25 Best Chainsaw Man Matching PFP Icons

Chainsaw Man is undoubtedly one of the greatest hits in the anime industry. It had an interesting story and a whole cast of lovable characters that fans couldn’t get enough of. In this article, I’ll be listing down some of the best matching Chainsaw Man PFP icons that you should share with your weeb friend.

This article consists of icons from anime, manga, and other fan art. I’ve categorized them according to the characters featured in the icons, so feel free to pick your favorite character and make them your PFP.

Matching PFP with Denji and Power

Let’s start off the list with the energetic duo from Chainsaw Man, who’d make really good PFP icons for couples and friends alike.

Here are Denji and Power acting defiant with their badass poses, with Power leaning on the back of Denji.

Next up, we’ve got Power and Denji curiously reading a book. This would make a perfect profile picture for the couple who are looking for something humorous.

The following is a matching PFP icon from Chainsaw Man, featuring Power and Denji. Both of them are pouting, while Power is leaning on Denji as usual.

In this icon, we have Denji and Power in a similar pose, except they are not pouting.

I know the next images look out of proportion, but trust me, it’ll all look fine by the time you add them as your profile picture on social media.

This couple of icons feature Denji and Power looking at each other while Power rests her hand on Denji’s shoulder.

We have yet another Chainsaw Man pairing PFP for couples and besties featuring Power and Denji.

This is a fan art that I found on Pinterest where we can see Power and Denji fighting over popcorn.

Power is pushing Denji away, while he is trying to whack her in the head and grab the popcorn. Or maybe I totally read the picture wrong. Either way, this is a perfect representation of besties.

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Matching PFP with Denji and Himeno

Alright, it is time to switch up the pairing. The next couple of icons will be those of Himeno and Denji together.

This is an unforgettable scene, both for the viewers and for Denji. Right before Himeno vomited in Denji’s mouth, he got this hot kiss from Himeno senpai, who was drunk.

Yet again, we have our drunken Himeno hugging Denji without a thought, and he is blushing at the thought of being close to her. This scene happened seconds before the above one.

Matching PFP with Aki and Himeno

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best icons featuring Aki and Himeno, the couple that all CSM fans really loved.

In this icon, we have a flashback scene where Himeno tries to make Aki quit being a devil hunter. She also hands him a cigarette and tries to make him smoke.

He denies both of her requests.

This is a super badass matching Chainsaw Man PFP for couples that features Aki letting Himeno smoke a cigarette. This one is kind of hot and cool at the same time.

Makima and Denji – Matching Chainsaw Man PFP

In this section, let’s take a look at the PFPs that even Denji would probably love to have.

Here we have Makima harassing Denji, with her lips close to his and their eyes locked into each other’s.

With this matching PFP, we showcase yet another unforgettable scene from Chainsaw Man where Makima makes Denji to cope a feel.

Manga readers know this is all plain manipulation, but still, you can’t just ignore her hotness in the early stages of the story.

The next matching CSM icon is from the very beginning of the series, when Makima finds Denji. She puts him under and treats him with food. Of course, Denji is ultra happy to be fed by a hot lady and behaves like a happy little pet dog.

Aki and Denji – Matching Icons

Alright, this section of this article is for the boys. We have some cool matching PFP featuring Aki and Denji.

Here we have the duo staring at Power with contempt. Well, Denji is simply imitating whatever Aki is doing, but that’s what makes this scene great.

Denji and Aki started off on the wrong foot. They were both trying for Makima, and Aki saw Denji as a newbie who wouldn’t stand a chance in real fights.

But turns out Denji couldn’t more than handle himself. The following icon consists of Denji supporting Aki after he beat him to a pulp.

This is the perfect PFP material for those who are looking for matching CSM icons with Aki and Denji. They’re both standing there, not looking at each other, which is kind of cute.

Here’s the last icon with this duo. Aki is dragging Denji away and manhandling him. This is definitely one of the most hilarious icons that I’ve listed in this section.

Kobeni and Himeno – Matching Icons

In this section, we have our cuties Kobeni and Himeno interacting with each other. Or more like Himeno forcing herself upon Kobeni, but that is how the relationship between introverts and extroverts works!

Kobeni is scared, anxious, and nervous as always, while Himeno is joyful and outgoing all the time. The below matching PFPs perfectly capture the personalities of these Chainsaw Man female characters.

Other matching Chainsaw Man PFPs featuring Kobeni

Kobeni is a sensation on the internet. Most weebs love her because they can relate to her. So, I’m going to add in a couple of other icons with her in them.

This is a piece of CSM fan art that I found on Pinterest, where Kobeni and Power are dressed up fashionably. The art clearly portrays the personalities of both CSM girls, making it perfect PFP material for fans.

This is a manga scene where we get to see Kobeni and Denji together. Kobeni is down and depressed as always, while Denji acts like a caring big brother. I mean, you probably can’t see the caring part in the scene below, but he hugs and comforts Kobeni in the next panel in the manga.

Other Chainsaw Man Matching PFP Icons

Alright, folks, we’re nearing the end of this article. In this section, I’m going to list down some of the random matching PFPs from Chainsaw Man.

The first one here is an icon of Angel Devil and Aki standing next to each other. Normally, people are scared of the Angel Devil because physical contact with him makes them lose their lifespan.

But Aki is confident and cool, so he gets close to him without being scared, because he can keep his distance if Angel tries anything funny.

Up next, we have Reze, who is going to be introduced in season 2 of Chainsaw Man. She is one of the most popular girls in CSM, and her goal is to capture the heart of our protagonist, Denji.

This is a matching PFP icon for three people. If you’re looking for some neat PFP to share with friends on Christmas, then this one should be your go-to icon.

Is your friend group even larger? Then you’re going to love this CSM matching PFP featuring our five main characters from the show.

That’s it for this article! You just went over the 25 best Chainsaw Man matching PFP that are perfect for couples and besties.

Don’t forget to hit the bell icon in the bottom corner to get notified of more posts like this one! Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in the next article (^^)

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[…] Recommended >> 25 Best Chainsaw Man Matching PFP Icons […]


[…] Recommended >> 25 Best Chainsaw Man Matching PFP Icons […]

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