How I Made My First $500 With My Anime Instagram Page

Is it possible to post anime memes on Instagram and earn money? Turns out, yes. It all started three years ago when I created my first Instagram account. I was a huge anime junkie and obviously, I started posting anime related posts. Back then, I never even imagined that it was possible to earn money from Anime related content, let alone with anime memes that aren’t even mine. So, I clearly didn’t plan to monetize my Anime Instagram page at that time. I never even dreamt of becoming an anime influencer on Instagram.

However, I did put a lot of effort to grow my page initially because, well, I was your average teenager with not much friends and a lot of free time on his hands. And I wanted to do something most people couldn’t do. I tried varieties of Instagram growth strategies and somehow reached 40k three years later.

While I could have grown double, or even triple times that amount if I had been dedicated to growth all three years, but you know, things get boring when you’ve achieved your goal. My goal was 10k followers and I grinded until I achieved that. But after that I became much more relaxed with my page growth.

Regardless, you can read more about my Instagram growth tips on this post, if you’re interested!

The Failed Efforts To Monetize My Anime Instagram Page

earn with anime instagram page

Having quiet a big account, I naturally tried to monetize it for the first time. The first thing that came to mind was affiliate marketing. I signed up for a couple of anime affiliate marketing programs and tried promoting them. Surprisingly, not a single person from my audience bought anything I promoted.

I was also afraid that excessive advertising might damage my reputation among my audience. So, I had to give up on that.

Instead of promoting something I didn’t believe in, I started drawing anime designs myself and created my own mini anime merch store on Redbubble. Now that I own the designs, I felt a little better promoting them as they were mine and I had put some effort into creating them. However, it didn’t go any better and I had to drop it too.

Then, I had this anime blog, so I primarily used my Instagram page to promote the blog posts I wrote here. Honestly, it went pretty well! While I only got a few dozen reads for each promotion post on Insta, on the long run, it was worth it. I was able to drive a decent amount of traffic to this blog.

But, if you’ve read my previous blog post titled “Truth About Anime Blogging: Expectation Vs Reality”, you would know Anime blogs don’t make much money just from ads (however, it is a completely different story if you had a monetizing strategy, which I clearly don’t.)

Now, I’m not telling that above methods don’t work at all. I’m just saying they weren’t for me.

The Gamechanger

This happened when I had around 20k followers. Someone reached out to me and said they’ll pay me to promote their anime soundboard app. So, I promoted them for just $5 for 5 posts (or was it 7 posts? I don’t remember lol)

earn money from anime instagram page
*Me getting my first $5*

I know it is not a lot of money. But as a content creator myself, who was struggling to grow this blog you’re reading right now, I knew charging anything more would be unfair. (Of course, I’m not charging the same price now. I’ve raised it as my page has grown a lot since then.)

The promotion went well and they came back again for another promotion a few days later! That’s when I found out that there were people who’d buy promotions even from an anime meme page.

Shortly after, I found about Fiverr, which is a marketplace for freelance services. Basically, we can offer to do all kinds of services and charge a particular amount for our work. I created a gig for my Anime Instagram promotion and that’s it! Whenever someone wants to promote their anime related product, they’ll find my gig whenever they search on Google or Fiverr!!

However, I didn’t get any orders for the first couple of months and thought it wasn’t gonna work. But then, the magic happened. People slowly started ordering and here I am now earning $100 a month just from my anime Instagram page. Again, it’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing.

Payment proof:

fiverr earnings

fiverr payment proof

Why Fiverr Worked For Me

Fiverr is an extremely competitive place and is very difficult to be successful there. However, I was able to find a hole and fill it. There weren’t lots of other people who did promotions for anime related content. I was one of the first ones to do it. Naturally, the people who wanted to promote their products on Fiverr, had no other choice than me and the one other guy who was already there.

But Why Would I Just Tell Everyone If I’m The Only One Monopolizing It?

Why would I just tell everyone about this hidden goldmine I found? Because I believe everyone deserves to know.

True, if more people started their own promotion service on Fiverr, it would mean my orders will go down. But, you know what, let the best one survive. If I lose a customer, then it just means I didn’t do a satisfactory job.

onepiece-Gold-Roger-make money with anime instagram page

To put it in an Otaku way, it’s the same reason why Gold Roger publicly announced about the One piece instead of secretly telling it to his best friend or handing it to his family. He wanted more people to become a pirate and I want more people to know that it is possible to earn money by doing what they love. Even if it means having an anime Instagram page!

Hope you found this post useful (^^)

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  2. Thank you for this! I’ve been struggling to monetize my Tiktok account (120k followers at time of writing) but this is an excellent start. If you’re open to it I’d love to connect to discuss monetization strategies in more depth!

  3. This is the best blog ever to motivate me into anime as I love it >3<
    I was wanting to start an Instagram page and monetize it.
    Loved it, Senpai…

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