AOT Titans Ranked – Eldia’s Nine Titans Listed

The AoT titans are the key players in the story. While the current inheritors of the nine titans are split across Marley and Eldia, they all originated from Ymir Fritz, the founding titan.

After her death, Ymir Fritz’s power was split among her daughters which eventually gave rise to nine titans. These nine Titans have been passed down from Generation to generation. Each Titan has its own unique ability, each of the titans are very powerful but there is an obvious difference in power. So today, we will be ranking the nine AoT titans from the strongest to the weakest.

(Shingeki no Kyojin) AoT Titans Ranked

1. Founding Titan – Leader of the nine AoT titans


The founding Titan is the most powerful Titan in the series. With its ability to manipulate the mind, body or memories of Eldians and other titans, the founding titan stands above all the other eight titans. The founding titan’s power was able to wipe out the memories of the Eldian race inside the wall and was even able to manipulate millions of colossal titans to erect huge walls. This power alone shows the unbelievable might of the founding titan.

2. Attack Titan – Fearless, strongest assault titan

Attack Titan

The attack Titan is easily one of the most powerful Titan. It has fought the female Titan and even the colossal Titan and came out victoriously. In terms of combat it is definitely the most powerful titan ever. The attack titan also has the ability to harden any part of its body at will. This titan is always inherited by the ones with a strong, undying spirit which makes it more fearsome.

3. Beast Titan – Best long ranged combat titan

Beast Titan - The Nine Titans Ranked

The beast titan as the name suggests, is an entirely different beast. As of now, it is the only titan that is capable of using human language. Its scream has the ability to manipulate pure titans which were created by its spinal fluid. This titan possesses immense physical strength enough to fight the colossal Titan and great accuracy which is displayed when it destroyed the survey corps by throwing rocks. However, as they have mentioned in season 4 of AOT, it is pretty useless in close combat.

4. Armored Titan – Most durable titan

Armored Titan - Most durable

The armored titan has an armour plate skin that is nearly impossible to break. It is able to break through strong walls and withstand missiles. The armor is highly durable but it is not unbreakable. Other than the titan’s abilities, the user Reiner’s ability is equally or even amazing. He is able to direct his consciousness towards his body enabling him to stay alive even after being beheaded.

5. Female Titan – Titan with the fastest ability inheritance

Female Titan

The female Titan is also strong when it comes to close combat. Since its user Annie is an expert in infighting techniques, this titan is more than capable to hold its own against half of the other AoT titans mentioned on this list. It is also able to call pure titans by screaming, however only within a small range. The female titan also has great mobility and the ability to harden any part of its body. Also, it is capable of inheriting abilities much faster than the other titans.

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6. Warhammer Titan – Only titan that can create weapons

The Nine Titans Ranked - Warhammer Titan

This Titan is shown later in the series at season 4. The Warhammer titan uses it’s hardened flesh to create weapons and spikes from the ground. Its signature weapons are hammer and crossbow. Since the wielder is not inside the titan, it makes it difficult to take it down. On the other hand, if the opponent finds out about the location of the real body, it’s game over as its user will be covered by a hardened titan shell and won’t be able to move.

7. Colossal Titan – Biggest of the nine AoT titans

Colossal Titan

This Titan could rank way higher but it’s slower than all AoT titans mentioned in this list. It is extremely large and creates steam that could repel things, and fire that could burn its opponents to a crisp. However, the titan is extremely weak in physical combat and too slow to be useful in actual battle. Also, the more steam it produces, the weaker it gets. It is typically built for a very short, yet explosive fighting style.

8. Jaw Titan – Nimblest of the nine titans

Nine titans ranked - Jaw titan

The Jaw Titan has the strongest jaw that is able to pierce through titan hardening and crush the opponents. It is known to be the swiftest of all the nine AoT titans due to its high speed. This titan has higher mobility advantage in areas with trees and houses. It is small but extremely powerful. This titan could have been ranked much higher among the nine AoT titans, however, if there is no footing for it to jump around, it makes this titan less lethal.

9. Cart Titan – Most useful, multipurpose Titan

Nine titans ranked - Cart Titan

The cart Titan has high endurance that allows it to do tiring tasks for hours without rest. It also has a good speed and is able to carry tones worth of metal bunker on its back. Its user can transform into a titan successively for hundreds of time without needing any rest. It also has a speed that is second only to Jaw titan. The cart Titan is normally used for carrying objects such as guns and luggage, but is not fit for fighting on its own.

That’s it for this post! These were all the nine AOT titans and their ranking. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!!

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