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Ousama ranking, or Ranking of Kings, is a unique anime with plenty of well written characters. The anime strays away from the standard animation style, yet manages to leave a lasting impact on the viewers. This is because of the amazing characters and the way they play their roles in the story.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best Ranking of Kings Characters.

Main Characters In Ranking Of Kings


Bojji - Main Characters In Ranking Of Kings

Bojji is the main character of Ranking of Kings anime and manga. He is the son of Bosse and Sheena.

He belongs to the giant race, but due to a curse, he remains the size of a human child. Because of this curse, he lost his physical strength and ability to talk and hear things.

Throughout his childhood, he had been ridiculed by people because he was so weak.


Kage - Main Characters In Ranking Of Kings

Kage belongs to the Shadow Clan, who are people who are cursed into becoming a shadow like being. Due to their ability to blend in with the shadows, they are all loyal assassins by profession.

He is also the only known survior of the clan. The remaining members of his clan, including his mother, were slaughtered by the members of the White clan.

As social outcasts, both Bojji and Kage bonded with each other greatly, supporting each other when in need.

Kage played a crucial role in making Bojji more confident, powerful and helped Bojji realize his dream of becoming a great King.

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Daida - Main Characters In Ranking Of Kings

Daida is the son of Bosse and Hilling. He belongs to the human race as his mother is a human.

From childhood, he has been taught that Bojji is weak and everyone else has to protect him.

Because of this, he started looking down on his elder brother and gained a massive ego. He treated people badly because of this.

However, after a series of events, he realized his mistakes and became a respectable person.


Bosse the giant - ousama ranking

Bosse was a giant who was also the strongest being alive in the world. He is Bojji and Daida’s father and the husband of Sheela and Hilling.

He was a character obsessed with strength and becoming the strongest person in the world.

The entire plot of ousama ranking stems from his desires and contradictory emotions he has for his family.

Bosse was the one who made a deal with the devil and cursed Bojji in return for strength.

After his death, due to Miranjo’s interference he came back to life by taking over his son Daida’s body.

He also conspired with Miranjo and tried to kill Hilling and his entire kingdom.

However, deep down he was a good man who was burdened with a sad history with Miranjo and he had no choice but to do evil deeds.


Despa - Main Characters In ousama ranking

Despa is a handsome looking character (or so he calls himself) who played a major role in Bojji’s character development.

He trained Bojji to hone his skills that were not affected by the curse. Instead of going by physical strength, Despa showed Bojji a new way to become strong.

Despa is also one of the most amusing characters in Ranking Of Kings. He is super smart, kind hearted and a brilliant teacher.

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Villain Characters In Ranking Of Kings


Ouken - Villain Characters In Ranking Of Kings

Ouken is the brother of Despa and Desha. He was originally a nice person who wanted to become a kind hearted prince who would lead his kingdom to glory.

However, because of his father’s experiments with mortality, Ouken had become an immortal and lost his mind.

As he is an immortal, he can revive even if every part of his body is sqashed to a pulp. This made him one of the most fearsome villain characters in Ousama ranking.

He became a psychopath who cuts people and watches them bleed to death for fun.


Kingbo - ousama ranking

Kingbo is another human that has lost his heart and become a villain because of his father.

He was originally a prince of a kingdom, but after being betrayed by his father, he became one of the most wanted criminals of the underworld.



Chabi-shin was a god who enslaved humans and tormented the ones who opposed him. He is a character from the past who took over the kingdom where Miranjo hailed from.

The people of the kingdom were betrayed by their allies who joined the side of the gods. Bosse, who had been in a friendly relationship with Miranjo’s family, came too late to save them.

They killed Miranjo’s mother and tortured Miranjo, who was a small child at the time. They ripped off her face and chopped off her hands.

Bosse blames himself for what Miranjo had to go through. Which is why he goes along with whatever she suggests, no matter how evil it is.



Zokku is a sneaky character in Ranking of Kings who was one of the escaped prisoners of the underworld.

He is physically weak but is cunning and evil at the core. Zokku wouldn’t bat an eye before betraying even his own saviours if it meant profit for him.

In fights, he pretends to be weak and lets the opponent drop their guard. He then uses poison hidden inside his mouth to finish them off.



Geslan is a member of the white clan who was at the center of the shadow clan massacre.

He pursued Kage and his mother, hell bent on killing every member of the opposing clan.

At the end, he successfully killed Kage’s mother and was seen carrying her body pierced by his spear.



Saturn is the father of Desha, Despa, and Ouken. He was also the king of the underworld who slaughtered his own people for experimenting with immortality.

So his three sons could not bear the torment their people were put into, so they started a riot and slayed their evil father.

It is because of Saturn that Ouken became an immortal soon after the war ended.

Female Characters In Ranking Of Kings



Poise is the girl who saved Kage’s life from the white clan members. She hid Kage and lied to Geslan that he had fled towards a poisonous mountain.

Even when Kage blew the cover and started crying out loud after seeing his mother skewered by Geslan’s spear, she covered for him by pretending to cry.

The white clan members thought she was a weird, obnoxious child and left the scene.



Anne is a female knight and a member of the royal guard. She is also a good friend of Hilling’s. She is an expert markswoman who was able to take down multiple monsters from the underworld with her Kunai.

Similar to Dorshe, Anne is also loyal to Hilling and devoted to protecting her at all cost. This is evident when she almost died trying to let Hilling escape from the prisoners from the underworld.


Sheena - Female Characters In Ousama Ranking

Sheena is a giant woman who is also the mother of Bojji. She was a strong woman who was chosen by Miranjo for Bosse to marry.

After giving birth to Bojji, she was very kind to him and Bosse, even though Bojji turned out to be too small, weak, deaf, and dumb.

She gave Bojji the kind heart he has right now. Sheena also gave her life to protect young Bojji from enemy troops that Miranjo had organized.

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Kage’s Mother

kage mother

Like all the other mother characters in Ousama ranking, Kage’s mother is also very sweet, kind, and protective of her child.

She taught Kage to be nice to others and helped him understand his standing as a member of the Shadow Clan.

She also sacrificed herself to help Kage escape from the White clan members.


Hilling - Female Characters In Ousama Ranking

Hilling is the mother of Daida and the wife of Bosse. Even though she is just a step-mom to Bojji, she is very affectionate towards him.

However, she does not explicitly show her care and often treats Bojji strictly, taking away his confidence in the process. Her intention was to protect Bojji from being hurt, but she later realized how wrong she was when she saw Bojji return as a strong person worthy of becoming a king.

She is a master healer who has saved the lives of almost half of the characters from the ranking of kings anime.


miranjo - Female Characters In Ousama Ranking

Miranjo is the main antagonist of the show, but I couldn’t put her under the villain category because of everything she went through in her past.

After going through a lot of torture and struggle, she became way too attached to Bosse.

She went extra miles to realize Bosse’s dreams, even if it meant getting her hands dirty. Soon enough, she lost her senses and became a vile character who wanted nothing but destruction under the pretense of helping Bosse.

However, thanks to Bojji’s display of courage, Bosse’s care for her and Daida’s love for her, Miranjo was saved.

The Big Four In Ranking Of Kings


Domas - The Big Four In Ranking Of Kings

Domas is a master swordsman who serves Bosse. He was also appointed to be Bojji’s tutor in swordsmanship.

However, he could not understand Bojji’s strengths and tried to force his way of the sword on him, which required physical strength.

As Bojji couldn’t learn his way, he was disappointed and gave up on training Bojji.

At one point, he was so loyal to the king that he was okay with doing any evil deed for their cause.

However, after a series of incidents involving Bojji, he became devoted to Bojji, who is a kind hearted and forgiving prince.


Dorshe - The Big Four In Ousama Ranking

Dorshe is the bodyguard of Hilling. He has laid down his life several times in order to protect her.

Dorshe is an insanely tough character who prefers armor and shields over any other weapon. He is strong enough to take down multiple monsters from the underworld with his bare hands.

Despite suffering fatal blow to his body and losing his foot and an eye, he was still devoted to protecting Hilling.


Bebin - The Big Four In Ranking Of Kings

Bebin is an interesting character in Ousama ranking. At first, he seemed like a villain given the way he treated Kage and how he was training Daida.

However, he turned out to be the saviour of Bojji. He was the one who sent Bojji to Despa for training.

He is a snake charmer who is also extremely strong yet honest, understanding and kind hearted.


Apeas - The Big Four In Ousama Ranking

Apeas is a loyal follower of Miranjo, although he serves Bosse and the royal family. He was one of the first few people to understand Bojji and support him, even when everyone else was looking down on him.

Apeas was a weak willed person who became strong thanks to Miranjo.

Therefore, he was devoted to her and wanted to be by her side no matter what atrocities she caused to the people he cared about.

However, at the end, he finally got the courage to stand against Miranjo and save his kingdom.

Monster Characters In Ranking Of Kings


Mitsumata - ousama ranking

Mitsumata is a three headed snake that was severely wounded when it was little. Bojji found him on the verge of death and made Hilling cast healing magic on him.

Ever since, Mitsumata has been very loyal to Bojji and Hilling. After that incident, he has been serving Bebin, all the while training Bojji to evade attacks.

It is thanks to Mitsumata’s training that Despa was able to create an unbelievable fighting style, combination of Bojji’s evasiveness with his own form of fighting called “Despa art.”


Demon - ousama ranking

Demon is a character who took away Bojji’s strength and gave it to Bosse. He was also the one who saved Miranjo from dying by placing her inside a mirror.

He is a character who has the ability to grant people’s wishes in return for something from them.

Demon was a cute child that Miranjo found in a forest. However, as time went by and more he granted people’s wishes his appearance became more scary and evil.

While he is not doing any evil, he has definitely been involved in several evil plots.


Gigan - ousama ranking

Gigan is one of the criminals who escaped from the underworld. However, he is not a villainous character. On the contrary, he became a war criminal because he was too soft hearted to see a child from the enemy camp being tortured.

He betrayed his comrades to save the child. However everything went downhill for him when Desha and his troops got involved.

The child was slayed, and Gigan was sent to jail for betraying Desha. Regardless, Desha knows Gigan is not a bad person and later appoints him as a member of his army.

That’s it for this post! These were all the major characters in Ranking of Kings.

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