The 13+ Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

Tomodachi Game is a psychological thriller anime with several interesting characters. This anime is solely based on a game named “Tomodachi Game,” also called “Friends Game.”

The anime is full of suspense and thrillers that will definitely hook you and keep you watching till the end!

But like always, what makes anime worth watching are its awesome characters and, of course, its main protagonist. And, without a doubt, this anime has it all. From an amazing plot to an awesome main protagonist who gets more and more interesting as the series goes on, we have them all.

Here are the 14 best Tomodachi Game characters that play a major role in the anime and manga series:

  • Yuuichi
  • Maria
  • Shiho
  • Kokorogi
  • Tenji
  • Tsukino
  • Makato Shibe
  • Kei Shinomiya
  • Kuroki
  • Manabu
  • Yuka Katagari
  • Reiko
  • Minami Hudo
  • Saori Miyabe

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1/14 – Yuuichi

Yuuichi - Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

Tomodachi Game’s main character is none other than Yuichi. He is an ordinary high school boy who loves his friends and supports them. But unfortunately, he is poor and works hard for his living.

Does it sound dull? Yes, of course, but don’t go with this description; it’s just his ordinary side. You will really admire this character for his awesome tactics and, of course, his mind games.

His hidden side started to unravel in Episode 3, and until then you have to watch patiently and see how things are going until you get to see his awesome skills in the anime.

He also has a mysterious past. This, unfortunately, doesn’t unfold in Season 1. But we hope we get to learn about his past in Season 2. Only a glimpse of his past is shown. We see two people in his past explaining the values of life to him.

One of these people is his mom, who constantly reminds him that friends are more important than money, and another person, who hopes to be a father figure to Yuuichi, tells him that money is the most important thing in this world.

2/14 – Maria

Maria - Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

She is just an observer, and you will see her as a spectator. She is on the management team of Tomodachi Games.

Maria seems to be enjoying herself while watching the teams play the high-stakes games.

But in one of the games shown in the show Hide and Seek, she was tagged along with Yuuichi’s team. She just came to keep an eye on Yuuichi. But later on, she helped him win the game. She only wants one thing, and that is entertainment. After seeing Yuuichi’s skills and tactics, she tagged along with him and worked according to his orders.

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3/14 – Shiho

Shiho - Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

Shiho is one of the main characters of Tomodachi Game anime and manga series. She liked Yuuichi from the very beginning of the story.

However, she never confessed her love for him, though. But during the game, she finally confesses her love to him to make him trust her, as she will never cheat on him.

Shiho is an honor student and vice president of the Yuuichi class. She never holds back to protect her friends in need and always fights for justice.

She was easy to manipulate, as his childhood friend named Tenji had done so in between the games to exploit her. He did that to separate her from her only friends and make them abandon her. As she is alone with no support, she will totally depend on him, and he will destroy her.

4/14 – Kokorogi

Kokorogi - Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

Kokorogi is a girl with innocent looks, because of which she was bullied for her innocence. She was always the one who had feelings for Yuuichi.

But in the second game, her shocking yet disturbing past reveals itself, which will definitely cause shock since she started crying and became traumatized while her dark past was unveiled in front of everyone.

She tries to get sympathy from Yuuichi, saying that her past deeds are just a big misunderstanding and she was never involved in such things.

5/14 – Tenji

Tenji - Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

One of the smartest characters shown in Tomodachi Game after Yuuichi is Tenji. He is the top student in the school and is loved by his teachers. He is a smart player who knows how to get things done and is a good manipulator.

His real side was hidden until the second game. His real motive and tactics were unveiled by Yuuichi in the game in front of everyone. He also disclosed his dark past. As a result, he has gone to such lengths to exact revenge on Shiho.

He thinks she is the one who has made her life worth nothing.

He then changed his mind about Yuuichi after the third game. Because of that, he takes an oath that he will support Yuuichi till his last breath.

6/14 – Tsukino

Tsukino - Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

She is also one of the members of the “Tomodachi Game” management team. She was the observer for the C team, where our main protagonist was present. 

Tsukino was very good at understanding the tactics of Yuuichi and was amazed with his skills.

In the end of the few episodes, you can also see her fighting skills and that manly look as she imprisons people who were using the Tomodachi Game name to victimize Yuuichi and Kokorogi.

7/14 – Makato Shibe

Makato shibe - Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

Shibe is the president of Yuuichi’s school. He is one of the two faced characters in Tomodachi game anime series. He was handsome and a good athlete.

Shibe had a crush on Shiho from the start and wanted to get close to her. He wanted to have her as his girlfriend.

But he couldn’t talk to her because they were stuck in an uncertain situation.

In the second game, his father’s corruption was unveiled, which broke him from within.

And later, he was imprisoned for his father’s bad deeds.

8/14 – Kei Shinomiya

Kei Shinomiya - Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

The character has made his first appearance in the friendship hide-and-seek game. He called himself “genius,” but was defeated by Yuuichi in his mind game. 

He tried to conceal his identity as a captain and mastermind in the game from the beginning.

But in the end, Yuuichi, our main character, revealed who he was, and he also triumphed in the game.

9/14 – Kuroki

Kuroki - Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

Kuroki is one of the villain characters in Tomodachi Game anime. He makes his first appearance at the end of the first season, where he creates a fake Tomodachi Game scene for our main protagonist.

The reason for this has not been revealed at the beginning. But he tries to torture our main protagonist by playing games against him.

He also kidnapped Kokorogi to force Yuuichi to play a game, and if he refuses, he will do something very brutal to her.

With the aid of Yuuichi, the official Tomodachi Game Management team was able to capture him at the end of the season.

10/14 – Manabu


Manabu is one of the main characters and mascots for Tomodachi Game. At first, he seems like a normal mascot for kids, but he is actually an evildoer.

He was the one who guided Yuuichi and his friends throughout the game and made them play games to pay off their debt.

11/14 – Yuka Katagari

Yuka Katagari

She is the adoptive mother of our main protagonist, Yuuichi. She does not make an official appearance in the series. But while Yuuichi’s past has been shown, we get a glimpse of her as a kind person.

Most of the time, she used to say, “Friends are more important than money” in life. which he still remembers clearly, and maybe because of that, he protects his friends over anything.

12/14 – Reiko

Reiko - Most Popular Tomodachi Game Characters

Reiko is one of the hottest Tomodachi Game characters in the anime. She did not have much screen time in the anime series. But she is one of the members of the management team at Tomodachi Games.

Her first appearance in the anime was in the hide-and-seek game, where she was shown as an observer of Juuzou Kadokura, who is the K team counterpart of Yuuichi in the game. She used to believe in her team until they were defeated by Yuuichi’s tactics.

13/14 – Minami Hudo

Minami Hudo

She doesn’t have any appearances in the first season of the series. She was revealed to be Kuroki’s ex-girlfriend in the manga.

However, it seems Kuroki’s appearance was completely changed because of an accident. But Minami was still able to recognize him when they again met in one of the Tomodachi Games.

14/14 – Saori Miyabe

Saori Miyabe

Saori Miyabe is one of the few characters who doesn’t make an appearance in the first season of the series.

She works as the Shibe’s housekeeper. But she leaves after the death of Masakazu Shibe, the father of Makato Shibe.

During the trial of Makato Shibe, she stated the fact that she would never work for the Shibe family if her father was not in debt.

She always wanted to leave his work. But because of her father’s condition, she could never withdraw from it.

FAQs About Tomodachi Game Characters

tomodachi game characters FAQ

With the manga far ahead of the anime, several fans have had a few questions about the characters from Tomodachi Game series. In this section, I will be addressing some of the most frequently asked questions about this anime and manga’s characters.

Which character is the true traitor in Tomodachi Game?

Tomodachi Game’s true traitor is Yuuichi Katagiri. In Chapter 100 his “plan” was revealed, and it is therefore shown that he is the person who came up with the Tomodachi Game.

As the creator, he was the one who even presented the situation they are in now, and ruined their relationships along with many other lives.

Which character does Yuichi love in Tomodachi Game?

As of now, he only loves his mother. He has not expressed any romantic interest in the anime or manga.

That said, most fans want Yuichi to fall in love with Shiho, because they believe Yuichi x Shiho is a better couple than Yuichi x Kokorogi.

Which character has the 20 million yen debt in Tomodachi Game?

Tenji is the character who has the 20 million yen debt in Tomodachi game. He has always been drowning in debt, and that is one the reasons why he teams up with Yuichi, so that he can win the game.

Which character wins in Tomodachi Game?

We can expect the characters, Katagiri Yuichi and Shiho Sawaragi to win the Tomodachi Game.

After all, they are they are the main male and female protagonists of the series respectively.


The characters mentioned in this list are definitely worth watching in the series. Many of the characters are full of surprises as their unique and dark histories are revealed throughout the game.

The anime itself will make you wonder whether to trust any character or not.

It’s full of action with a lot of hidden mysteries, and on top of that, our main protagonist, Yuuichi, is the cherry on top. Undoubtedly, he is one of the characters for whom you should definitely give this anime a try!

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