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Funny Anime Video Memes

Are you bored? Want to look at some funny anime video memes and kill time? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the funniest anime video memes from my Instagram pages. Hope you enjoy~

How to download these videos?

Before I start embedding the videos, I’d like to explain how to download them incase you want to repost these in your Instagram page or any other social media page.

Click the share icon to open the post on Instagram.

download Instagram reel

Next, click on the options (3 dots) icon on the top right corner of the post and copy the link.

Now paste it on this website and download the video!

With that out of the way, let’s enjoy watching some funny anime video memes.

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Savage Cautious Hero Moments

This anime called ‘Cautious Hero’ has some of the funniest anime moments of all time. These two clips in particular were about the MC being an absolute chad who doesn’t simp for girls.

The female MC on the other hand is a goddess who clearly throws herself at the main male character every time she gets the chance.

Anime x Reality Video Memes

This anime video meme is from ‘Eromanga sensei’. As the title suggests, it’s about a girl who draws erotic manga. To spice things up, it is also a low key incest anime.

I bet every 80’s and 90’s kids would have tried to go super saiyan at least once in their lives. This video clip shows Bocchi from Hitoribocchi trying to go saiyan.

Anime Everything Online YT

Anime girls are perfection. Yes, real life ones are not bad, but 2D girls are on another level. I guess all weebs can agree on this. I mean, we’re the group of people who buy body pillows with anime character on it and stuff, so yeah.

Funny Anime Trap Video Memes

Some wise words from Master Oogway. If this isn’t eye opening, I dunno what is.

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Saika is the cutest trap/femboy there is in the history of anime. Here is the clip of Hachiman getting flustered upon getting Saika’s phone number. You can’t blame him, Saika is just too cute and wholesome for any human to resist being attracted to him.

Ever heard the quote, ‘Boys make the best girls’? This is exactly what that means.

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Other Funny Anime Video Memes

Dumbbell nan kilo moteru is a workout anime where cute girls hit the gym in order to get in shape. While the fanservice of this anime is great as is, the jokes are what that makes this anime even better.

This is a video meme of a well edited One Punch Man manga panel. This clip literally represents the will of the entire weeb community lol.

Gintama, despite being a comedy anime, doesn’t have much ecchi/lewd scenes in it. Usually it’s all poop jokes/pp jokes, but this one time it’s the classic booba joke. This is probably the only fanservice we’re ever going to get out of Gintama, but it’s a great one nonetheless.

Doujins are sometimes the darkest, most crooked thing you could ever find online. While this one isn’t nearly half as worse as some doujins out there, it is definitely weird (and illegal.)

Nichijou has one of the most epic battles in the history of anime: Principal vs Deer.

This anime video clip is from ‘Acchi Kocchi’. Imagine being able to spin a broom like that (and being hit by it at full speed.)

You got caught in 4k. *Bonk* Go to horni jail!

For those who’re interested to know which anime the dancing girl is from, she’s from this anime called ‘Problem children are coming from another world, aren’t they?’

That’s it for this post! Hope you had a good laugh. See you later~

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