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Top Ten Most Powerful Characters In Naruto Part-1

At the beginning of Naruto, there are several powerful characters. Here is a list of the top 10 most powerful characters in Naruto Part 1. This list does not include reincarnated characters/characters from Naruto Shippuden. It only includes characters from Naruto Part 1. 1. Hiruzen Sarutobi Hiruzen is the third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf…

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The Top 6 Times Anime’s Successfully Featured Martial Arts

Japan is known for many great things, but two of its most famous imports are anime and martial arts. Because of this, it’s fair to say that Japan has given the rest of the world a lot of interesting creations over the years. However, for the most part – these two entities remain separate. This…

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Top Ten Anime Battles That Were Beyond Amazing

One of the best things about anime are its fight scenes. We’ve been seeing the animators pushing the lines, making each and every moment of an anime fight epic ever since the 1980’s. Naturally, over the past few decades, there have been thousands of memorable, great fight scenes. Of all of them, here are my…