Facts about Dabi: His age, real name and relations explained

My Hero Academia is a great pick for Shonen fans everywhere. So it’s no wonder that there are a lot of fan theories circulating around the internet. These theories range from how the series will conclude to which characters will die. Then there are also the theories about the characters themselves, as well as theories regarding their quirks.

Some fan theories are “There are many traitors in the U.A.” “Aizawa is Shinso’s father” and much more. “Are Dabi and Todoroki brothers?” and “Is Dabi Endeavour’s son?” are two of the most popular fan theories.

Dabi is a member of the League of Villains who is known for keeping his background hidden from the audience. His mysterious nature immediately drew followers in and sparked their interest in learning more about his past. His quirk creates blue flames, which he uses for destruction and long-range combat. Given Endeavor’s dubious reputation and fire-related quirks, it wasn’t unreasonable to think they were related. 

Who is Shoto Todoroki?

todoroki boku no hero academia fire and ice

Shoto is one of the main characters in the My Hero Academia manga and anime series. He is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School. He got into the U.A. High School through official recommendations. Shoto is also Midoriya’s second best friend, as well as a friendly rival. He is the youngest son of Pro Hero Endeavor.

As a person, Shoto has a cold and distant demeanor. He prefers to be alone rather than socialize with his classmates, and he is usually concerned about his task. However, Shoto isn’t blatantly nasty; his distant demeanor is most likely due to his difficult childhood.

In terms of strength, he is quick, agile, and possesses rapid reflexes, which gives him an edge in long-range combat. He possesses two quirks that enable him to possess exceptional dual-element capabilities. One of his quirks enables him to produce ice from his right side and flames from his left side. As a result, his quirk is known as “Half Cold and Half Hot.” Due to his quirk, his hero’s name is also Shoto.

His excellent control of his versatile quirk makes him one of the strongest students at U.A. High School. 

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Who is Dabi?


Dabi is a significant villain in the My Hero Academia manga and anime series. He is a member of the League of Villains and the leader of the Vanguard Action Squad of the organization. He was inspired by Stain and his ideology and decided to join the League.

As a person, Dabi is a horrible and arrogant individual who lacks regard for others. He gave Tomura an informal introduction and declined to reveal his real name. That shows his irrespective nature. Nonetheless, he is a calm guy who is always dedicated and motivated to performing the tasks entrusted to him.

In terms of strength, Dabi is one of the League of Villains’ most powerful members. He is strong enough to hold his own against pro heroes. It takes some time for Aizawa, who is a strong pro hero, to defeat a clone of Dabi. Dabi also worked along with Mr. Compress to successfully seal and kill Snatch, who is a powerful Pro Hero. On top of that, he is able to give a tough fight to Hawks, the No. 2 pro hero, who is incredibly skilled. When fighting against Hawks, he used the ruthless power of his fires to overcome him.

Dabi’s strongest ability is cremation. It enables him to manage and control very hot blue flames. Its blue flames are capable of burning forests and consuming large numbers of humans with ease. He can also use his flames to lift himself into the air, and that lets him float in the air. His cremation has the potential to create blue flames that are even more powerful than Endeavor’s flames.

Are Dabi and Shoto Todoroki brothers?

Is Dabi Todoroki's brother

Yes, Dabi and Shoto Todoroki are brothers because Dabi’s real name is Toya Todoroki. Dabi is the oldest of his siblings. He hated his father for using his child as a tool to surpass All Might.

Dabi had spent his entire life training and obsessing over his father’s ambition. After the birth of Shoto, Enji turned his attention to Shoto and abandoned Toya. That’s because of Enji’s belief that Shoto had the greatest potential of all of his siblings to surpass All Might.

Toya went through an existential crisis because of his abandonment, eventually losing control of his fire and mental stability. He faked his death by burning a substantial portion of his body. After that, he turned into a criminal intent on destroying Endeavor’s reputation.

Dabi and Shoto have a complicated relationship. Shoto has no memory of Dabi, even though he attempted to attack him when he was a baby. Dabi does not consider Shoto to be human. He always sees him as his father’s tool and a competitor in achieving his aim. As a result, he is angry with his brother and wishes to kill him. Furthermore, Dabi was also jealous of Shoto for inheriting his mother’s quirk.

When Will We Find Out That Dabi is Shoto Todoroki’s Brother?

In chapter 290, we will find out that Dabi is Shoto’s brother. At the time, with Tomura Shigaraki, Endeavor and Shoto were having a difficult time. Then Gigantomachia and the League of Villains came, making things considerably more difficult for the heroes. Despite his damaged lungs, Endeavor declared that he would fight with Gigantomachia.

Right after that, Dabi spotted Endeavor and Shoto and stepped into view on Gigantomachia’s back at that precise moment. He greeted Shoto, stating he hadn’t seen him in a long time. Endeavor called Dabi’s name, and he replied by washing the black dye out of his hair. Then he revealed his white hair, which matched that of his mother, Rei Todoroki.

Dabi then said to Endeavor, “Don’t call him by his criminal name, not when he had a far more respectable name, Toya.” The revelation shocked both Shoto and Endeavor. Dabi again said that he hoped his family would recognize him despite the fact that his face had changed due to the burns. Finally, Dabi reveals that he only became a villain to destroy Endeavor’s reputation.

He also admitted that he was the one who set up Endeavor’s encounters with Hood and Starservant. Because it is the end of his plan to discredit the endeavor. Furthermore, Dabi reveals Endeavor’s abusive past in order to ruin his hero image.

Who is Endeavor?

endeavor my hero academia hell flames

Endeavor is a major character in the manga and anime series My Hero Academia. His real name is Enji Todoroki, and he is Shoto Todoroki’s father. Endeavor is currently Japan’s No. 1 Pro Hero.

As a person, Endeavor is self-centered and cold-hearted. His only goal is to surpass All Might and claim his position as Japan’s No. 1 pro hero. His goal is to succeed because, after “All Might” retires, he has been promoted to No. 1 Pro Hero. Despite his heroism, Endeavor lacked many heroic ideals. He is extremely proud of his fame and power. As a result, the general public perceives him as a fearsome and ferocious individual who is frequently filled with rage.

In terms of strength, his extensive training and experience cause him to react far too quickly in dangerous situations. His exceptional intelligence and deductive abilities enabled him to hold the record for the most solved cases in history.

Endeavor has a Hellflame quirk that allows him to create and manipulate extremely hot flames at will. Furthermore, his incredible strength and pain resistance are far superior to those of pro heroes such as Hawks and Jeanist.

The Flashfire Fist and Hellfire Storm are his most powerful attacks. This attack can easily defeat several Nomus while causing no harm to him.

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Is Dabi Endeavor’s son?

is Dabi Endeavor's son

Yes, Dabi is Endeavor’s son. Dabi is the eldest son of an endeavor whose real name is Toya Todoroki. He sustained significant burn injuries as a child as a result of his father’s neglect and emotional abuse. Despite the fact that he survived, Dabi faked his death. After surviving, he went on to become a villain because he wanted to ruin Endeavor’s reputation.

As we talked about above, in Chapter 290, the war between heroes and villains reached a climax. With Gigantomachia finally arriving at Tomura’s location and the heroes desperately attempting to stop him, things seemed hopeless. However, everything changed when Dabi appeared.

Dabi revealed his true identity by removing his hair dye and revealing his true identity as Toya Todoroki. Dabi also reveals that his purpose in becoming a villain is to destroy Endeavor’s reputation.

If we talk about Dabi’s childhood, he was Endeavor and Rei’s firstborn son. He was born with a fire quirk that surpasses his father’s Hell Flame. As a result, Endeavor placed his goals on Dabi and began training him at a young age. However, Dabi’s innate resistance to cold rather than fire meant that whenever he used his quirk, he would burn himself. After seeing this, Endeavor thinks that he is not the one who will achieve his goal. After that, Endeavor refocused his efforts on creating another potentially powerful child.

As a result, Dabi experienced an existential crisis, hatred, and a negative perception of hero society. Finally, Endeavor’s traumatic abuse and abandonment led Dabi to become a villain.

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