Odd Taxi Quotes – Meaningful Quotes From Odd Taxi Anime Series

Odd Taxi quotes from the following characters:

  • Dobu
  • Odokawa
  • Tanaka
  • Goriki
  • Shirakawa
  • Shibagaki
  • Taeko

Odd Taxi Anime Overview

At first glance, Odd taxi might look like a kid’s show that only furry people will like. However, this anime is more than just that. It had an amazing plot that would put a lot of famous anime out there to shame.

It is a murder mystery story in which our main character, a taxi driver, gets tangled up. While this anime doesn’t have much in terms of action, it is filled with other exciting events all throughout the show.

Odd Taxi tells the story of a really anti-social taxi driver with insane memory power. However, his memory of his customers is not always a good thing as it becomes the target for a criminal gang. Therefore, he gets involved with a gang and his normal taxi driver life is now at risk.

Best Odd Taxi Quotes That Will Make You Think About Things

Needless to say, having such a mature plot, this anime has several deep and meaningful quotes. Some of them might be obvious quotes, but others are genuine life advice that could improve people’s lives. So without any further ado, here’s the list of all the quotes from the Odd Taxi anime series.

Dobu Quotes

Dobu is introduced as a villain in the series. However, as the show progressed, we also witnessed that he was one of the coolest and probably the most mentally sound characters in the entire series. He understands life and seems to have figured out the meaning of his life. This is particularly evident when he gives life advice to the guy who records Dobu doing bad deeds.

Dobu odd taxi quote

Your extreme rejection of and hatred for yourself is Narcissism. Normal people aren’t that interested in themselves.

– Dobu (Odd Taxi)
dobu quote odd taxi

Find a mentor you trust, not an unspecified large number of people. If you’ve got a baseline to measure yourself from, you won’t waver.

– Dobu (Odd Taxi)
odd taxi quotes - odd taxi

Why did you want attention? It’s because you wanted approval from others, yeah? And why did you want approval from others? Because you have low self-esteem. Because you have no confidence, you can’t approve of yourself.

– Dobu (Odd Taxi)

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Taeko Quote From Odd Taxi

Taeko is a minor character in Odd Taxi who doesn’t get much screen time. However, she managed to quote something really valuable about money when another character was dismissing money and the rich people. When it comes to people’s mindsets on money, it is mostly negative. This is where Taeko’s quote comes in, giving a new, positive meaning to money.

odd taxi quote

Money is the product of a person’s abilities. Of course it is important.

– Taeko Harada (Odd Taxi)

Shirakawa Quote

Shirakawa is the main female character in Odd Taxi. She is also Odokawa’s crush. However, after he finds out she had ties with Dobu from a dangerous yakuza gang he tries to end their relationship.

Shirakawa has her own reasons and tries to convince Odokawa that she is not cheating on him. While explaining her relationship with Dobu, she utters the following quotes:

Shirakawa Quote

In the real world, good isn’t always rewarded, and evil isn’t always punished.

– Shirakawa (Odd Taxi)
Shirakawa Quote

Leaving something broken makes people break it further.

– Shirakawa (Odd Taxi)

Shibagaki Quote From Odd Taxi

Shibagaki is a not-so-famous radio show host who gives his very best at comedy. However, he is not given the reward for his efforts in life. Even when his junior co-host, who is not as good as him, got a chance to become famous, Shibagaki was unfazed. He was firm in his way of life and didn’t feel jealous of another person’s success. 

Against all odds, he continued to do what he did, adding humour to everything in his life.

Shibagaki Quote From Odd Taxi

Maybe luck is involved, but I don’t want to give up on the things I can control.

– Shibagaki (Odd Taxi)

Goriki Quote

Goriki is a doctor who is well versed in understanding human minds. He is also the doctor taking care of Odokawa’s condition. While he is a minor character in the series, he played a key role in saving Odokawa when he was in real danger.

Goriki Quote

It is not anyone’s fault that your life isn’t going well. It is not your environment’s fault, either. It’s your fault. You should resolve it yourself without bothering others.

– Goriki (Odd Taxi)

Tanaka Quotes From Odd Taxi

Tanaka is probably the biggest victim of life. It all started in his childhood when he used a huge amount of his father’s money to buy a rare eraser in an auction. As a child, his only aim was to flaunt that rare eraser to his classmates.

However, that turned out to be a scam, and he lost all the money. Needless to say, his father beat the crap out of him. Later on in his life, he became addicted to video games and spent all his money on them, all for the purpose of getting a rare character. And when he finally gets that character, misfortune strikes again, and his phone is broken and the game data hasn’t been saved. The time and money he poured into the game was all wasted as he lost the character he could get only once in a lifetime.

All of this broke him mentally and he became a psychotic person, out for blood.

Tanaka Quotes From Odd Taxi

If I died here without achieving anything, I wouldn’t even be rare. I’d just be normal.

– Tanaka (Odd Taxi)
Tanaka Quotes From Odd Taxi

If I were to take revenge, it would be on my past self.

– Tanaka (Odd Taxi)
Tanaka Quotes From Odd Taxi

There’s another way to acquire what I want. And that is by holding tightly onto a powerful attachment that transcends all else.

– Tanaka (Odd Taxi)

Odokawa Quotes

Odokawa is the main protagonist of Odd Taxi. He is a really stoic guy who doesn’t show his emotions much. He does not like being social, unlike most other humans. He tries to mind his own business, but he also gives it straight to people’s faces when he finds something wrong or irritating. His introvertedness shows heavily in his quotes below.

Odokawa Quotes

All I want is to be able to repay the people who helped me, little by little, to the best of my own ability.

– Odokawa (Odd Taxi)
Odokawa Quotes

When someone asks me a question, I come up with about five possible answers. It takes time for me to choose the best one that also won’t offend anyone.

– Odokawa (Odd Taxi)

That’s it for this post! These were all the best Odd Taxi quotes from characters like Dobu, Odokawa, Shirakawa and others.

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