Top 5 Best Shoujo Ramune Characters, Ranked

Shoujo Ramune is one of the most popular H anime of all time, with cute and lovely characters. This show features a bunch of girls who have an odd relationship with a candy store owner.

The story is a bit controversial because it crosses moral boundaries at several points. Regardless, the fact that this show has a visual novel game and a H-anime adaptation with 4 episodes shows how popular it is.

Especially in Japan, where stories like this are legal according to the law, people secretly adore this show.

In this article, we will be taking a look at all five most prominent characters from the Shoujo Ramune H anime series.

List Of The Most Popular Shoujo Ramune Characters

5. Yuuko Sayama

Yuuko Sayama

Yuuko is the young mother of Chie. She is unaware that Tachikawa has been playing with her daughter. Despite being a mom, she looks very young and beautiful.

Unsuspecting, she even gets into a relationship with Tachikawa. They date each other, which is quite an exciting plot twist for viewers because they get to see him have both Yuuko and Chie.

Since Yuuko is not the main focus of the story, she is merely a side character in Shoujo Ramune.

4. Kiyoshi Tachikawa

Kiyoshi Tachikawa

Tachikawa is the H anime’s protagonist who has fun with the other Shoujo Ramune characters mentioned on this list. He runs a candy store in a calm and peaceful countryside.

Since kids like candy, his profession is the perfect trick to get his hands on the “unripe fruits”.

Because not many people visit the store, he’s found new hobbies playing with the girls who drop by. Specifically, he plays a lot with Chie since she’s innocent and dumb.

Ideally, he is the bad guy who needs to be sent to prison. However, he always gets by because no one has caught him just yet.

3. Chie Sayama

Chie Sayama - Shoujo Ramune Characters

Chie Sayama is the main female character of Shoujo Ramune. She is a cheerful girl living near the candy shop. She’s popular in her class and plays with everyone. Chie is bisexual and enjoys spending time with the candy shop owner, Tachikawa.

In a way, she is responsible for spoiling Tenka and Komako. She introduces them to the candy shop owner. The trio forms a unique bond as they continue their activities with Tachikawa.

Overall, she is an adorable young girl with a fun attitude. She is a little dumb at times, which adds extra charm to her character.

2. Tenka Adachi

Tenka Adachi - Shoujo Ramune Characters

Tenka Adachi is one of the most loved female characters in the Shoujo Ramune visual novel and manga. She is a girl who moved from the city due to her parents’ situation.

Because of this, she has trouble making friends. She even has trouble dealing with Chie, who is always looking to be her friend.

Tenka may not seem lonely looking at the way she acts, but deep down, she is. Regardless, there is one thing in her new countryside life that she adores—Idol Cards.

She loves Japanese idols and frequently visits the candy store to purchase idol cards. This is how she got acquainted with Tachikawa, the candy store owner.

She soon becomes one of Tachikawa’s playmates, along with Chie and Komako.

1. Komako Semenovich

Komako Semenovich - Shoujo Ramune Characters

Komako is the most loved character from the Shoujo Ramune series, according to fan votes on MyAnimeList.

She’s Chie’s close friend and is half-Japanese and half-Russian. Komako is fluent in Japanese, having lived in Japan for a long time.

When she joined the school, some boys bullied her for her appearance, but Chie stepped in, and now she’s friends with her former bullies.

She has a cool, dandere-type attitude that captured the hearts of the viewers.

Tachikawa ropes in Komako into playing with him along with Chie and Tenka.

That’s it for this post! These are all the five main characters of Shoujo Ramune, ranked according to fan votes. Chie, Komako, and Tenka are the main focus of the story. Tachikawa is the main male protagonist, while Yuuko is a side character.

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