10+ Popular My Melody Sanrio Characters That Fans Adore!

Get ready to dive into the world of adorable My Melody Sanrio characters that fans absolutely adore!

My Melody, the sweet little rabbit with her iconic hood, has a family of delightful friends and companions who add charm and excitement to her universe.

From piano-playing sheep to eye-patched wolf, these characters bring joy and creativity to My Melody’s world.

Let’s explore the top 10 My Melody Sanrio characters who have captured the hearts of fans young and old. Each character has its own unique traits and stories, making them irresistible to Sanrio lovers!

List Of The Best My Melody Sanrio Characters

11. Guresuke

Guresuke - My Melody Sanrio Characters
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wolf

Guresuke is a My Melody Sanrio character from the Kuromi’s Pretty Journey story.

He leads the Gure-Gure Crew and searches for Romina with his crew.

He’s a grey wolf with an eyepatch and cape.

10. Gureco

  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf

Gureco is Kuromi’s childhood friend from Mariland. She appears in the Kuromi’s Pretty Journey story.

She loves and admires Kuromi, like a little sister. She has fantasy magic powers, which manifest randomly.

Gureco is a small, light grey wolf with a pink heart-shaped nose and blushing cheeks. She wears a dark grey kerchief with pink spots.

9. Wanmi

Wanmi - My Melody Sanrio Characters
  • Birthday: November 1st
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Dog

Wanmi is a girl dog character from Sanrio, part of the “Kuromi’s 5” biker gang.

She wears a black cape with a pink skull clasp, an eye patch, and a black hood.

Wanmi has a strong sense of smell and is a skilled detective.

8. Mama (My Melody)

Mama (My Melody)
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Rabbit

Mama is white rabbit My Melody Sanrio character. She is My Melody’s mother and Papa’s wife. She enjoys crafts and baking cookies.

Mama lives in Mariland with her family. Mama has two children, My Melody and Rythm.

7. Rhythm

Rhythm - My Melody Sanrio Characters
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Rabbit

Rhythm, a white rabbit from Sanrio, is My Melody’s mischievous younger brother. Regardless, My Melody adores him.

He wears a blue vest and a pink bow tie.

He is also the youngest son of Mama. Rythm is also friends with Chocho.

6. Baku

  • Birthday: February 29th
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Tapir

Baku, a purple tapir My Melody Sanrio character. He is Kuromi’s patient sidekick.

He finds dreams and their dreamers using his powers.

Teasing doesn’t bother him as he is always calm and focused.

5. Nyanmi

Nyanmi My Melody Sanrio Characters
  • Birthday: February 22nd
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Cat

Nyanmi, a clever girl cat My Melody Sanrio character. She is the brainy member of “Kuromi’s 5” biker gang.

Nyanmi enjoys taiyaki, a japanese sea-food dish.

Her purple fur and stylish accessories make her a unique character in the world of My Melody & Sanrio.

4. Romina

  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Rabbit (Originally a stone)

Romina, Kuromi’s older sister, is slightly bigger than Kuromi. Her ears are less sharp and held by a hot pink heart-eyed skull hair clip.

She was created from Kuromi’s longing for a cool, cute, older sibling. Romina left home when Kuromi was young to defeat an evil organization.

Her true identity is the wishing stone, capable of granting any wish.

Guresuke played a role in bringing her into existence by fulfilling Kuromi’s wish for a cool older sister.

Eventually, the stone returned to its original form, making Romina disappear and erasing memories of her.

3. My Sweet Piano

MY SWEET PIANO My Melody Sanrio Characters
  • Birthday: July 6th
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Sheep

My Sweet Piano is one of the most popular My Melody Sanrio characters. She is a cute and fluffy sheep that can play piano.

Piano is a sweet and kind girl who is My Melody’s best friend.

2. My Melody

My Melody
  • Birthday: January 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Rabbit

My Melody is the main character of the My Melody universe. She is the second most popular character in the franchise, second only to Kuromi.

She is actually a white rabbit who looks similar to the Reed Riding Hood.

Melody is a kind and good hearted girl who is loved by many.

1. Kuromi

KUROMI - My Melody Sanrio Characters
  • Birthday: October 31st (Halloween)
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Rabbit

Kuromi is undoubtedly the queen among all the My Melody Sanrio characters. With her quirky personality and gothic looks, Kuromi has be come the third most popular Sanrio character of 2023.

She is a friendly rival to My Melody. Although she might look like a villain, she is actually a good rabbit.

Her tomboy personality and punk attitude makes her a fan favorite.

That’s it for thist post! These are the top 10+ most popular My Melody Sanrio characters of all time!

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