10+ Most Popular Redo of Healer Characters, Ranked

Welcome to our post about the “10+ Most Popular Redo of Healer Characters.” If you like the extremely ecchi series “Redo of Healer,” you’re in for a treat. In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the show’s most memorable and controversial characters that viewers outright loved or hated.

Wile we eagerly wait for the season 2 of the series, let’s take a look at the series’ important members. From the story’s main character, Keyaru, to the story’s most interesting heroines, Freia and Setsuna, we’ll look at their unique qualities and parts in the story. Get ready to dive into the world of “Redo of Healer” and meet the interesting characters that have made this series a hit.

List of the Popular Characters From Redo of Healer Anime and Manga

11. Lapiz

Lapiz - redo of healer characters

The Star Rabbit demon tribe’s chief’s daughter, Lapiz, is also a candidate for Demon King within her tribe. Even though she is sick, Lapiz is a kind and innocent person.

She loves her father and her group very much, and she feels bad for putting so much stress on them. Lapiz feels bad about herself because she looks sick, and she misses the days when she didn’t hurt.

When she talks to Keyaru, she shows that she is genuinely interested in his stories about the outside world and great legends. She is like a child who is listening to a captivating story.

10. Bullet


Bullet Hashranto was the Cannon Hero and one of the Jioral Kingdom’s heroes. He is one of the most hated Redo of Healer characters who is obsessively sexually attracted to young boys. Unfortulately, Keyaru became his main target.

Bullet is a gay shotacon who thinks that by sexually assaulting young boys, he is doing them a favor. He also has a lot of mood swings, which is shown when he hits Keyaru in anger and apologizes right away afterward (along with assaulting him).

Even though he has these strong traits, he shows that he is very smart by trying to find Keyaru.

9. Guren

Guren - redo of healer characters

Guren, the divine beast, is a character in Redo of Healer who hasn’t been shown in the anime yet. She joins Keyaru’s party in events that takes place in the manga and light novel. Despite being full of personality, she is still a child who likes to play and learn. Keyaruga was able to trick Guren because she was a gullible and food-loving child.

When Keyaru got an egg from Miru in Kokuyoku village and put his mana into it, Guren took it along with the spirit and mana of Freia, Ellen, Setsuna, and Eve.

Guren was innocent when she first hatched, which made the group like her. But Keyaruga, who was always careful, used a magic spell to stop her from running away or hurting anyone. Guren gave him a dirty look for doing that to her for no reason.

8. Anna


Anna is one of the sweetest characters in Redo of Healer who deserved a better ending. She was a nice person who lived in Keyaru’s town. She treated him like a little brother. Anna met him when he came back as a hero. Renard, the captain of the guards, sexually assaulted Anna all night long because he wanted revenge on Keyaru. In the Light Novel and Manga versions, Anna killed herself by biting her tongue.

But in the anime, Anna lived a little longer and met the real Keyaru for the last time. She died with a smile on her face, even though Keyaru tried multiple times with Recovery: Heal to bring her back to life.

7. Blade

Blade - redo of healer characters

Blade was a past Sword Hero from a kingdom that we don’t know the name of. He was very close to the Jioral Kingdom. In the original timeline, she was part of the Heroes Party, which was made to fight Demon Queen Eve Reese.

Blade is a troubled person who hates men very much and does extreme things to get pleasure from women. In the previous timeline, when Flare used Keyaru for her own desires, Blade, fueled by envy, ruthlessly attacked him. However, she felt disgusted after unintentionally finding pleasure in her actions. She even resorted to forceful acts with the young Keyaru, driven by her infatuation.

6. Eve Reese

Eve Reese

Meet Eve Reese, a member of the black-winged tribe and a candidate for the position of demon lord. Her mission is to eliminate the current demon lord, Hakuou, who sought to wipe out her tribe.

Eve is a bit reserved compared to the other Redo of Healer characters, possibly due to being constantly hunted. Her experiences have made her highly skeptical of others. Although not as vengeful as Setsuna or Keyaru, she finds satisfaction in taking revenge on the demons responsible for annihilating her tribe, often revealing a sadistic smile.

5. Kureha Clyret

Kureha Clyret - redo of healer characters

Introducing Kureha Clyret, a former knight of the Jioral Kingdom, renowned as the Blade Goddess and Sword Saint.

Kureha later becomes the new Sword Hero. At first, she opposes Keyaru’s party, but eventually joins forces with them and betrays the Jioral Kingdom.

Kureha discovers her kingdom’s atrocities, false beliefs, and realizes she was merely a pawn. Unlike most people from the Jioral Kingdom, Kureha is an honorable woman driven by justice.

She strongly condemns wrongdoing, stands against evildoers, and fearlessly sacrifices her own safety to protect others.

4. Setsuna


Meet Setsuna, also known as Nayuta, a female Demi-human slave purchased by Keyaru in Lanarrita and enlisted in his party. She is one of the hottest female characters in Redo of Healer and is a beloved waifu.

Setsuna and her tribe suffered enslavement and brutal mistreatment, fueling her deep animosity towards humans. She derives immense satisfaction from slaying Jioral Kingdom knights.

However, she refrains from targeting innocent individuals in her quest for vengeance. Eventually, Setsuna becomes Keyaru’s slave and engages in intimate acts with him to raise her level cap.

3. Norn Clatalissa Jioral (Ellen)

Norn Clatalissa Jioral (Ellen) - redo of healer characters

Meet Ellen, also known as Norn Clatalissa Jioral, the second princess of Jioral Kingdom and younger sister of Flare. She is known for being cold, calculating, and one of the most sadistic individuals in the kingdom, which even unsettles her companions.

Norn is merciless towards her enemies and will employ any tactic to ensure her victory. Deep down, she harbors insecurity as she lacks the natural talent of her sister, leading her to establish a tough reputation and persona to gain respect and inspire fear in others.

However, after being brainwashed and having her memories erased by Keyaru, Ellen becomes completely subservient to him, viewing him as her older brother.

2. Flare Arlgrande Jioral (Freia)

Flare Arlgrande Jioral (Freia)

Meet Flare, also known as Freia, the magical hero and main heroine of the series. She is the princess of Jioral Kingdom and currently accompanies, loves, and serves Keyaruga. She is also one of the most hated characters in the initial episodes of Redo of Healer.

Flare portrays herself as a kind and honest woman, admired for her charm and beauty. However, she is incredibly self-centered and sees herself as superior, especially compared to Keyaru, a humble farmer and a non-combatant hero.

She views him merely as a tool for carrying equipment, enduring mistreatment, boosting her servants’ potential, and occasionally casting healing spells.

After being brainwashed by Keyaruga, Freia now wholeheartedly supports him and loves him genuinely. She has become much kinder than before, treating Setsuna as a friend despite her nation’s mistreatment of demi-humans.

1. Keyaru

Keyaru - redo of healer characters

Meet Keyaru, the main hero in Redo of Healer. He endured terrible torture from his supposed allies but broke free. With the Philosopher’s Stone, he traveled back in time to seek revenge on his tormentors. Keyaru even became the new king of Jioral kingdom, aiming to create a truly peaceful realm.

What makes him stand out is his controversial personality. His idea of “Revenge” is to enslave the girls who did him wrong and doing savage things to them. Viewers of Redo of Healer will either hate Keyaru’s character because of his actions or agree with him since the other deserved what they got.

Either way, he is an anti-hero MC who doesn’t hesitate doing immoral things.

That’s it for this post! These are the 10+ most infamous characters from Redo of Healer. Hope you found this article useful (^^)

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