Where To Watch Oshi No Ko (My Star) In 2023?

The highly anticipated anime adaptation of “Oshi no Ko” premiered on April 12, 2023. This captivating series is based on a beloved manga, depicting the journey of a talented pop star and a humble small-town gynecologist who deeply admires her. Many fans nowadays wonder, “Where can I watch Oshi no Ko (My Star) in 2023?” In this article, I’ll provide you with the answer to this question.

Produced by the renowned Studio Doga Kobo, each episode of this anime lasts for an immersive 90 minutes. “Oshi no Ko” bravely delves into the dark underbelly of the Japanese pop idol industry, shedding light on its hidden toxicity and revealing the harsh realities that lie within. Join the characters as their story explores these challenging themes.

The show has an exceptionally high rating of 8.91 in MyAnimeList which gains it a spot on the top 20 highest rated anime of all time.

In this piece, we will talk about a streaming service that makes it easy to watch this great show. We will also tell you how to watch it and answer more questions about it. So, let’s start looking for the answers to your questions right away.

Oshi no Ko: My Star Plot

In the glamorous entertainment business, celebrities often play roles that aren’t true to who they really are. They use lies to hide their true feelings and problems.

Fans believe these illusions with all their hearts and show their heroes undying love until a crack appears in the illusion. Ai Hoshino, who is 16 years old and a rising star in the pop girl group B Komachi, has taken the world by storm.

But when she says she needs to take a break because of health problems, her fans worry.

Gorou Amemiya, a devoted fan and doctor in the country, who dreams to meet Ai someday. His wish comes true when Ai shows up at his hospital out of the blue, not sick but with twins.

As he promises to bring her safely deliver her children, Gorou thinks how this unexpected connection will change the way they feel about each other.

Where can I watch Oshi No Ko (My Star)?

Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko: My Star is currently available on HiDive, a fan favorite anime streaming platform in the United States and Canada.

People from the U.S. can also watch this series on The Roku Channel, if you have purchased their streaming players.

Netflix, a popular streaming service, streams this top rated idol anime in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan regions.

Fans can also watch Oshi no Ko on Ani-One Asia, an official YouTube channel meant for streaming latest anime titles. However, a you will need to purchase a membership to watch the show on their YouTube channel.

If you are from France, then you can watch the show on Anime Digital Network which is a great platform to watch and read all sorts of anime and manga series.

Are you a fan from south asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, or Hong Kong? If yes, then you can stream this reincarnation anime on Aniplus TV.

Is My Star on Hulu?

No, Oshi no Ko is currently no available to watch on Hulu. Despite being a successful show with thousands of watchers around the world, the anime is not a part of Hulu’s library. The rights to stream the show is only available for the above mentioned OTT platforms.

Is Oshi No Ko on Netflix?

Yes, Oshi no Ko (My Star) is available on Netflix for the Phillipines, India and Pakistan region. Other south asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia can also stream the show on Netflix. However, most of the western countries do not have access to the series on the Netflix platform.

Is My Star on Amazon Prime?

No, the reincarnation idol anime is not available to stream on Amazon Prime. However, you can purchase the Blu-ray box on Amazon. This is a fairly decent deal that most anime Blu-Ray disck collectors love.

Is Oshi No Ko on Crunchyroll?

As surprising as it might sound, Crunchyroll does not have Oshi no Ko anime available to watch on their platform. Despite being an anime-centric platform, they do not have the rights to publish the 11 episodes long anime on Crunchyroll. Since Funimation is merged with Crunchyroll, you can not stream the series on Funimation either.

How to watch Oshi No Ko?

how to watch Oshi no Ko

Below, we have mentioned the ways to watch Oshi No Ko in 2023.

For the United States and Canada region-

  • Visit the official site of HiDive.
  • Create your account with a valid email ID.
  • Enter credit card details and purchase a premium plan at a lower cost than any other streaming service. 
  • Search for Oshi No Ko.
  • Select Episode 1, Mother and Children.
  • Change the audio language to English and enjoy.

For the other regions-

If you are not in any of the above mentioned countries, then you have two options.

  • Visit Ani-One Asia YouTube channel, buy their membership and watch Oshi no Ko: My Star on YouTube.

Or, you can also choose the following method:

  • Choose a legal VPN service that is popular for its performance. I suggest NordVPN as it is the #1 VPN service out there that offers the best service. You can follow this link to get 59% off on their plans in addition to some other gifts.
  • After purchasing, register with the VPN.
  • Change your geo-location to any of these countries: United States or Canada
  • Visit the official site of HiDive and log into your account.
  • Refresh it, and you’ll be able to see your favourite series without any difficulty.
  • Search for Oshi No Ko
  • Select Episode 1, Mother and Children.
  • Change the audio language to English or Japanese and enjoy.


Here we conclude our article with, “Where to watch Oshi no Ko in 2023? We hope you get the answers to all your questions and like this article. You can follow the steps mentioned above to watch Oshi no Ko anywhere in the world. We suggest you always purchase a legal and good VPN to avoid difficulties in streaming. It will help you not only watch the Oshi no Ko, but other shows too. 

Untill next time, stay tuned with us by hitting the bell icon in the bottom corner!

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