Can Chainsaw Man Die? Is Denji An Immortal?

Chainsaw Man is the most trending shonen anime and manga series right now. It captivates audiences with its mix of comedy, horror, and action. With only the first season of the anime having finished airing, there are several unanswered questions in the anime. And one of them is, “Can chainsaw man (Denji) die?”

Throughout the series, we see Denji get beaten up like no other character. Yet despite all the pain he receives, he never shows any signs of death.

Even during the fight with the Bat Devil and Leech Devil, we see Power, who took way less damage than Denji, go down for the count. Whereas Denji, on the other hand, was able to fight even when he was mutilated and suffering intense blood loss.

All of this leads to one simple question: Can the chainsaw man even be killed?

Can Chaisaw Man die?

can chainsaw man die

The short answer is, “No, a chainsaw man cannot die under normal circumstances as he is nearly immortal.

That said, it only means that he can revive from almost any fatal damage. If some other devil had to eat him, it would probably be difficult for him to come back alive.

The key thing to notice is that, even if Denji dies, he can come back alive as long as someone else pulls the chainsaw cord on his chest. Or, he needs to drink blood. If not, he stays dead.

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Why does Denji not die in Chainsaw Man?

The reason why Denji does not die in Chainsaw Man is that he is a hybrid between a human and a devil. He is such a rare case that there isn’t much precedent for people like him.

But it turns out that as a hybrid, he is almost immortal and can avoid dying even in the worst situations.

This is also the reason why the organs he sold when he was still a human were regenerated after he merged with Pochita.

Is Denji an immortal?

is denji immortal

Yes, Denji is pretty much an immortal in Chainsaw man. He is not a complete immortal, but a near-immortal character. Meaning, he can still be killed under certain circumstances.

Any organs he lost during a fight will get regenerated. Even if he is blown up to pieces, as long as his heart or other body part is intact he can come back alive without a problem.

However, if he is not able to drink blood, or pull the cord in his chest, he can die.

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Can hybrids in Chainsaw Man die?

No, hybrids in Chainsaw Man cannot die in most cases. This is because of their crazy regeneration ability. While devils need to consume blood to activate their regenerative powers, hybrids can do it right after they suffer damage by transforming into a devil.

Hybrids in Chainsaw Man are therefore near immortal and are capable of coming back to life almost immediately after they die.

But it is still possible to defeat a hybrid devil. Which is why they are “near” immortal and not fully immortal.

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