How To Find And Hire Anime Writers For Your Site

You can only do so much yourself. If you’re looking to scale up your business you are eventually going to have to hire people to do your work for you. And if you’re in the anime industry, you’ll need some anime writers to create content for your website, so you can focus on the business aspect of things. If you’re in this place and are looking for anime content writers and freelancers, here are some of the best places to look for them.

Before I get to the topic, let me tell you what inspired me to write this article. I honestly never knew there was a demand for anime writers until recently. A couple of eshop owners and a website owner approached me earlier this year and asked me to write for them. For a hefty pay too, no less. One of them offered me $100 per article.

Fiverr offer

However, I’m no freelance writer and I already have my hands full with this blog, my Instagram pages and my day job as a software developer, so I had to reject them all.

But I did understand that there are a lot of anime merch stores now and they’re trying to promote their products by creating a blog for their sites. So, they’re looking for content creators in the anime niche.

That means there should also be a marketplace where you can find the people who write about anime for a living too, right? Because, if there is a demand, there should be a supply. Somewhere.

I did some research and found that the following sites were the best places to find writers in the anime niche.


Anime Writers on Fiverr

The best and the easiest way to find an anime writer for hire is to search for them on Fiverr. For those who don’t know, Fiverr is a marketplace for all kinds of services. From writing articles to designing artworks there’s a seller for everything. As a matter of fact, I’m a seller on Fiverr. I sell shoutouts on Instagram.

Likewise, there are these people who sell writing gigs in any niche. However, it is important to find writers who are anime fans or atleast have experience with anime. Which is why I highly recommend you to click the contact the seller button and have a conversation with your anime writer.

Ask them for their previous work samples. Ask them about their experience in the anime niche. Make sure you’re going to buy the right service before actually ordering. I’ve seen so many people who blindly order without having a talk with the seller and then complain later on about how it was not what they expected.

Regardless, I’ve done half the job for you. You can click here to go directly to the page which is filtered for anime writers.

But, is Fiverr safe?

Now, if this is the first time you’re ever hearing about Fiverr, you might be (and you should be) wondering whether Fiverr is a scam or not. I’ve personally bought articles, artworks and other stuff on Fiverr, so I can guarantee you that it is safe. Or, you can just do a quick google search if you don’t believe my words.

The best thing about Fiverr is your money is safe until your order is delivered. That is, even if the seller tries to cheat you, they can’t. Since your money will be with Fiverr, you can cancel the order and get a refund anytime.


Freelancer.com content creators

As the name suggests, Freelancer is a site for hiring freelancers. A variety of freelancers, including anime content writers will be there. You can post your job and set the maximum amount you’re willing to pay. Freelancers who are interested in your job offer will bid on your post and you can choose the best one you see fit for your job.

This website was once THE most popular place to find freelancers in any niche before Fiverr came in and changed the game. However, the site is still functioning as a competitor for Fiverr.

The main difference between Fiverr and Freelancer is that, in Freelancer you create a job and freelancers apply for it. On the other hand, Fiverr has freelancers set up their virtual shop where you can just go and place your order.

Regardless, it is a good website to search for new talent.

One other thing you could try is to hire some professional writer who is not necessarily an anime, but knows how to research and write on any topic. These people will often be SEO experts which will help your blog in the longer run. You could just search on google for something like “hire professional writers” and you’ll find a whole bunch of websites where you could hire them.



LinkedIn is the internet’s largest professional network. It can help you find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to advance in your career. It can be accessed via a desktop, LinkedIn mobile app, mobile web experience, or LinkedIn Lite Android mobile app.

By showcasing your unique professional story through experience, skills, and education, a complete LinkedIn profile can help you connect with opportunities.

LinkedIn can also be used to organize offline events, join groups, write articles, share photos and videos, and much more.

LinkedIn is basically a social media for professionals. You can find people with all sorts of skills there. It is also like a job board where you can post Job openings and stuff. This way people interested in the job can reach out to you and become your employee.

All you need to do is create a job offer for anime writers in LinkedIn and you’ll be reached out by the people who’ve experience in writing about anime. However, if you don’t want to post any job offers, you can also search for them. Since this is very niche it will be hard to find them, so I suggest searching for normal freelance writers and then just ask them if they can write about anime or not.

You can also try searching for freelancer on several other Freelancer.com alternatives like UpWork.

That’s it for this post! These were some of the best sites for finding and hiring anime writers!! If you’ve any other methods to find them comment below so it’ll be helpful to your kouhai who read this article in the future ^^

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