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15 Most Popular Female Characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Although on the surface, female characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure may seem like they don’t play a major role in the story, that’s not the case. There are loads of hidden gems among the female members who make the show equally enthralling.

The best example perhaps lies in the Stone Ocean series, where we see a female lead become the star of this anime and replace some of the more popular fan favorites.

In this article, we will be counting down the 10+ best JoJo waifus from the very beginning of this epic anime and manga series.

List of the Best Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Girls of All Time

  1. Jolyne
  2. Lisa Lisa
  3. Tomoko
  4. Trish Una
  5. Aya Tsuji
  6. Scarlet Valentine
  7. Lucy Steel
  8. Mariah
  9. Reimi Sugimoto
  10. Suzi Q
  11. Yasuho Hirose
  12. Erina Pendleton
  13. Hot Pants
  14. Yukako Yamagishi
  15. Enya
  16. Holy Kujo

16. Holy Kujo

Holy Kujo

Holy Kujo is none other than the mother of one of the most famous JoJos, Kujo Jotaro. She plays a vital role in the Stardust Crusaders anime, as she gets sick because of her developing stand ability.

It was up to Jotaro and his grandfather Joseph Joestar to save Holy. However, this is all her role in the anime. She does not get much screentime, but from what we’ve seen so far, Holy is a kind and loving mother.

Holy loves Jotaro and cares for him like nobody else. She is also a good daughter, as we can see from her relationship with her father, Joseph.

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15. Enya

Enya - female character in JoJo

When it comes to one of the best female characters in Jojo, there is no way we can leave Enya out. She has been a big help to Dio throughout the series and has been one of his most powerful allies. Naturally, that alone makes her one of the top five female characters in this series.

Aside from that, Enya is also a powerful Stand user, and it goes by the name of Justice. It allows Enya to enter the bodies of her enemies through their injuries and then control them through her stand. This is undoubtedly one of the most broken abilities in this anime.

14. Yukako Yamagishi

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Yukako)

Despite being a side character, Yukako Yamagishi possesses a lot of finesse needed in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. She starred in Diamond is Unbreakable and immediately made her mark as a dominant, crazy girl.

Yukako is the embodiment of beauty but can become equally violent when experiencing a mood swing.

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She is also an adept stand user who can manipulate the length of her hair according to her will. It is called Love Deluxe, which certainly suits a character like Yukako.

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13. Hot Pants

Hot Pants - female character in JoJo

Hot Pants is a crossdresser who pretends to be a man when she is actually a woman. She does that to participate in the Steel Ball Run Race.

However, as the series progresses, we get to know her true identity as an undercover agent.

She is tasked with investigating the Saint Corpse and collecting its parts. Her stand is a bit weird because it sprays flesh.

As far as her personality goes, she is a headstrong and unapologetic person, showing her masculine side.

However, beneath the rough exterior, she is just a very guilty woman who is seeking forgiveness. In her childhood, she willingly sacrificed her little brother to save herself, which she hates herself for.

12. Erina Pendleton

Erina Pendleton

Erina is one of the first female characters to be introduced in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. She is the female lead in the first part.

She is the love interest of Jonathan Joestar, and the two end up getting married at the end. However, their time together as a couple didn’t last long thanks to Dio’s menacing plans.

Later on, in JoJo Part 2, we see her with her grandson, Joseph Joestar. Overall, Erina is a woman with class who acts and behaves in a noble manner.

11. Yasuho Hirose

Yasuho Hirose - female character in JoJo

Yasuho Hirose is the main female character in JoJo Part 8. She accidentally meets Josuke and falls in love with him.

Throughout the manga, she helps him find his identity, which is when she gets her own stand power.

This stand further makes it easier for her to find the real identity of Josuke and uncover the mysteries of the city they live in.

She is one of the most innocent female characters in Jojo’s bizarre adventure, making her a favorite among fans.

10. Suzi Q

Suzi Q

Suzi Q is one of the main female characters in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.

She was originally Lisa’s servant who was highly energetic and carefree. During her time with Joseph, she falls in love with him and later becomes his wife.

Suzi Q is truly a fun-loving girl, and that doesn’t change even after she gets old. However, the fact that her husband cheated on her made her really angry. She did not let that one slide despite her carefree attitude.

9. Reimi Sugimoto

Reimi Sugimoto - female character in JoJo

Reimi is the ghost girl from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. She was one of the first victims of Kira Yoshikage in Morioh Town.

Ever since her death, she has been haunting the streets, looking for someone who can defeat Kira and stop his killing spree.

Reimi is a cute yet very caring and responsible girl. Despite just being a teenager, she shows traits of an adult. Her above-mentioned personality combined with her girly and innocent side makes her a fan favorite female character in JoJo Part 4.

8. Mariah


The thing about the top female characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is that most of them played the role of an antagonist. The same is true for Mariah, who played her part in Stardust Crusaders. Using her magnetic stand abilities, she confronted Joseph Joestar which is a brilliant feature in itself.

It is known as Bastet, and it can magnetize anything and make objects attracted to it. Talking about attracting, Mariah herself is a very attractive lady who can turn anyone’s eyes with her freakishly good looks and slender figure.

7. Lucy Steel

Lucy Steel - female character in JoJo

The wife of Steven Steel was no slouch and rightfully deserves her place as one of the top female Jojo characters. She was however an ally whom fans got to see for the first time in Steel Ball Run. Despite looking very mature, she was only 14 years old and worked together with the group of Joestars.

She was not a Stand user, unlike many other female characters, but that didn’t mean she was useless in any way. A kind and compassionate girl like her was invaluable in the Jojo series, and her magnificent lip reading meant she could easily spy on her enemies.

6. Scarlet Valentine

Scarlet Valentine

Scarlet Valentine is another female character who is featured in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. She worked in tandem with her husband, Funny Valentine, and the duo certainly had some nefarious plans. With a slim and fit body, Scarlet Valentine always worked towards fulfilling all her ambitions.

She didn’t fear dreaming big and proved to be the perfect supporter of her husband. Her interactions with Lucy were ones to watch, and she can certainly give anyone a run for their money as the best female character in this series.

5. Aya Tsuji

Aya Tsuji - female character in JoJo

Aya Tsuji was one of the most important characters in Diamond is Unbreakable of the Jojo series. She ran the Cinderella beauty salon and gave a fitting makeup to Yukako, which brought forward her already existing glamour. Aya Tsuji was also a formidable Stand user, and with her Cinderella, she could change anyone’s appearance for a certain amount of time or even for eternity.

This was by far one of the best abilities in Jojo, as it allowed the characters to get a perfect disguise and hide from their enemies. Aya Tsuji considered herself the fairy godmother and dedicated her life to helping people.

4. Trish Una

Trish Una

Trish Una is one of the only female characters in JoJo part 5. She is a valuable member of this anime and an indispensable ally.

Being the daughter of Passione’s boss, she is a major target of his multiple enemies. However, this doesn’t hold Trish back as she manages to develop her own powers in the form of Spice Girl Stand, which allows her to make anything soft and make it impossible to destroy.

Trish can be very easily associated with the word pink, as she starts off on a sour note with the fans. But slowly, with the progress of time, we see a different nature to Trish’s side that sits better with the viewers.

3. Tomoko

Tomoko - female character in JoJo

We met Tomoko in Diamond is Unbreakable, where she acted as the mother of Josuke. The most striking feature of Tomoko is her extremely attractive build. This makes her the center of attention for many male characters in the series.

She and Joseph were a thing at one point, and she still loves him to this day. Tomoko is usually a kind and compassionate person, but she doesn’t like it at all when guys try to woo her. This is, of course, a direct consequence of her lingering feelings for Joseph.

2. Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa is Joseph Joestar’s mother and the formidable female character in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. She plays a significant role in shaping up Joseph to be the man we know today. Lisa Lisa used to strike fear in every opponent as a powerful ripple master.

This is one of the main reasons why she is such an important figure in the battle against the Pillar Men. She is a brave woman who will always lead from the front on a battlefield. She refused to hide behind her son when facing her enemies and made her mark as a fan favorite female character.

1. Jolyne

Jolyne - female character in JoJo

Jolyne Cujoh is undoubtedly the best female character in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. She was the main lead in Stone Ocean and stole the show with her captivating fighting style and personality. Being the only female, Jojo does have its perks, as she gained a lot of attention.

But she was no wimp when it came to being a stand user with her Stone Free. It gives incredible mobility to Jolyne, who can access it to boost her prowess in physical fights. Moreover, she can also turn her body into string and raise her evasiveness by many folds.

That’s it for this post! These are the top 15 most popular female characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the anime and manga series.

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