10+ Most Meaningful Quotes From Chainsaw Man Characters

Alright, time to finally dust up the quote screenshots I had saved while watching season 1 of Chainsaw Man. This post should have been published months ago, but thanks to me being a lazy bum, I didn’t really get a chance to do it till now.

Anyways, the first season of CSM was fire, and because it is a dark series, I was able to find several golden quotes and sayings that the characters made.

In this article, I will be listing the top 10+ meaningful CSM quotes of all time.

Best Chainsaw Man Quotes, Listed

In this post, you will be seeing some of the most meaningful and relatable quotes from the following CSM characters:

  • Denji
  • Makima
  • Power
  • Kishibe
  • Aki

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Denji Quotes

CSM quote - Denji

Normally, people put jam on their bread, before eating it. Normal’s just a dream for us, though.

– Denji, Chainsaw Man

The above lines were what Denji quoted when he and Pochita were scrapping a living, doing odd jobs and selling off organs.

CSM quote - Denji

I’ll help you… So, you help me. Because I don’t wanna die, after all.

– Denji, Chainsaw Man

Denji said the above line when he first met Pochita. They were both in grave situations, so they helped each other survive.

Denji quote from chainsaw man

When I can’t sleep, I start thinking about money, and then it’s even harder to sleep.

– Denji, Chainsaw Man

The above quote from Chainsaw Man’s Denji is very real for most of us in real life. Making money is a big burden that everyone has to deal with.

Denji quote4 min

These guys had plenty already, so why’d they want even more? Am I the same? I kept dreaming about a better life. I guess we all dream about stuff like that, huh? I can’t blame you, then.

– Denji, Chainsaw Man

Humans are made of greed. We want more and more, and Denji just realized that it is not something to blame others for.

Denji quote from chainsaw man

If there’s a devil I could be friends with, then yeah, I would. ‘Cuz I don’t have any friends.

– Denji, Chainsaw Man

Denji lacked a real friend in his life. So, he was really open to being friends with devils if it meant getting a buddy.

Denji quote from chainsaw man

I might not be after some big-deal goal like you guys, and I might dream small. But I’m as serious about this as you are. So you can count on me.

– Denji, Chainsaw Man

This one is actually a brilliant quote from Chainsaw Man. It says that just because a dream is small doesn’t mean that one isn’t working hard.

Denji quote CSM

There’s something I was chasing after, and I finally managed to get it. But once I did, it wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. Now I’m wondering, if I go after something else, and get my hands on it, am I just gonna think I was happier during the chase?

– Denji, Chainsaw Man

This is yet another quote that gets very real for most of us IRL. We chase after dreams, only to find them empty after achieving them.

Denji quote CSM

Eh, why bother taking it so seriously? This stuff is no fun, so thinking about it is bound to be a buzzkill!

– Denji, Chainsaw Man

Finally, here’s a very Denji-like quote. We all know he is kind of a musclehead who’d rather be in the moment than think about complicated stuff. And this quote proves exactly that.

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Makima Quotes From Chainsaw Man

Makima about necessary evil

When you talk about “necessary evil,” you’re using that term to justify the evil acts you commit. Society doesn’t need your excuses. It’s not a true necessary evil unless the nation itself is holding the leash and maintaining control.

– Makima, Chainsaw Man

This is kind of a foreshadowing moment in Chainsaw Man, when Makima faces off some Yakuza thugs. They call themselves “necessary evil” when they’re just mid-level gangsters with excuses. On the other hand, Makima, who is the truly evil being there, had to teach them some lessons about necessary evil.

Power Quotes From Chainsaw Man

Power sayings from chainsaw man

Death is the absence of life. This nonsense about living on in your heart is little more than miserable self-comfort.

– Power, Chainsaw Man

Power is a tsundere when it comes to feelings. She has feelings for her cat, but she pretends like she doesn’t care. But she knows the value of life and death. She also knows that death is the end, and there is no such thing as living on in people’s hearts, which is just self-comfort for the living.

Kishibe Quotes From CSM

Kishibe Quotes csm

Even devils are afraid of what they don’t understand.

– Kishibe, Chainsaw Man

Kishibe is the most badass character we have ever seen in Chainsaw Man, and this quote from him is just as badass. He actually found out what even the devils are afraid of, and apparently that is what they don’t understand.

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Aki Quotes From Chainsaw Man

Aki quote csm

I know I’m not being realistic about what I can accomplish right now. But I also know that I couldn’t keep going, any other way.

– Aki, Chainsaw Man

Aki is the more serious and self responsible member of the gang. At least, that is what it looks like when he is actually a bit reckless like Denji. Despite knowing that he cannot defeat the Gun Devil, he is actually searching for him to exact his revenge.

That’s it for this post! These were the 10+ most amazing quotes from Chainsaw Man. I’ll try to keep this article updated with quotes from the upcoming seasons.

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Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in the next post (^^)~

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