30+ Popular Sanrio Characters, Ranked (2023 Fan Vote Result)

Sanrio is a Japanese company that is popular for its cute character designs. They are a global icon, with millions of fans worldwide. Every year, they conduct a fan poll to rank the most popular Sanrio characters.

In this article, I will be sharing the top 30 most loved designs from Sanrio that people have voted for. It must be noted that 44,487,850 people participated in this character ranking poll.

List Of The Most Voted Fan Favorite Sanrio Characters [2023]

30. Charmmy Kitty

Charmmy Kitty

Charmmy Kitty is a sweet and elegant white Persian cat with a lace-trimmed bow on her ear. She’s known for her poise and grace, making her the epitome of feline charm.

29. Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel is a dapper and adventurous male cat who often accompanies Hello Kitty on her travels. He’s an artistic soul with a heart full of passion and creativity.



LLOROMANNIC is a duo of whimsical characters. They are little devils, always competing with Cinnamonroll. One of them is Berry, a demon boy. The other is Cherry, a demon girl.



MINNA NO TĀBŌ is a cheerful fellow who never gives up. He excels at sports, especially swimming. He adores his brother Maakun.



Marroncream is a cheerful rabbit girl from Sanrio. She was born in Paris, France, with great fashion and crafting skills. She attends Lycee School and befriends Cinnamon the mouse.

25. Kabukinyantaro


Kabukinyantaro is a Sanrio character resembling a Calico cat with kabuki-themed attire. He has a unique look with patches of fur, colorful eyes, and a jingling bell on his collar.



Gaopowerroo is a Sanrio character from 2022. He’s a friendly dinosaur living on Omuraisu Island with his pals. Gaopowerroo spreads happiness with his mighty “Gow!” roar and enjoys games and omurice.

23. U*SA*HA*NA


Meet USAHA*NA, the vibrant Sanrio bunny designed to brighten your day. With her long ears and love for summer, she’s delightful.

22. Marumofubiyori


Marumofubiyori, featuring Moppu, the cozy polar bear cub, is one of the Sanrio trio. He’s always snuggled in his blanket at home.

21. Yoshikitty


Yoshikitty, a Sanrio character, is a girl cat inspired by Yoshiki Hayashi, the leader of X Japan. She’s stylish with wings.



Kururin is the golden hamster Sanrio character. Heloves cookies, sunflower seeds, and making playhouses with things he collects. Kururin also wears a cute flower hat!



Show by Rock is a cute Sanrio character who is a cat girl. This is Sanrio’s unique project for older males, instead of their usual female demographic. Show by Rock had its first anime by studio BONES airing in 2015.



My Sweet Piano is a Sanrio character introduced in 1976. She was initially called “Hitsuji” but later renamed Piano in 2005. My Sweet Piano is My Melody’s best friend. She’s a sweet, gentle, and girly sheep with soft pink fur, a round tail, and a warm personality. Her birthday is on July 6th.



This is one of the wierdest of all Sanrio characters. Kirimichan is really just a slice of Salmon. Kirimi is gender neutral, being neither male nor female. According to Hello Kitty, Kirimichan’s gender is “Kirimi.”



Pekkle is a duck with white feathers, orange legs, feet, bill, and a t-shirt. He’s a kind-hearted boy who loves tapdancing and playing the keyboard for Hapidanbui.



Wish Me Mell is a 2010 Sanrio character designed by Miyuki Okumura, known for Cinnamoroll.

Mell, a bit clumsy but kind, collects stamps, writes letters, and delivers mail in Merci Hills. She treasures a letter-shaped keychain from her friend Lutz. Aimed at young women aged 15-20, she conveys simple yet kind phrases like “I like you” or “thank you.”



Jochum comprises fictional Sanrio characters made in collaboration with the Japanese boy group, JO1.

These eleven friends reside in a large house, dedicatedly pursuing their aspirations and goals every day.



Gudetama is a Sanrio character known as the “lazy egg.”

Gudetama is typically portrayed as the yolk of a raw egg, with a characteristic lazy appearance. It has a head and body but no fingers or toes. It has black bean-like eyes and no visible teeth. As an unfertilized egg, Gudetama is non-binary and often seen in various egg-related scenarios.

12. Kerokerokeroppi


Keroppi is a Sanrio character introduced in 1988. He’s known as a Hello Kitty character and resides in Donut Pond. Keroppi, a small green frog, has big eyes. He typically sports a red and white one-piece outfit with pink cheek spots. His mouth is usually V-shaped.

11. Cogimyun


Cogimyun is a wheat flour girl character from Sanrio, often called a wheat flour fairy. Her birthday is on May 7 (Powder Day). She’s sensitive and wishes to become an onigiri rice ball like her grandpa’s favorite food. She has a pet fried shrimp called Ebifurai or Ebi-chan.



Badtz-Maru is a male penguin created by Hisato Inoue for Sanrio in 1993. He has spiky hair and is known for his attitude. Unlike Hello Kitty, he appeals to all genders. Badtz-Maru was born on April 1st in Oahu, Hawaii.

9. Tuxedo Sam


Tuxedo Sam is a stylish penguin from Tuxedo Island in Antarctica. He loves food and owns 365 bow ties. With a distinguished background, he studied in the UK and speaks English fluently.

Tuxedo Sam is known for his blue color and red bowtie. He has two look-alike younger brothers, Pam and Tam. His best friend is Chip, a clever seal boy.

8. Little Twin Stars

Little Twin Stars

Little Twin Stars, Kiki and Lala, are Sanrio’s adorable pair. Born on December 24th, they come from Omoiyari Star in the Dream Star-Cloud. They traveled to Earth to shine as bright stars.

Kiki is the younger sibling. He has short blue (sometimes brown) hair and has a passion for star-fishing and inventing. He’s curious and cheeky, dressed in a long white gown with bare feet.

Lala is the elder sister. She has long pink (or sometimes blonde) hair. She’s a bit timid, adores drawing, poetry, and cooking. Like Kiki, she wears a white gown and goes barefoot.

These close siblings always play together. Kiki’s curiosity and protectiveness can sometimes lead to minor squabbles, but they reconcile quickly.

7. Hangyodon


Hisato Inoue from Sanrio created Hangyodon, the cheerful fish in 1985. Born on March 14th under Halley’s Comet, blood type B.

Hangyodon loves making people laugh, but he’s not fond of loneliness. He aspires to be a hero, although his heroic plans often take amusing turns.

Collecting merchandise featuring himself is another passion, and he’s a bit of a romantic, especially around his love interest, Kingyochan.

Before Kingyochan, Hangyodon’s heart belonged to Kumiko, a human girl. With Kumiko he shared adventures in a comic series featured in The Strawberry News.

6. My Melody

My Melody

My Melody is one of the most successful Sanrio characters out there. She close friend of Hello Kitty, and is also called as “My Melo”. She’s a white rabbit who made her debut as a playful interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood.

This is why she’s often seen wearing a red (or pink) hood with a bow or flower on her right side, covering her ears. My Melody is known for her honesty and kind nature.

She has a sweet tooth for almond pound cake and was born on January 18th. Her home is the enchanting Mariland forest, which is home to many of her friends.

5. Hello Kitty

Who Is Hello Kitty?

Meet the franchise’s central character, Hello Kitty. She’s a female Japanese Bobtail Cat with a red bow on her left ear, often dressed in blue overalls and a yellow shirt.

She made her debut in 1974 on a vinyl coin purse. In some series, like “Hello Kitty’s Paradise” and “Growing Up with Hello Kitty,” she has gray paw pads.

Hello Kitty’s ultimate treat is her mama’s delicious apple pie.

4. Pochacco


Pochacco is a Sanrio character from 1989. He’s a white dog with black floppy ears, often seen in sporty attire. His favorite treat is banana ice cream.

In his early years, he was known as “The Yorimichi Dog.” Pochacco is a fan of basketball, soccer, and skateboarding. Though he initially struggled with tripping and head injuries, he’s now often seen with a motorscooter.



Kuromi is My Melody’s rival. She’s a mischievous character, often resembling an imp with a black jester’s hat and devil’s tail.

Her birthday is on Halloween (October 31st), and her name means “black beauty” in English.

2. Pompompurin


Meet Pompompurin, a cheerful Golden Retriever from Sanrio introduced in 1996. He loves pudding, collecting shoes, and taking naps.

1. Cinnamoroll


Meet Cinnamoroll, a charming Sanrio character born on a fluffy cloud. He’s a helpful, shy dog with a cinnamon roll tail.

Cinnamoroll’s sweetness and willingness to assist his friends have made him the most popular Sanrio character from 2020 to 2023.

That’s it for this post! These are the top 30 most loved Sanrio characters of 2023. The top 3 position has been the same for almost over 3 years. So let’s wait for some new design to upset the ranking and win the hearts of Sanrio fans.

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