Lookism Season 2: Release Date, Plot & More!

Fans worldwide eagerly anticipate Lookism Season 2. Also known as ‘Oemojisangjuui’, this manhwa turned anime in 2022 and became an instant hit globally. With loose ends in season one, fans hope for a continuation, though uncertainties linger due to the conclusive ending.

CLookism, a popular series that Park Tae-Joon created in 2014, has received over 8.5 billion views worldwide. While the anime received positive reception upon its release in December 2022, Lookism 2’s fate remains uncertain.

For all updates and information on the potential return of Lookism, keep reading.

Lookism Season 2 Overview

Name of the SeasonLookism
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAction, Supernatural, Drama
Oemojisangjuui initial Release DateDecember 8, 2022
Oemojisangjuui Season 2 Release DateNo official dates announced
Oemojisangjuui Season 2 Webtoon Source MaterialChapter 28 & beyond

Lookism Season 2: Release Date & Renewal Status

Lookism Season 2: Release Date & Renewal Status

As of now, it’s uncertain if Season 2 of Lookism is happening or not. But given fans’ enthusiasm, an announcement seems imminent. With the success of the first season, a sequel is a strong possibility.

Park Tae Joon’s established webtoon ensures a built-in audience, minimizing risks for a new season. Fans eagerly await updates on Season 2’s release date, continuing the story where the webtoon left off.

Currently, Netflix and the original creator haven’t confirmed Lookism Season 2’s renewal. If renewed, expect the second season around 2026 since it usually takes around 2 years for production.

Is There Enough Source Material For A Sequel?

Is There Enough Source Material For A Sequel?

Lookism, which debuted on Naver Webtoon in 2014, boasts 458 chapters to date. The latest chapter, “Workers,” was released on September 10, 2023.

The anime adaptation covered the first 27 webtoon chapters across eight episodes.

With ample material, fans eagerly anticipate Lookism Season 2’s production announcement from Netflix or Studio Mir.

What Will Happen In Lookism Season 2?

What Will Happen In Lookism Season 2?

“Lookism” is an anime series exploring appearance-related social issues. It follows Park Hyung Suk, an ordinary student bullied for his looks. Suddenly, he wakes up in the body of Lee Jin Sung, a handsome model.

The anime delves into identity, self-acceptance, and societal standards. It prompts viewers to reflect on prejudices and beauty standards.

In the last episode, Hyeong-Seok and Deok-Hwa stunned everyone with their singing. Hyeong-Seok gained popularity, but Deok-Hwa felt unnoticed. Season 2 details aren’t confirmed yet.

Which Studio Will Animate The Sequel?

Founded in 2010, South Korean animation studio Studio Mir quickly rose as a major player globally. Renowned for visually stunning works and exceptional storytelling, Studio Mir gained fame with “The Legend of Korra,” blending Eastern and Western styles. Their success continued with projects like “Voltron: Legendary Defender” and “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.”

Studio Mir’s innovative approach solidifies its reputation as a leading animation studio. While the studio hasn’t confirmed animating Lookism’s next season, given the show’s success, it’s likely. Additionally, there’s no official confirmation regarding the show’s cancellation.

Where Can I Watch Lookism Season 2?

Where Can I Watch Lookism Season 2?

Lookism is a Netflix original series. This means Netflix is the only platform that has the rights to distribute the series. So, if we have a second season, it will be available on Netflix.

Alternatively, you can also buy the anime’s Blu-ray on eBay. But remember that they’ll only release it after the new season ends. So, you might have to wait a bit if you want to go with this option.

In conclusion, the fate of the series is still a mystery. However, its popularity and already existing fanbase suggest a strong possibility for a sequel. It is only about Netflix and Studio Mir’s busy schedule at this point. Analysis suggests the studio might release season 2 of Lookism around late 2025 or mid-2026.

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