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The 13+ Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

Tomodachi Game is a psychological thriller anime with several interesting characters. This anime is solely based on a game named “Tomodachi Game,” also called “Friends Game.” The anime is full of suspense and thrillers that will definitely hook you and keep you watching till the end! But like always, what makes anime worth watching are…

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10+ Best Survival Game Manga You Must Read

Therer are several thrilling themes in anime and manga that makes them likable. One such theme is the “survival game.” In survival game manga, we will witness the main characters fighting for their lives, lose their closest friends and ultimately, live or die at the end of the series. If you like some exciting story…

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Best Mindgame Anime Series

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to recommend you some of the best mindgame anime I’ve ever watched!! Anime is known for its insane mindgames where characters outsmart each other to the point it is unrealistic and ridiculous. However, it is also a treat to watch someone completely dominate their opponent with just their brains. Here’s…