+10 Amazing Kingdom Anime Quotes

Kingdom anime quotes from the following characters:

  • Jiao Cheng
  • Zeng Ying
  • Dao Wei
  • Xin Li

Kingdom is a historical anime about ancient China. The show revolves around the King of the state of Qin, Zeng who desires to unite all of China and put an end to several centuries of war, and Xin Li who dreams of becoming the greatest General under the heavens!

Here are some of the best quotes from the anime Kingdom.

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List of the best Quotes from Kingdom Anime

Jiao Cheng Quotes

Kingdom manga quotes - Jiao Cheng

“No matter how much you dress up someone as a noble, the person they are inside does not change!” – Jiao Cheng

Jiao Cheng quotes

“I don’t trust in people. What I do trust is their desire for power.” – Jiao Cheng

Zeng Ying Quotes

Kingdom anime - Zeng Ying quotes

“People’s lives don’t belong to anyone. Anyone except themselves.” – Zeng Ying

king sei quotes

“People have a path. The path of how to use their lives.” – Zeng Ying

King Zeng quotes

“If a king is driven by malice and contentment to pick up a sword, he will be swallowed by the whirlpool of hatred… And the country will fall to ruin!” – Zeng Ying

Kingdom anime Zeng quotes

“A king should pick up a sword for the reason of opening the path to preserving life.” – Zeng Ying

Dao Wei Quotes

Dao Wei brother quotes - Kingdom

“The power of your comrades…is also part of your power.” – Dao Wei

Xin Li Quotes

Xin quotes

“For everything we lost from fighting, we’ll take back with fighting!” – Xin

Xin Kingdom anime Quotes

“The most regretful thing there is is when your dreams ends as nothing but an illusion!” – Xin

Kingdom anime Xin Quotes

“Fate is something you can cut through and change.” – Xin

Xin Li Quotes

“A battle ain’t about the numbers. It’s about the people!” – Xin

Kingdom manga quotes - Xin Li

“If you really care about the dead, then make the reams they had into reality!” – Xin

Shin Quotes

“If you just rush in on momentum and emotion you can’t win.” – Xin

Kingdom anime Xin to Wang Qi Quotes

“One hundred men are truly just a speck in the big picture. But a speck has the kind of strength a speck has!” – Xin

These were all the best Kingdom anime quotes (from Season 1 & 2.) Hope you enjoyed it!

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