. From this list, you can discover their roles, powers, and behaviors in the series.

So without any further delay, let’s dive into the list of all the major characters in Solo Leveling.

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Magical Beasts & Monarchs In Solo Leveling

  • Esil Radiru
  • Architect
  • Querehsha
  • Antares
  • Ashborn

Esil Radiru

Esil Radiru

Esil has the appearance of a really cheerful girl and she is very honest and shamelessly straight forward at times.

But wait. Before you come to the conclusion that she is a perfect waifu material, hear this out.

She can also be cunning and decietful whenever she gets the time.

After all, she is a demon who doesn’t care about anything other than her life.

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Architect is the second main antagonist and one of the major characters in solo leveling. He is the original boss of the double dungeon and the creator of a magical programme called the System. His body seems like a stone statue, consisting of six wings, eight hands, and red eyes. 

The Architect is a psychotic and self-centered individual who is very loyal towards monarchs. He is the one who created the system to help Ashborn find his human vessels. However, he is betrayed by Ashborn and is unable to defend himself and loses his life.

The architect has excellent control over his statue and is able to manipulate absolute power in the system. In the fight against Jinwoo, he demonstrates his great strength and speed by flying back to Jinwoo from a distance in a single fight. After taking a huge amount of damage and losing both his arms, he is still moving normally and attacks Jinwoo.



Querehsha is one of the most powerful monarchs and is the queen of insects who is also known as Monrach of Plagues.

She has a very beautiful and alluring appearance, but don’t be fooled by it! Beneath those eye catching appearance lies a blood thirsty, savage soul that loves to torment her prey.



Antares is the most powerful monarch and the main villain of the solo levelling series. He is the monarch of destruction and the king of dragons. He does not have any respect for mankind and only wants to bring death and destruction to the world. He is also ready to slaughter millions of people just for luring Ashborn into a one-on-one battle.

Antares is also one of the most handsome male characters in solo leveling. After observing Jinwoo’s incredible power, he wanted to add him to his army to defeat the rulers. When he is busy convincing Jinwoo, suddenly the rulers appear from the sky and start a war against him. In this war, he and his army of dragons gave their all out but were not able to defeat them and lost their lives.

Antares is able to transform into a giant red dragon and can spit a huge fire blast from his mouth. He released mana from his soul that transferred his enemies into a state of intense despair and panic. He also communicates with his fellow monarchs using telepathy. 



Ashborn is the strongest ruler and the most important fragment of brilliant light. He is also the monarch of shadows and the king of the dead. He looks like a huge and muscular shadow with glowing purple hair and eyes. His two big curved black horns and razor-sharp claws make him one of the scariest characters in Solo Leveling.

Ashborn is the only loyal ruler of the absolute being who tried to stop all rulers from killing the absolute being. He also cared a lot about human life and wanted to end the war between monarchs and rulers in order to create peace in the world. As a result, he chose Jinwoo to give all his power to him and make him his human vessel.

Ashborn demonstrates his formidable strength and power by taking down two monarchs at a time. He is capable of extracting shadows from the corpses of his enemies and making them his own army. He also used shadow to teleport himself to a very far distance in a second via teleportation.

S-Rank Hunter Characters In Solo Leveling

  • Baek Yoonho 
  • Hwang Dongsoo
  • Cha Hae-In
  • Go Gunhee
  • Sung Il-Hwan
  • Sung Jinwoo

Baek Yoonho 

Baek Yoonho

Baek Yoonho is a S-rank Korean hunter and the guild master of the White Tiger guild. He is a very determined and eccentric individual who cares a lot about his guild’s members. When Hwang choked one of his members and forced him, he immediately got into a fight with him without any thought.

Yoonho is the first one who notices the great, enormous strength and power of Jinwoo, which he wanted to keep hidden. He is capable of transforming into a tiger with white fur and sharp claws and fangs. He also has great control over his transformation, and it’s up to him which body parts he wants to transform.

Yoonho is one of the most powerful hunters in Korea who has a special ability to read anyone’s power level with his eyes. In the fight against the Ant King, he shows his great durability by fighting back after being beaten badly by him.

Hwang Dongsoo

Hwang Dongsoo - characters in solo leveling

Hwang Dongsoo is a S-rank KoreanAmerican hunter and one of the antagonists of the series. He is the younger brother of Hwang Dongsuk, and he abandoned his own country for money and became an American hunter. He is a very cruel, violent, and selfish individual who does not hesitate to kill anyone to achieve his goal.

Dongsoo has too much confidence in his strength, and he thinks he can kill Jinwoo, who is far stronger than him. After coming to America, he joined the American Scavenger Guild under the leadership of Thomas Andre. When he got the news of his brother’s death, he immediately came back to Korea in order to take revenge on Jinwoo and Jinho. 

In the fight against Jinwoo, he shows his incredible physical strength and durability by continuing to fight him even after taking so much damage. He is one of the strongest hunters and is far stronger than any other S-rank hunter in Korea. 

Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae-In - characters in solo leveling

Cha Hae-In is one of the major characters in Solo Leveling and the wife of Sung Jinwoo. She is a S-ranked Korean hunter and the vice president of the strongest guild in Korea, the Hunter Guild. She doesn’t have many friends and doesn’t want to talk too much with anyone.

Cha possesses incredible physical strength and excellent speed that allows her to deal with multiple opponents at a time. During fighting, she rapidly increases her attacking speed by using dancing movements and taking down her enemies. She can transform her sword into light, which increases her sword’s swinging power to a great level.

Cha is the third strongest hunter in the series and an expert in sword fighting. She also has a number of unique and effective ways to kill powerful enemies in an instant. She can create a huge earthquake by stabbing her sword in the ground, which catches every enemy in it and does huge damage to them.

Go Gunhee

Go Gunhee

Go Gunhee is the most important, as well as the chairman of the Hunter Association of Korea. He is a muscular old man who is a very humble and honest person. As a good individual, he gets a lot of respect and appreciation from every hunter in the association.

Gunhee is also one of the strongest hunters in the S-rank hunter class. Due to his old age, he loses control of his enormous powers and decides to retire. After retiring from the work of a hunter, he was chosen as the chairman of the Hunter Association. 

Gunhee is also the second strongest hunter after Jinwoo and takes down numerous powerful monstrous beings. Due to being one of the vessels of the Rulers, he is able to use a great number of powers in fighting. In the fight against the Frost Monarch, he barehandedly deflected all the major blasts of his and destroyed a huge layer of ice with his headbutt.

Sung Il-Hwan 

Sung Il-Hwan - characters in solo leveling

Sung Il-Hwan is the father of Sung Jinwoo and Sung Jinah. He is an S-rank Korean hunter who is very loyal and dedicated to his job. He also doesn’t hesitate to stake his own life to save people’s lives from monstrous beings.

Hwan is one of the hunters who never failed in any of his missions, even the difficult ones. However, during a raid on a mission, he got trapped inside a dungeon, which made him dead in everyone’s eyes. Later, he became one of the vessels of the rulers and gained tremendous power. Having the rulers’ authority, he can move or control objects through telekinesis

Hwan is capable of being invisible by camouflaging himself with his surroundings like his son. Despite being incredibly durable, he still fights against enemies, even losing a hand. He also has an enormous amount of physical strength and endurance that allows him to kill his enemies with ease.

Sung Jinwoo

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Sung Jinwoo is the main character in Solo Leveling who becomes a hunter for his family’s sake. Despite being an E-rank Korean hunter and having low physical and magical power, he is still ready to take the fight against powerful opponents. He is a very confident and sensible person who always wants to be the strongest.

After Jinwoo was chosen as the player of a magical programme known as the System, he gained an enormous number of superpowers. As a result, he became the strongest hunter in the world and used his power to protect people from monsters. While fighting enemies, he became merciless and easily took down a number of enemies at a time without any difficulty.

Jinwoo can easily move or control any object by using telekinesis. He is also capable of being physically and magically invisible and hides all traces of his presence by camouflaging himself with his surroundings. His extraordinary healing ability can heal his deepest injuries, even in near-death situations. 

A-Rank Hunter Characters In Solo Leveling

  • Jung Yoontae
  • Jung Yerim
  • Gina
  • Yoo Soohyun
  • Son Kihoon
  • Kim Chul

Jung Yoontae

Jung Yoontae

Jung Yoontae is an A-rank Korean hunter and a member of the Knights Guild. He is very loyal towards his guild master, Jongsoo, and holds great respect for him. He is also a heavy drinker who always drinks alcohol before going on any raids.

Yoontae cared a lot about his guild and tried to steal some essence stones from Jeju Island for them. He shows his incredible physical strength and speed in the fight against the double-headed ogre. His swordsmanship skills are also very good, which is why he is able to kill double headed ogres in one swing.

Jung Yerim 

Jung Yerim

Jung Yerim is an A-rank Korean hunter and the main healer of the Knights Guild. She is a tomboy young woman who is very friendly in nature. She demonstrates her bravery by fighting against the Shadow Ant in order to protect valuable monster corpses.

Yerim is one of the special hunters who has the ability to heal herself and others. She is also capable of enhancing her magical ability to a greater level by using buff magic. She is capable of creating a huge golden sacred shield to block the crowd of enemies. This shield is incredibly strong and can hold a powerful ranked monster for a minute. 



Gina is an A-rank Korean Hunter and one of the important members of the Hunter Guild. She is a serious individual who succeeds in every mission by using her logical mind. She usually wears a black corset with a mini skirt and high boots.

Being an A-rank hunter, she possesses a high amount of strength, speed, and durability. She is excellent at using robes in a fight, which is a very rare fighting equipment used by hunters. Despite not having the ruler’s authority, she is able to use telekinesis to move the object. But her telekinetic ability is not as strong as a ruler’s vessel and she can be able to move objects to a limited extent.

Yoo Soohyun 

Yoo Soohyun

Yoo Soohyun is a popular model and the cousin of Jinho, the best friend of Jinwoo. She is a gorgeous young woman who has a very beautiful and curvaceous body. She has a charming and easygoing personality and loves to post pictures on social media. 

Soohyun is invited by Jinwoo to join as a third member of the Ahjin Guild. After posting the selfie with Jinwoo as a condition, she is ready to join his guild. After that, she gave her best to support Jinwoo to complete their mission without any difficulty.

Son Kihoon

Son Kihoon

Son Kihoon is an A-rank Korean Hunter and the leader of the second strike squad of the Hunter Guild. He is very responsive and friendly in nature, with an athletic build. His keen intelligence and analytical mind allow him to deduce a way to defeat enemies.

In the Hunter’s Guild Gate Arc, Kihoon demonstrates his enhanced physical strength by defeating a number of high orcs or red-skinned orcs. His armour is strong enough to take a direct hit from a high orc’s javelin without taking any damage.

Kim Chul 

Kim Chul

Kim Chul is an A-rank Korean hunter and one of the members of the White Tiger Guild. He is a very self-centered person who proclaimed himself as the “Great Kim Chul”. He does not have any sense of empathy towards low-ranking hunters and mocks them as dead weight

During the Red Gate mission, his whole squad is slaughtered by the group of yetis due to his poor strategy. He also does not have any remorse for the lives of his squad’s members whom he leaves behind in the crowd of enemies.

Kim has great expertise in using axes in a fight and manages to take down a number of yetis on his own. He also carries a huge shield that helps him fight against the group of enemies with ease. He doesn’t get any harm from the tank attacks of ice bears, which shows his incredible durability. 

B-Rank Hunter Characters In Solo Leveling

  • Kang Taeshik
  • Lee Joohee
  • Park Heejin

Park Heejin

Heejin Park - female characters in solo leveling

Park Heejin is one of the female characters in solo leveling who is a B-Rank hunter. She specializes in healing.

She belongs to the white tiger guild.

Heejin is a beautiful and smart looking women who maintains her calm demeanour all the time.

Lee Joohee

Lee Joohee - female characters in solo leveling

Lee Joohee is another female character in solo leveling who is also one of the oldest friends of Sung Jinwoo.

She has known him since he was but a weak E-Ranked nobody. She is a super kind girl who used to accompany Jinwoo to make sure he does not get killed in the dungeon.

Lee specializes in support magic such as healing, haste, etc.

Kang Taeshik

Kang Taeshik

Kang Taeshik is a B-rank Korean Hunter and the Inspector of the Surveillance Team of the Korean Hunter Association. He is also a well-known assassin who always succeeds in killing his target. His personality is quite egoistic, cocky, and psychopathic, which is very different from other hunters. 

Taeshik feels more pleasure in killing humans than any monsters, and his ideology of being a hunter is also different from other hunters. He thought that hunters were superior and they did not have to follow human laws. As an assassin, he had extraordinary speed and strength, which he used to kill his target with ease. 

Taeshik is also capable of hiding himself both physically and magically, which helps him track his target. He shows his incredible powers by easily defeating Song Chi-Yul in a fight. 

C-Rank Hunter Characters In Solo Leveling

  • Lee Chul-Jin
  • Cho Kyu-Hwan
  • Yoon Kijoong
  • Go Myung-Hwan
  • Song Chi-Yul
  • Hwang Dongsuk

Lee Chul-Jin

Lee Chul-Jin

Lee Chul-Jin is a C-rank Korean hunter and one of the main members of the strike squad of Hwang Dongsuk. He is also known as a lizard for committing crimes in the dungeons for money.

Chul-Jin went with Dongsuk’s squad to kill Jinwoo to get revenge for his comrades. In this battle, he was unfortunately killed by Jinwoo’s venom fangs due to excessive blood loss. He used draggers to fight other hunters and monsters. 

Cho Kyu-Hwan

Cho Kyu-Hwan

Cho Kyuhwan is a c-rank Korean hunter and a member of the raid party of Hwang Dongsuk. He is also known as “The Lizard” for doing lots of criminal activities for money, such as robbery, murder, kidnapping, etc. 

Kyu-Hwan is a very greedy individual who doesn’t have any remorse for killing lots of weak hunters. He is a proficient fire user and had excellent control over it. He is also capable of creating a number of small fireballs to light up the dungeon.

In the fight against Jinwoo, he did a huge amount of damage to him through his huge fireball. But of course, you can’t mess with the MC like that, and things ended up bad for him.

Yoon Kijoong

기중1 Yoon Kijoong

Yoon Kijoong is a C-rank hunter and one of the members of the White Tiger Guild. Despite being a low-ranking hunter, he is willing to go to the red gate dungeon raid alongside high-ranking hunters. He is one of the luckiest hunters who survived the deadliest raid of the Red Gate dungeon.

When his whole squad was slaughtered by the Baruka, Kijoong thought he was also about to die. However, he, along with three other members, was saved by Jinwoo, who killed Baruka and his troops on his own. After coming to the human world safely, he feels very relieved and happy. 

Go Myung-Hwan

Go Myung-Hwan

Go Myung-Hwan is also a C-rank Korean Hunter and a member of the White Tiger Guild. He is a smart young man with a calm and polite demeanor. Whenever he interacts with anyone, he gives respect to all of them without depending on their rank.

Hwan is also one of the most honest hunters who always tells the truth no matter what the outcome is. As a result, he tells all the truth about the red gate incident to Myung-Han. 

Song Chi-Yul

Song Chi-Yul - characters in solo leveling

Song Chi-Yul is a C-rank Korean hunter and one of the old friends of Jinwoo. He is a middle-aged man with a lively and easygoing personality. He always staked his own life to save his comrade’s life due to having a great love and care for them.

Chu-Yul is also very loyal and dedicated to his job as a hunter. After losing a hand in the double dungeon, he still doesn’t want to retire from his job. He is one of the special hunters who has the ability to use fire to a great extent in a fight. 

Hwang Dongsuk

Hwang Dongsuk

Hwang Dongsuk is a C-rank Korean hunter and the older brother of Hwang Dongsoo. He is the leader of the group of hunters who commit crimes known as the Lizards. He is a very arrogant, self-centered, and anti-social person who doesn’t have any remorse for killing innocent people.

Dongsuk is a very greedy individual who will go to any extent for money, even if he has to kill hunters for it. His swordsmanship skills are far superior to any other C-rank hunter. He is also capable of enhancing his physical strength to a limited extent by using buffs. He can easily defeat any C-rank monster as well as C-rank hunters without any difficulty.

National Level Hunters In Solo Leveling

  • Christopher Reed
  • Thomas Andre

Christopher Reed

Christopher-Reed - strongest characters in solo leveling

Christopher Reed is a S-rank American hunter and the third-ranked National Level Hunter in the world. He is very arrogant and has a strong belief in his own strength and abilities. He is one of the vessels of the ruler and possesses great power and abilities. 

Christopher is able to use telekinesis just like other vessels of the Ruler and is also capable of transforming into a one-eyed giant with flame-like orange hair. He is never afraid to fight with anyone, even if they are far stronger than him. As a result, he fought back against three monarchs at a time on his own, who came after his life. 

During the fight against them, he gave his best shot and tried to kill at least one of them. But unfortunately, he was not able to do that due to the monarch’s enormous power. He is one of the most potential hunters who could have achieved more with his abilities.

Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre - strongest characters in solo leveling

Thomas Andre is an S-rank American hunter and the first ranked National Level Hunter in the world. He was born into a poor European family and spent his young life just fighting against enemies. However, due to his natural talent for fighting, he is able to become America’s strongest hunter. 

Thomas has a strong and gigantic body, which allows him to take down his enemies by just using his fist. He has a very aggressive and prideful personality, and he doesn’t like to owe favors to anyone. He is also able to cover his whole body with golden armour consisting of black horns and flame-like hair.

As a national level hunter, Thomas possesses a great level of strength, speed, and durability. He can collapse a big area by just smashing the ground with his fist, which creates a shockwave that can catch his opponents in the blast.

Other Important Characters In Solo Leveling

  • Sung Jinah
  • Park Kyung-Hye

Sung Jinah

Sung Jinah - female characters in solo leveling

Sung Jinah is one of the supporting characters in Solo Leveling and is the younger sister of Sung Jinwoo. She is a very beautiful teenage girl with a cheerful personality. She is excellent in academics and always gets high marks in school.

After losing her father and experiencing her mother’s hospitalization at a very young age, Jinah became close to her brother, Jinwoo. She saw her brother as her parent and held great respect and love for him.

Jinah is very worried about her brother’s hunter job and doesn’t want to see her brother in pain. As a result, she decides to drop out of school and get a job to support her family’s poor financial condition.

Park Kyung-Hye

Park Kyung-Hye

Park Kyung-Hye is our main protagonist Sung Jinwoo’s mother. She is a very kind and selfless person who always puts her children before her.

Her affection is the reason why Jinwoo was hellbent of curing her sickness and paying her medical bills by becoming a dungeon hunter even though he was weak.

That’s it for this post! These were all some of the best characters in Solo Leveling manhwa.

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