10 Most Popular My Dress Up Darling Characters, Ranked

Welcome to our ranking of the popular characters from the anime series “My Dress Up Darling.” In this article, we’ll explore the top 7 characters and rank them based on their popularity and impact on the story.

Discover the diverse cast of this show, from the main characters to the supporting ones, and find out who stands out the most.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or curious to learn more about it, this list will provide you with insights into the beloved characters that have captured the hearts of viewers.

Let’s dive into the world of “My Dress Up Darling” and see who takes the top spots!

10. Nobara


Nobara is kind of the bad character of My Dress Up Darling. She is the one who gave Gojo a huge childhood trauma that made him shut in his feelings.

Gojo was attracted to Hina dolls as a child because of beautiful they were. However, they were toys for girls. Nobara was freaked out by this and cut her friendship with Gojo.

She told Gojo to his face that he was weird for liking the dolls and ran away. Throughout his life, Gojo kept remembering this moment and developed low self-esteem.

9. Daia


Daia is one of Gojo’s classmates and Marin’s friends. We see her in the first episode along with Rune, Nowa and Marin. She is a complete background character who does not get any screentime.

Because of this, there is really not much to comment about her other than her looks. She has a medium length hair and wears an earring with hoops.

8. Rune


Rune is another background character in My Dress Up Darling who is one of Marin’s friend. Before Marin started hanging out with Gojo, she used to tag along with Rune, Daia and Nowa. These four are a friendly bunch who have fun at school.

We haven’t really seem much of Rune after episode 1 because the story barely focuses on the character’s school lives. However, it is safe to say that Marin still hangs out with Rune at school.

7. Miori


Miori is Gojo’s cousin who comes to help out when Grandpa Kaoru fell down and injured his back. When Grandpa told Miori that he caught Gojo with a female undergarment, did not get weired out.

Instead, she protected Gojo by saying that it was normal for highschool boys to do that sort of thing. I’m pretty sure that she knew it was odd, but she just did not want to worry grandpa Kaoru.

While the misunderstanding was cleared between Gojo and his grandpa, Miori does not know what really happened.

While she shows up in only one scene, her odd response has made her stick to the minds of fans.

6. Nowa Sugaya

Nowa Sugaya

Nowa is a cute side character in My Dress Up Darling anime series. She is one of the friends of Marin in high school. She has a pigtails hairstyle and a part of the tails are dyed with red color.

She has a bright personality and could even be a tomboy character. After all, she was the one who threw Marin onto Gojo in the first episode. Regardless, she seems to have a nice attitude.

She even talked with Gojo naturally as if it was normal for them to talk with each other in one of the episodes. All said, her screentime is season 1 of the anime is very little. So, there isn’t much to talk about her.

5. Kaoru Gojo (Grandfather)

Kaoru Gojo (Grandfather) - Best My Dress Up Darling Characters

Grandpa Kaoru has been taking care of our main protagonist for over a decade. He is a very kind man who always thinks about what is best for his grandson.

He is also a great teacher as Gojo has pretty much learned everything there is to learn about Hina dolls. Being the best in his work, Kaoru Gojo always dedicates himself to his craft. He does not skip even a single day. According to him, even a single day of rest would make him go rusty and it’d take 3 days of work to catch up to where he was.

Overall, he is the best grandpa Gojo could’ve asked for. After all, he didn’t actually say a word after catching Gojo playing ero-games and buying female undergarments.

4. Shinju Inui

Shinju Inui - Best My Dress Up Darling Characters

Shinju is the little sister of Sajuna. However, appearance wise, she looks like an adult. This makes her one of the most controversial characters in My Dress Up Darling.

Shinju is tall and has huge breasts which she is conscious about. She is totally in love with her sister and adores all of Sajuna’s cosplays.

She also takes professional looking photos of her older sister’s cosplays using her dad’s DSLR camera.

After meeting Gojo and Marin, her secret desire to want to cosplay came to light. Gojo secretly helped her cosplay and surprised both Marin and Sajuna.

Overall, she’s a sweet little sister character who just looks way to much like an adult despite being so young.

3. Sajuna Inui

Sajuna Inui - Best My Dress Up Darling Characters

Sanjuna is a famous internet cosplayer who goes by the name “JuJu.” She is a loli character who is actually older than Gojo and Marin. Because of her small stature, she perfectly cosplays characters who are in the middle school.

Despite being famous, she never goes to cosplay events. She only does cosplays to please herself and does not care about other’s opinion. The only reason her images are on the internet is because her little sister is uploading them.

We also get to see the cute side of her through out the series. For example, she cried and apologized to Marin for looking down on her. She also appreciated Gojo’s works whole heartedly.

2. Gojo Wakana

Gojo Wakana - Best My Dress Up Darling Characters

Gojo is the main character of My Dress Up Darling anime series. He is an only child who has lost both his parents and his grandmother. He now lives with his grandpa who works on Hina dolls.

Ever since he was a child he has been captivated by the beauty of the dolls and has been obsessed with them. However, since the dolls are for girls, his cousin judges him when he was a child and that incident turns into a bitter memory.

Thanks to that, Gojo has become a loner at school because he does not want others to know about his weird interest. But when Marin, the open-minded girl goddess understood him, he finally got a true friend.

1. Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa - Best My Dress Up Darling Characters

Marin Kitagawa is the perfect waifu in all of anime. She is the main female character of My Dress Up Darling and she is a hardcore fan of anime and ero-games.

She is one of the very few girls who freely talks about hardcore ecchi stuff which made her instantly capture the hearts of the watchers.

However, her true talent is her dedication to cosplay. While she relies on Gojo for most of the cosplay prep, she is the one who funds it.

Her perfect body and gorgeous face turn any cosplay she does into a masterpiece. What’s more? Despite being beautiful, she does not look down on others. She does not have an attitude and is actually very kind and caring. What more do you need to crown this girl as the waifu of the year?

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