How Did Dio Heal Pucci’s Leg (Foot) In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Let’s explore the fascinating question that quite some fans have in mind after watching Stone Ocean: “How did Dio heal Pucci’s leg?”

Dio, a character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, healed Pucci’s leg using his extraordinary powers. This event is not explained in the episode, leaving the fans in the dark. We’ll dive into the mysteries surrounding this miraculous event.

Dio Brando’s Powers:

dio back pose

Dio Brando has supernatural abilities, like being a vampire and having a unique Stand called The World. He can heal his own wounds and manipulate life force, making him incredibly powerful.

Most fans who wonder how Dio healed Pucci’s leg have probably skipped JoJo part 1, or have forgotten its events. In JoJo: Phantom Blood, we see Dio becoming a vampire for the first time.

After his transformation he gains several superpowers. This includes, super regeneration, laser beams, freezing ability and much more. One of the skills that is relevant to healing others is his life force manipulation.

Dio was able to resurrect dead warriors alive as Zombies. He was also capable of attaching a cat head on a parrot and a snake head on a man. Now remember, these are living creatures he’s able to modify. If he is able to do all of these with his vampire powers, then of course, he could heal a broken leg or two in a second.

Pucci’s Disfigured Foot:

Pucci's Leg Injury

Pucci is the main antagonist of Part 6: Stone Ocean. His ties with Dio goes back in time. 16 years ago, when Dio was still alive, he met Pucci and became friends.

At that time, Pucci was a young man from a rich family who aspired to become a priest. The only thing abnormal with him was his disfigured left foot.

However, he did not mind that. He just wanted to let go of things like money and fortune and live for the sake of others. But, his fate gets twisted thanks to an event involving his sister, but I’ll not be going over that. I don’t want to spoil those who haven’t watched Part 6 yet.

Dio’s Amazing Healing:

Dio's Amazing Healing

Dio performs an unprecedented healing on Pucci’s leg. The process is instantaneous and completely restores the limb.

When Pucci was still an innocent priest in training, Dio met him in a church. Dio asks some questions to Pucci and then suddenly grab his left foot. Miracuously, it is healed when he let’s go. He then disappears into thin air.

This event stay’s in the mind of Pucci who, a after year, meets Dio after living through a series on unfortunate events.

How did Dio heal Pucci’s Leg?

We’ll try to uncover how Dio’s healing powers work. The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure universe offers explanations like life force manipulation which Dio got as a part of his vampiric powers.

The best possible answer to the question is that, after Dio became a vampire using the Stone Mask, he gained the power to manipulate living flesh and bones. That is, he could manipulate the bodies of any living being freely. This is why he was able to merge a snake’s head with a man’s body in JoJo part 1.

Not to mention, he was even able to bring back the dead! This involves repairing the dead body’s brain somehow and bring the person back to life. Although, they won’t have any blood or heartbeat and will be zombies.

Symbolism and Narrative Significance:

Pucci meets Dio

The healing of Pucci’s leg holds symbolic and narrative importance. It deepens the bond between Dio and Pucci, shapes future events, or marks a turning point in the story.

Because of this event, Dio and Pucci ended up sharing a special bond, with similar ambitions and ideologies. Dio’s decision to heal Pucci’s leg randomly, led to a whole string of unexpected and bizarre events.

Fan Theories and Speculation:

Now, the above points I mentioned is the correct answer to the question “how did Dio heal Pucci’s legs.” However, some weird fans (probably the ones that skilled part 1) have come up with a theory.

The fan theory is that Dio somehow has all the stand abilities of the Joestar bloodline. This means, he has Crazy Diamond which Josuke will obtain in the future.

But this theory instantly goes to trash because Crazy Diamond cannot heal anything. It can only revert time on the target. So, even if it reverted time on Pucci’s legs his leg won’t be healed because his foot has disfigured by birth. Pucci didn’t randomly get hurt or something. It was a physical disability he has had since he was a baby.


Dio Brando’s healing of Pucci’s leg remains a captivating topic for fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Dio’s enigmatic powers continue to spark curiosity and fascination among the audience. But the event is not as mysterious as it seems. All the answers to Dio’s powers have been laid out on the first part of the JoJo anime series.

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