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In today’s article we will be taking a look at some of the most popular characters from the Kobayashi Dragon Maid anime series. 

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon) is an interesting anime that combines fantasy elements such as magic and dragons into a slice-of-life story. While the slice of life genre is known to be slow paced without any action, this anime actually has some action every once in a while.

This anime has a lot of interesting characters, with a well written backstory and an amusing personality. The majority of them belong to the dragon race but co-exist with humans. There are a couple of evil dragons as well, and we will be taking a look at them in this article too.

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Who Are The Main Characters In Kobayashi Dragon Maid?


Kobayashi - Dragon Maid character wiki

Kobayashi is the main character of the series. She is your average adult who has a day job that pays for her living. However, she has a habit of getting too drunk and talking about her maid obsession.

One day, while Kobayashi was drunk, she found a dragon and rescued it by pulling out a sword that was stabbed into its flesh. That’s how she got her own dragon maid!


Tohru - Dragon Maid Character wiki

Tohru is the daughter of Damocles, the emperor of Demise and one of the main characters in the anime.

During her childhood, she was taught that humans were disgusting, inferior beings who were evil.

Tohru was a fearsome dragon who battled with God, but got heavily wounded in the fight and escaped to the human realm.

She is the female dragon that Kobayashi rescued. Apparently, while Kobayashi was drunk she mentioned Tohru about how she loves maid. This is why Tohru has decided to repay her kindness by becoming her maid.

However, she is more than just repaying kindness because she is madly in love with Kobayashi. Tohru might be a little rowdy and a flirt when it comes to her master, but overall she is a cute and capable maid.

Her main goal in life is to feed her detoxified tail to Kobayashi. Why? Nobody knows it.

Kanna Kamui

Kanna - Dragon Maid wiki

Kanna Kamui is the loli goddess of the weeb community. She is a child dragon who still has a long way to go in terms of gaining the wisdom of a dragon.

Kanna came to Earth in search of Tohru so that she could get Tohru to return to her world. After finding that Tohru was living a happy life with Kobayashi, she suspects that Tohru has been seduced. At first, she does not like Kobayashi because of this assumption.

However, in the modern world, Kanna had nowhere to go, so Kobayashi took her in to make her stay along with Tohru.

Now, she sees Kobayashi and Tohru as her family. Because of her time on Earth, she started taking an interest in human things like school. This is why Kobayashi enrolled Kanna at a school.

Who Are The Other Dragons Among Kobayashi Dragon Maid Characters?


Lucoa - Dragon Maid Character wiki

Lucoa, also known as Quetzalcoatl, is another superior dragon in the Kobayashi Dragon Maid series. She was once hailed as the dragon goddess, but it all came to an end when she drank a cursed liquor.

Because of the liquor’s effect, she had some scandalous affairs with her sister. and got exiled.

One day, when Shouta Magatsuchi does a familiar summoning ritual, she takes the chance and arrives in the human world. She now lives as Shota’s familiar.


Ilulu - Dragon Maid Character wiki

Ilulu is another dragon from the chaos faction. She was first introduced as an antagonist who wants to defeat Tohru. From her childhood, she was taught that humans were evil. To make matters worse, her parents were killed in a human attack. So seeing that Tohru is coexisting with humans she had to step in and destroy her.

However, Tohru easily defeats Ilulu.  At first, she does not understand why Tohru would co-exist with vile creatures such as humans. After that, she spends her time spying on Kobayashi and luring other dragons like Kanna to destroy the world. After a series of events, she has a change of heart and begins to like Kobayashi. She became the third dragon to live at Kobayashi’s place.


Elma - Dragon Maid character wiki

Like Ilulu, Elma first came to earth in order to defeat Tohru, as they belong to opposing dragon factions in the Kobayashi Dragon Maid series. Unlike Tohru, who belongs to the Chaos faction, Elma belongs to the Harmony faction.

She was taught to love humans regardless of their foolish need to fight among themselves.

After a fierce fight with Tohru, Elma gets defeated and tries to understand Tohru and Kobayashi. She continues to live on as an office worker in the human world as she loves human food.


Fafnir - Dragon Maid Character wiki

Fafnir is a side character in the anime and one of Tohru’s dragon friends who came to Earth and fell in love with its culture.

At first, he goes to the human world in order to live in the same place as his friend, Tohru. But Kobayashi rejects his proposal to stay at her place. Soon after, he gets his place at Kobayashi’s co-worker’s house.

He became obsessed with the otaku culture and is always seen playing games at his human friend and roommate, Makoto Takiya’s house.

Who Are The Kobayashi Dragon Maid’s Villain Characters?


Damocles - Emperor of Demise

Damocles is Tojhru’s father and an important figure in the Chaos faction known as the “Emperor of Demise” in the Kobayashi Dragon Maid series. 

While I have listed him in the antagonist section, he is not necessarily an evil person. He just wants Tohru to stay away from the human world.

After knowing that his daughter has taken an interest in a human girl and is planning to live with her for the rest of her life, Damocles steps in and demands that Tohru go back home. He tries to talk some sense into her by pointing out the difference in lifespan between a human and a dragon.

However, here is where he messed up. When Kobayashi attempts to talk, he destroys her glasses and threatens her to choose her words wisely. When Kobayashi is done talking, Tohru gains confidence, and her father does not like that. So he challenges Tohru to a fight. 

Again, Kobayashi intervenes and stops them from fighting, concluding the battle in a peaceful way, and the Emperor of Demise returns back home even though he does not approve of Tohru’s decision.



Clemene is a dragon from the Harmony faction. One day, he finds Ilulu all alone and begins violently beating her as they belong to opposing factions. However, Ilulu was completely defenseless and was about to be done in by him.

This is when Kobayashi tries to stop the fight, but ends up getting almost killed by him. Seeing this, Tohru, filled with rage and bloodlust, fights Clemene and defeats him. But she does not kill him, as it would only invite the other Harmony faction dragons to start a war.

Who Are The Side Characters In Kobayashi Dragon Maid?

Shouta Magatsuchi

Shouta - Dragon Maid wiki

Shouta is a descendant of a mage family and is one of the side characters in the Kobayashi Dragon Maid series. In the modern world, where almost no humans are capable of magic, his family has kept their legacy as mages. He is well versed in the arcane arts and summoning rituals.

One day, while he was trying to summon a demon familiar, Lucoa appeared. He is alarmed that he has summoned an actual demon. He does not believe her to be a dragon.

To make matters worse, Lucoa tries to seduce him, which makes him more certain that she is a demon. However, these two live together under the same roof. Throughout the series, he has to resist the hormonal rush that she causes for him.

Riko Saikawa

Riko - Dragon Maid wiki

Riko is Kanna’s classmate and her best friend. They always hang out together. However, at the beginning, she tries to bully Kanna, but after seeing her cry, Riko decides to console her and be her friend.

Riko develops special feelings for Kanna and is attracted to her. This is evident when they play twister together and when Kanna sits on Riko’s lap.

Makoto Takiya

Makoto Takiya

Kobayashi’s co-worker is Makoto. They help each other out at work. He is a really good man, but has an otaku side to him. Because of his otaku obsession, he works as a game developer and mangaka in his spare time.

During a party at Kobayashi’s house, he gets to know Fafnir, who later becomes his Otaku buddy. They end up becoming roommates as they share a similar interest in Otaku culture.

Taketo Aida 

Taketo Aida 

Taketo is the grandchild of a candy shop owner who hires Ilulu, the dragon girl, to come to work. This is how they get acquainted and become good friends. 

As minor characters in the series, they don’t get much screen time together. But whenever they do, we can see them getting closer to each other.

It is safe to assume that they both have feelings for each other.

How Old Are The Characters In Kobayashi Dragon Maid?

Character NameAge
Kobayashi25 years old
Tohru16 years old (human form)
Ilulu16 years old (human form)
Kanna Kamui9 years old (human form)
Riko Saikawa9 years old
Shouta Magatsuchi11 years old
Elma18 years old (human form)
Makoto Takiya24 years old
Damocles100 years old (human form)

Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid characters’ birthdays

Character NameBirthday
KobayashiApril 23
Shouta MagatsuchiDecember 22
Makoto TakiyaMay 5
Riko SaikawaAugust 21
Taketo AidaJune 16

Seiyū List: Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid Voice Actors

Character NameJapanese VA (Seiyū)
KobayashiMutsumi Tamura
Shouta MagatsuchiKaori Ishihara
Makoto TakiyaYuichi Nakamura
Riko SaikawaEmiri Katō
Taketo AidaHiro Shimono
TohruYūki Kuwahara
KannaMaria Naganawa
ElmaYūki Takada
LucoaMinami Takahashi
IluluTomomi Mineuchi
FafnirDaisuke Ono

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