List Of All Mashle Characters (Mashle: Magic & Muscles)

Welcome to the comprehensive list of characters from Mashle: Magic & Muscles, the exhilarating manga series that combines magic, humor, and incredible feats of strength.

Follow the journey of Mash Burnedead, the protagonist who possesses immense physical power in a world where magic reigns supreme. Explore the diverse cast of characters that Mash encounters throughout his adventures, including fellow students at Easton Magic Academy, formidable opponents, and supportive allies.

From the enigmatic professors to the quirky and unique personalities, each character adds depth and excitement to the story. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Mashle and its memorable characters.

Mashle Main Characters

Mash Burnedead

Mash Burnedead

Mash Burnedead, the central character in the Mashle series, is a first year student at Easton Magic Academy. As a child, he was abandoned due to his lack of a magic mark, making him unable to use magic.

Regro Burnedead raised Mash outside the city, where he learned self defense and enjoyed a peaceful life. However, everything changes when a policeman discovers Mash. In this world, people without a Mark are either killed or expelled as they don’t have any magic.

Brad Coleman, noticing Mash’s lack of a mark, confronts him and injures Regro. To protect their peaceful life, Mash agrees to attend magic school and sets his sights on becoming a Divine Visionary.

Lance Crown

Lance Crown - popular mashle characters

Lance Crown, a first year student at Easton Magic Academy, plays a key role as the deuteragonist in the series. From a young age, Lance showed a compassionate nature, defending those who faced mistreatment, even if it meant getting into fights himself.

His strong devotion to his sister drives him to aspire to become a Divine Visionary and protect her from the Bureau of Magic.

While Lance is typically courageous, he harbors an intense fear of bugs and ghosts, to the extent that it causes him to foam at the mouth and faint. Despite this phobia, Lance continues to face challenges and grow alongside his fellow characters in the Mashle series.

Finn Ames

Finn Ames

Finn Ames, a first year student at Easton Magic Academy, is an important character in the Mashle series. Despite his cowardly nature, he shows unwavering loyalty and deep care for his friends. Finn is shy and prefers a peaceful student life, evident in his interactions with Mash.

He easily gets frightened, but his commitment to his friends remains steadfast.

Dot Barrett

Dot Barrett - popular mashle characters

Dot Barrett, a first year student at Easton Magic Academy, is a key character in the Mashle series. Despite his hot blooded and annoying attitude, he possesses a kind hearted nature and readily admits his mistakes.

Dot has a habit to develop feelings quickly and is sensitive to rejection. He often asserts himself as the main character and dislikes “hot guys,” constantly trying to outdo others.

Lemon Irvine

Lemon Irvine

Lemon Irvine, a first year student at Easton Magic Academy, is popular for her unique personality. While a bit eccentric, Lemon is sincere and values loyalty.

She is easily frightened and tends to exaggerate in conversations. Coming from a humble background, Lemon applied to the academy to support her family financially.

During the entrance exam, professor Claude asked her to stop Mash. However, Lemon was taken aback by Mash’s honesty and ended up revealing the truth to him. From that moment on, Lemon’s heart belonged to Mash. Their relationship develops as the story progresses in the Mashle series.

Villain Characters In Mashle: Magic & Muscles

Cell War

Cell War - popular mashle characters

Cell War plays a crucial role as a core member of Innocent Zero and serves as a significant antagonist throughout the Magia Lupus and Divine Visionary Selection Exam arcs.

Known for their unwavering loyalty to Innocent Zero, Cell War faithfully carries out their orders. However, they are frequently taken aback by the mischievous behavior of the Devil’s Quintuplets.

Overall, his presence adds depth and complexity to the narrative of the series.

Abel Walker

Abel Walker

Abel Walker, the leader of Magia Lupus and the main villain of the Magia Lupus Arc. He holds a strong belief in the inherent evilness of humanity. He follows a feast or famine philosophy, not hesitating to manipulate others like puppets.

Abel is one of the few characters in Mashle who made Mash break a sweat in their fight.

However, after Mash defeated him, Abel undergoes a change in his mindset. He starts helping Mash in his journey to become a Divine Visionary during the Tri-Magic-Athalon Divine Visionary Final Exam Arc.

Abel’s admiration for his kind hearted mother, who was tragically murdered by a desperate man, fueled his vengeful nature and drove him to seek the title of Divine Visionary in order to eliminate commoners.

Abyss Razor

Abyss Razor - popular mashle characters

Abyss Razor, known as the Second Fang of Magia Lupus, plays a significant role as an antagonist in the Magia Lupus Arc. Due to his troubled past, Abyss has a pessimistic outlook and strives to find a sense of usefulness.

Despite his intimidating appearance, he struggles with extreme shyness when interacting with girls, often leading to stuttering. However, Abyss remains fiercely loyal to Abel, as he is one of the few individuals who accepts him despite his unique eye.

Wirth Mádl

Wirth Mádl

Wirth Mádl, the Third Fang of Magia Lupus, is a key character and supporting antagonist in the Magia Lupus Arc. Despite being just a side character in Mashle, his personality is that of a main villain.

However, he, along with his fellow Magia Lupus members, joins forces with Mash and other mages in the ultimate fight against Innocent Zero.

Wirth wields a unique ability powered by a special potion, enhancing his magical prowess and allowing him to cast powerful spells. This potion contains a concentrated essence of magic extracted from fellow students, granting him an edge in battle.

With his potent abilities, Wirth poses a formidable threat to Mash and his allies.

Milo Genius

Milo Genius - popular mashle characters

Milo Genius, a minor antagonist in the Magia Lupus Arc, is a ruthless and underhanded character. His unnamed personal magic grants him the ability to manipulate and create stone.

Milo uses this power to create stone hands, a large stone head, and other constructs for attacking his targets. Furthermore, he possesses the ability to transform humans into stone, turning them into statues. Milo’s evil nature and deadly abilities make him a formidable adversary in the series.

Love Cute

Love Cute

Love Cute is one of the cutest female characters in Mashle. She holds the title of the Fifth Fang in the Magia Lupus group. She takes great pride in her appearance and despises those who don’t find her cute. Love has a manipulative nature and uses her looks to her advantage.

Despite her confident exterior, Love shows signs of being cowardly and disloyal, readily suggesting changing sides if necessary. She even removes her Lang dorm robe.

Love possesses a unique personal magic that involves creating and controlling vibrant green magical tornadoes.

These tornadoes exhibit remarkable power, capable of nullifying explosions with ease. Love’s abilities make her a formidable opponent in the Magia Lupus Arc.

Olore Andrew

Olore Andrew - popular mashle characters

Olore Andrew holds the position of the 6th Magis Lupis Member representing the Lang house at Easton Magic Academy. Despite his appearance, Olore is a grounded individual with a practical mindset.

Olore has a unique personal magic that grants him control over elements associated with the sea. He has the ability to create and manipulate various sea-related phenomena. For instance, he can create a treacherous pitfall that leads to an underwater pocket dimension.

Additionally, Olore has the ability to transform himself into a killer shark, enhancing his strength and agility. With his sea themed powers, Olore proves to be a strong member of the Magis Lupis group.

Silva Iron

Silva Iron

Silva Iron, a second year student at Easton Magic Academy. He is one of the first villain characters to be introduced in Mashle series. He displays extreme arrogance and sadistic tendencies, even challenging Dot to endure his powerful blows.

After Mash rescues him from being a puppet, Silva’s personality changes, becoming more humble in nature. However, he retains a rebellious attitude.

Silva secured admission to House Lang in the academy and obtained two Gold Coins during his first year.

Unfortunately, due to his consistent aggressive behavior towards fellow students and teachers, Silva had to repeat a year. This setback serves as a lesson for him to reflect on his actions and grow.

Shuen Getsuku

Shuen Getsuku - popular mashle characters

Shuen Getsuku, a student at Easton Magic Academy, works alongside the Magia Lupus despite not being an official member.

Known for his popularity, Shuen has a big ego and judges others solely based on their appearance.

His personal magic enables him to create and control thorny vines using his wand. These vines display remarkable durability, withstanding powerful explosions from Dot’s Explomb without any noticeable harm.

Claude Lucci

Claude Lucci

Professor Claude Lucci is a background character in Mashle who only appears in the initial episodes. He plays a pivotal role at Easton Magic Academy, mentoring and guiding the future generation of mages.

Confident and charismatic, Claude has a huge ego. His abilities allow him to manipulate his surroundings, creating desks for students and constructing intricate mazes filled with traps. These maze walls possess exceptional resistance against magical forces.

He also looks down on some of his students. This is why he tried to make Mash fail the entrance exams. However, Mash taught him a good lesson not to mess with him.

Other Characters From Mashle

Regro Burnedead

Regro Burnedead - popular mashle characters

Regro Burnedead serves as Mash’s loving adoptive father, with a calm and compassionate nature. He has developed healthy coping mechanisms for stress but is Mash’s eccentric behavior easily startles him.

Regro displays genuine emotions, shedding tears of joy upon finding out Mash’s friendships. In his youth, others called him as a failure due to his weak magic abilities. This led him to contemplate ending his life.

However, fate intervened when he discovered a markless baby, Mash, whom he embraced as his own child. From that moment on, they shared a peaceful and harmonious life together.

Brad Coleman

Brad Coleman

Brad Coleman is one of the weirdest characters in Mashle whose motive seems to be blurry.

He is a dedicated police officer, initially tried to apprehend Mash but formed an alliance with him instead. Their agreement involved providing Mash with a fake mark and facilitating his admission to Easton Magic Academy. This way he can make Mash, a magicless boy, a Divine Visionary.

Brad upholds the law with a firm and serious demeanor. He wields an offensive magic spell that manifests as a purple magic bullet, reminiscent of the basic spell Nalcos. While it remains unclear whether this is Brad’s personal magic or a standard spell exclusive to law enforcement, its potency is evident as it can generate small scale explosions.


Wahlberg - popular mashle characters

Wahlberg Baigan, the respected Headmaster of Easton Magic Academy, fearlessly exercises his authority and responsibility. He maintains a composed and empathetic demeanor.

In his youth, Wahlberg, alongside Meliadoul and Innocent Zero, was a student of the renowned wizard Adam Jobs, the strongest in their time. Graduating from the Adler Dorm, Wahlberg eventually become a Divine Visionary.

He served as the sole opposition to his former colleague, Innocent Zero. Wahlberg possesses a unique personal magic, granting him mastery over space manipulation and the ability to transport individuals to a distinct dimension resembling the sky. Tragically, Innocent Zero steals this power later on in the show .

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