5+ Most Popular Boku no Pico Characters, Ranked

Boku no Pico, is a legendary H anime series with some memorable characters. This show has garnered both fascination and controversy because of the relationships shown in the story. In this article, we delve into the diverse cast of characters that populate this unique and often polarizing world.

From the enigmatic Pico to the mysterious Tamotsu, we’ll unravel the personalities, roles, and significance of each character in this boundary-pushing series.

Whether you’re a devoted fan or just curious about this iconic yaoi anime, join us on a journey to understand the personalities and stories behind the unforgettable Boku no Pico characters.

List Of The Best Boku no Pico Characters

5+ Most Popular Boku no Pico Characters, Ranked

Below is a list of all the main characters from Boku no Pico. From episode 1 to episode 3, all the major players in the anime are listed and ranked based on popularity.

6. Oneesan


Onee-san is Chico’s older sister and legal guardian. She resides in a secluded countryside home with Chico.

Onee-san often seems frustrated and “plays with herself” to escape reality. One day, the boys catch her in the act, and she inadvertently becomes the catalyst for the boys’ experiments.

She owns a vast collection of cosplay outfits and toys, which Pico and Chico borrow without her knowledge. When she returns from the grocery store and discovers them playing with her toys, she decides to distance herself from the boys.

5. Ojiisan


Pico’s grandpa, Ojiisan, runs a beach bar called Bebe. He is a minor side character from Boku no Pico who appears only in the introductory scene.

Despite being a huge bar, Bebe is normally empty. The only visitor is Tamotsu.

When Tamotsu visited for the summer, Pico was acting as a waiter for the bar. Ojiisan introduces Pico to Tamotsu, encouraging them to spend time together.

Because of this incident, Tamotsu and Pico develop a relationship. In a way, the entire story of Boku no Pico is only possible because Ojisan let the two of them spend time together.

4. CoCo

coco - boku no pico characters

Coco is a boy with long, black hair that Pico and Chico encounter in the third episode. Some odd happenings suggest he might be the rumored “city fairy.”

Coco forms relationships with both Pico and Chico. However, a misunderstanding causes a temporary rift between them. They later reunite at Tokyo Tower and have a great time together.

CoCo is often the “bottom” of their relationship, as he has more feminine qualities.

3. Chico

Chico - boku no pico characters

Chico is one of the main characters in Boku no Pico. He is a small child who shares a big house in a remote wooded area with his elder sister.

In the second episode, he starts to fall in love with Pico. He is frequently the “top” in their relationship, despite Pico being older and more experienced; however, it is partly reversible.

Chico likes to play topless outside while sneakily seeing his sister “having fun” by herself.

2. Tamotsu


This guy is the main character of Boku no Pico. Tamotsu, also known as Mokkun, is a white-collar worker and a regular at Ojisan’s store. Initially, he mistook Pico for a girl but continued the relationship when he learned Pico’s true gender.

Later, Tamotsu bought Pico a girl’s outfit, including a ruby choker and pants, convincing Pico to wear them despite initial objections.

While Tamotsu initially saw Pico as a plaything, he later genuinely cared for him when he disappeared.

Although they eventually reconciled, Tamotsu was absent in the second and third OVAs. In their relationship, Tamotsu took the lead as the “top”, dominating Pico.

1. Pico

Pico - boku no pico characters

Pico is easily the most popular character from Boku no Pico. He is a blond-haired boy who spends his summers working at his grandpa’s bar. He wears girls’ clothes gifted by Tamotsu (Mokkun) and enjoys swimming.

After a falling out with Tamotsu, Pico rebels, cuts his hair, and runs away. They later make amends.

Next summer, while biking, Pico meets Chico, who swims naked in a stream. They become friends, sharing a romantic bond. In both relationships, Pico is more passive, though with Chico, roles can switch.

That’s it for this post! These are all the Boku no Pico characters that are popular among fans. Pico, Tamotsu, Chico, and CoCo are the main protagonists of the show. Whereas, Onee-san and Oji-san play a minor role in the story.

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