Best Side Characters In Anime

All anime feature a stouthearted hero, known as the main character. Nine times out of ten, this character is very charismatic. They can make friends faster than a billionaire. Better ones than a billionaire can make too. Alongside every great main character is a friend worth their weight in gold. A good side character is imperative to an anime’s success by keeping viewers interested by contributing additional depth to the story.

A good side character can even feel like an extra main character. You can even have an entire group of side characters whose deaths would be devastating to the viewers. It is just as devastating as if the main character had died. 

Here I’ll be listing some of the most beloved side characters in anime, adored by all in the anime community.

List Of The Best Side Characters In Anime

  • Chrome From Dr. Stone
  • Vegeta From Dragon Ball Franchise
  • Killua From Hunter x Hunter
  • Itachi From Naruto
  • Reigen From Mob Psycho 100

Chrome From Dr. Stone

Chrome dr stone-best anime side character

Chrome is the science user of Ishigami Village. He is a fiercely loyal companion to the village chief and main character, Senku Ishigami. 

When Senku and Chrome first met, they were rivals in science. Senku was clearly more advanced, being from an advanced civilization. Over time, they became close and then nearly inseparable. Chrome became Senku’s right-hand man in science. Together, they convinced the entire village to become a part of the scientific revolution in their world of stone.

Vegeta – Best Side Character From Dragon Ball Z

vegeta antagonist

When everyone’s hero, Goku, found out he had a brother, the DBZ fandom was shocked. Seeing how powerful Raditz was, it was hard to believe when he said there was someone far more powerful than him. A terrible enemy was bound for Earth. That terrifying enemy turned out to be Vegeta.

The fight between Goku and Vegeta was monumental. This was the introduction of Goku’s greatest rival and most dependable ally. Over time, their fickle friendship blossomed into a thick-stemmed, stable rose. 

Whenever and wherever there is a strong fighter, you can be assured Goku will be there with Vegeta to fight second and have his back 100%.

Killiua Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter

Killua Zoldyck hunter x hunter

After Gon left Whale Island to become a hunter and find his father, Ging, he gathered a company of friends. Among these friends, he became particularly close with one white-haired assassin. 

Killua is from a famous family of assassins. As the son of this family, he’s acquired a specific set of skills and personality quirks. Despite the brainwashing of his family, Killua has a good heart and just wants to be free of his assassin lifestyle. 

Alongside Gon, Killua learns what it means to be a friend. On more than one occasion, Killua was told he’d eventually leave Gon behind to die because of the way he was raised. Those words devastated him, fearing that it may come to pass, but time and time again, Killua would show that he was a quality friend. Killua has even risked his own life to save Gon’s, a feat people did not believe was possible for Killua.

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Itachi Uchiha – Side Character From Naruto series

Itachi - best anime side character

Itachi Uchiha is the sworn enemy of the Leaf Village, Or is he? He is solely responsible for the massacre of the entire Uchiha clan, except for one. His younger brother, Sasuke. Awww. 

In the early seasons of Naruto, Itachi is portrayed as the dreadful older brother of Sasuke Uchiha. After committing genocide, he joined an organization of evil rogue shinobi. The Akatsuki consists of shinobi who have all committed unforgivable crimes. It isn’t until later in the series that the truth is revealed. 

Itachi was born into a world burning down by the 3rd Great Shinobi War. His father took him to a war-torn battlefield at the tender age of four just to teach him a lesson. It was not the experience you would think it was either. He was forced to take a life for the first time that day, and the lesson he took away was not the one his father had hoped for. 

All Itachi ever wanted was the well-being of Konohagakure and Sasuke. Despite his actions, his intent was clear. It is without a doubt that Itachi saved Konoha from a Civil War. This war would’ve most certainly resulted in more casualties than the Uchiha Massacre.

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Arataka Reigen – Side Character In Mob Psycho 100

Reigen - Best anime side character

Reigen is the founder of the “Spirits and Such Consultation Office” and has declared himself “The Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century.” Reigen is a man who sweats profusely and doesn’t think twice about using people for his own gain. 

Reigen is also a good guy and an even better friend to his show’s hero, Shigeo Kageyama (Mob). Although not at first, Reigen came to care deeply for Mob. So much so that even he began to feel guilty about the manipulation of Mob. Reigen always listens to Mob and gives him his best advice. 

Not only is Reigen emotionally intelligent, but he is socially intelligent. He has the uncanny ability to stay calm and level-headed in rather hairy situations. 

As a man of principle, you can see that he is honorable and noble despite his shady business. He’s even gone as far as to help members of the Claw, a terrorist organization. He sees all people as equals. Even after gaining incredible power, he scoffed at it and said it was no big deal. He looks down on people who think they’re superior just because of their psychic power and thinks they’re delusional.

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