Mirai Nikki Season 2 Release Date, Plot & More!

Fans have eagerly awaited Mirai Nikki Season 2 for almost a decade. Despite the series’ popularity, Studio Asread hasn’t planned a sequel. Rumors claim the studio canceled Future Diary Season 2, but official sources haven’t confirmed it. The future of the anime remains uncertain.

Mirai Nikki, or Future Diary, is a manga by Sakae Esuno, published from January 2006 to December 2010. It has twelve volumes, three spin-offs, and a bonus OAV. The anime adaptation, consisting of a pilot and 26 episodes, aired from October 2011 to April 2012. A drama adaptation with 11 episodes aired from April to June 2012.

As Mirai Nikki finished airing over a decade ago, we’ll discuss whether a second season or remake is likely or not.

Will There Be A Mirai Nikki Season 2?

miraki nikki

Mirai Nikki won’t have a Season 2 as the manga has been fully adapted into the anime and OVA. No additional side stories are available for adaptation.

The only hope for seeing the series again in screens is for Netflix to do an adaptation of its own. Remastered versions are not unheard of in the anime community. The popular “Dragon Ball Z” series has a remastered version called “Dragon Ball Kai”. The 2001 hit, “Shaman king” anime got a remastered version in 2021.

Similarly, Mirai Nikki getting a remake is the only possiblity to get something similar to a sequel.

The rest of the article will provide all information about the potential second season of Mirai Nikki, including a possible release date, manga continuation, and storyline details.

Mirai Nikki Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Mirai Nikki Season 2 Release Date

As of now, there is no official confirmation for Future Diary Season 2 from the asread studio or franchise, despite the long wait. However, as I mentioned before, there is no story to continue the anime.

Unless the author of the series decides to write a side story, or companies like Netflix remakes the series, we will not be getting another season of Mirai Nikki.

Mirai Nikki Season 2 Plot

Mirai Nikki Season 2 Plot

In a potential second season of Mirai Nikki, the plot is unknown as no new story exists from the author. The first season and OVA adapted the manga, concluding the storyline. We’ll provide a brief overview of the series’ plot for your expectations.

The story begins with Yukiteru Amano, who struggles to make friends and keeps a diary on his phone. He enters a parallel world in his imagination where he communicates with Deus Ex Machina and Murmur. Deus Ex Machina grants Yukiteru’s diary the ability to predict the future, with entries appearing that he would have written later.

Yukiteru’s classmates notice his unusual luck, leading to strained relationships. He discovers 12 people, including Yuno Gasai, possess future diaries and must kill each other to become the next god.

Is There Enough Source Material For A Sequel?

Is There Enough Source Material For A Sequel?

Regrettably, there isn’t sufficient content for a new Mirai Nikki installment. Season 1 covered almost all twelve manga volumes, and the remaining plot was adapted into the 2013 OVA.

Studio Asread lacks source material for Future Diary Season 2 unless Sakae Esuno creates more manga volumes. Hope for a sequel lies in the mangaka’s future work.

Future Diary Manga Continuation After Anime

As mentioned earlier, Future Diary concludes the manga’s storyline, leaving no content for a new season. However, some minor manga details were skipped to enhance drama.

To connect deeply with the characters and story, reading the manga from the beginning is recommended. You can read the official release of the manga on Viz.com.

Where To Watch Mirai Nikki Season 2?

Future Diary (Yuno Gasai)

If Mirai Nikki season 2 or remake is ever going to be made, we can expect it to be streamable on Crunchyroll. In some regions, even Netflix might have the show available to watch as it currently has the OVA episode in their library.

If you are in a region where both Netflix and Crunchyroll are not available, you can always buy the Blu-Ray disc from Right Stuf Anime, or other vendors like Amazon.

To summarize, getting a new season of Mirai Nikki is not possible. You can read the manga for a deeper connection with the story or explore other anime. If you can’t get enough of Future Diary’s story, check out this article featuring a list of anime with psycho girlfriend characters.

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