All JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6 Characters, Ranked

Jojo’s bizarre adventure part 6, is one of the best in the series, with a ton of interesting characters. Also known as “Stone Ocean”, Part 6 of the JoJo franchise is the only part that has a strong female lead.

We get to see the adventures of our female MC, who gets caught up in an evil agenda that originated with Dio. Growing up without understanding stands and the heroic deeds of her father, all the hidden truth comes crashing down at her. It is up to her to save her father, Jotaro, and the world from the man who took over Dio’s ambition.

In this article, we will be counting down all the main characters, side characters, and villains from JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Main Characters

  • Jolyne Cujoh
  • Ermes Costello
  • Foo Fighters
  • Emporio Alnino
  • Weather Report
  • Narciso Anasui
  • Jotaro Kujo

1. Jolyne Cujoh

Jolyne Cujoh - jjba part 6 mc

Jolyne Cujoh is the main protagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean. She is the daughter of Kujo Jotaro, the protagonist of JoJo Part 3.

Jolyne’s fate is a twisted one, as she is the last JoJo in the main timeline. When she was young, she fell in love with a guy named Romeo, but it ended as quickly as it started.

She is framed for murdering an innocent passerby and sent to jail. What’s more, the people in jail legitimately want to kill her because of her Joestar bloodline. This is where she gets a pendant from her father and unlocks her stand ability.

Jolyne’s stand ability, “Stone Free,” gives her the ability to manipulate threads that originate from her body. The more thread she uses, the more her body gets deconstructed.

Jolyne has to use her smarts to outwit the enemies who have more powerful stand abilities.

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2. Ermes Costello

Ermes Costello - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Ermes is the very first friend that Jolyne made during her time in prison. She is charged with five years of prison time for theft.

However, both Jolyne and Ermes had to part ways when they were transferred to a new, high-security prison.

Later on, Ermes gets her own stand ability thanks to Jolyne’s pendant and regroups with Jolyne to understand the situation better.

Through the series, we can see that Ermes is actually a caring and reliable friend. She always has Jolyne’s back.

Ermes’ stand ability, “Kiss”, gives her the ability to create kiss-marked stickers. These stickers allow her to duplicate anything that gets combined with a force of destruction when the sticker is removed.

3. Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters - jjba part 6 ally

Foo Fighters is originally a non-human character that was created because of Whitesnake’s stand discs. It obtained the ability to manipulate water and use it as a weapon.

Initially, it attacked both Ermes and Jolyne with the intent to kill. However, the duo defeats the Foo Fighters. Not only that, Jolyne lets it live and asks it to become her ally.

Because of that, the Foo Fighters is extremely loyal to Jolyne. Soon after that incident, the Foo Fighters take over the body of a dead girl and infiltrate the prison to protect Jolyne.

This is one of the first JoJo characters where the stand and the user are fused together.

4. Weather Report

Weather Report - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Weather Report is by far one of the most fan favorite JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6 male characters.

Emporio introduces him to Jolyne in the “ghost room” and tells her that he will be helping her with her missions.

Weather Report has no memory of himself when he was a child, and he has no idea why he is in prison either. This is most likely the handy work of Whitesnake’s stand ability.

Because of this, he has a huge interest in knowing Whitesnake’s true goal. This is why he agreed to help Jolyne, who is practically Whitesnake’s enemy.

His stand ability is also called “Weather Report,” and it allows him to control the weather. He played a vital role in saving Jolyne’s life when Lang Rangler attacked them.

5. Narciso Anasui

Narciso Anasui - - jjba part 6 ally

Narciso is one of Jolyne’s strongest allies and is madly in love with her. Originally, he was a murderer who got imprisoned for “dismantling” the bodies of his girlfriend and the guy with whom she cheated on him.

Ever since his childhood, he has always been fascinated by dismantling it. This desire has taken the form of a stand called “Diver Drive.” It allows him to conjure parts of his stand from any object that he hits. The force of the hit is stored inside the object and then released along with the stand’s body part, which deals damage to anyone near that area.

It is also capable of phasing through solid objects, making it unstoppable and overpowered stand when it comes to close-range combat.

6. Emporio Alnino

Emporio Alnino - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Emporio is one of the mysterious characters in Jojo’s bizarre adventure part 6. He is a young boy who roams the maximum-security prison without anybody noticing.

He was born in the prison and has lived there all his life. His mother was an inmate who had been killed by Whitesnake’s stand. Because of that, he supports Jolyne and tries to save her life.

Multiple times throughout the series, his ideas and actions helped Jolyne and the others survive.

What’s surprising about him is that he is a natural stand user who had the ability from birth. He is capable of interacting with and using “ghosts of objects.”

This ability is explained when he takes Jolyne to a ghost room that was supposedly destroyed in a fire accident a long time ago.

7. Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo is the fan favorite JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character from previous seasons. However, his role in Stone Ocean is vital but very limited. This is because he goes out of commission early on after Whitesnake steals Jotaro’s soul.

This made Jolyne stay in the prison in order to fight and get back her father’s soul in hopes that she could bring Jotaro back to life if she could fuse his soul within his dead body.

In all honesty, Jotaro is nerfed beyond comparison. In Part 3, he was fighting this immortal vampire with the ability to stop time, and he even defeated him. He got himself crowned as the strongest stand user in the series.

But in Part 6, he barely used his stand ability, and it was stolen quite easily.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Side Characters

  • Gwess
  • Thunder McQueen
  • Miraschon
  • Romeo Jisso

1. Gwess

Gwess - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Gwess is Jolyne’s roommate in the new Green Dolphin Street Prison. She had bought Jolyne’s pendant from Ermes for $200 and accidentally obtained her stand ability.

Gwess is the first enemy that Jolyne had to face soon after her arrival in the prison. With her stand, “Goo Goo Dolls”, Gwess had the ability to shrink anyone.

She had used this ability to turn her victims into her playthings. Later on, Gwess shrank Jolyne and forced her to wear a rat skin and do her bidding.

Gwess tried to use Jolyne to escape the prison, but when things went south, she was plotting to frame Jolyne and escape. However, Jolyne captured her stand and demanded her cooperation.

After that incident, Gwess has been completely subordinate to Jolyne, as she has the stronger stand.

2. Miraschon

Miraschon - - jjba part 6 female character

Miraschon is one of the minor antagonistic characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6. She is a professional thief who tries to steal from Father Pucci. But she has no idea that he is the Whitesnake and becomes his victim.

Pucci gives her a stand ability that works based on bets and debts. He then erases all memory of him and lets her go free.

Then, Miraschon makes a bet with Jolyne and the Foo Fighters on a game of catchball. The duo won the bet. However, Miraschon makes another bet, and Ermes accepts it this time. But she is not able to win, which makes Miraschon’s stand activate. The stand pulls Ermes’ liver as a payment for the bet.

Now, Jolyne makes a seemingly impossible bet in order to get back Ermes’ liver and eventually wins after a series of thrilling events. This bet ended with Miraschon being beaten to a pulp with the ball.

3. Thunder McQueen

Thunder McQueen - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Thunder McQueen is one of the Green Dolphin Street Prison’s janitors. He has been stealing money from people in the infirmary and stashing it in a secret place.

However, one day, Whitesnake’s stand encountered him, took his memory away, and gave him a stand ability.

By nature, Thunder McQueen is a guy with suicidal tendencies. Because of this, Whitesnake gave him a stand called “Gateway to Hell,” which will inflict any physical damage that McQueen suffers on his target.

Unfortunately for Ermes, she became McQueen’s victim. As he tried to kill himself, every damage that he did was inflicted upon Ermes as well.

After a close call, Ermes manages to knock him out and take his stand ability disc away.

4. Romeo Jisso

Romeo Jisso

Romeo is Jolyne’s first love. They were a happy couple until one day, a road accident happened where their car hit a man, who ended up being flung onto a tree. He was dead, and Romeo panicked.

Jolyne tries to call the ambulance, but Romeo stops her because the guy is already dead. Together, they tried to hide the corpse of the guy, but they were caught later on.

In the trial, Jolyne’s lawyer convinces Jolyne to admit that she stole the car, got drunk, and hit the man. This way, she will be given a lighter sentence.

However, she was betrayed, and the lawyer made sure that Romeo was free at the cost of Jolyne’s life. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison and charged with murder.

Romeo is a weak-willed man who did nothing and let his father and the lawyer do everything for him. At the end, he was manipulated into sacrificing his lover in order to save his own skin.

Later on, Jolyne sees him after escaping the prison in order to ask for some cash and a medium of transport. She also asks him not to talk about her to the police.

Romeo gives her 1000 dollars and a helicopter and then calls the cops, only to give them the wrong information about Jolyne. This was his way of repenting for betraying her.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Villain Characters

  • Enrico Pucci
  • Miuccia Miuller
  • Ungalo
  • Rikiel
  • Donatello Versus
  • Lang Rangler
  • Sports Maxx
  • Viviano Westwood
  • Kenzou
  • D an G
  • Guccio
  • Johngalli A.

1. Enrico Pucci

Enrico Pucci - jjba part 6 villain

Enrico Pucci is the main villain in JoJo: Stone Ocean. He and his stand, “Whitesnake,” orchestrated everything that happened at the prison. He lured in Jotaro using Jolyne and stole his memory and stand discs.

This was to learn the secret that Dio had left behind. Jotaro, after learning Dio’s plans from his diary, burned it. So it remains only in his memory.

Pucci, who was an old friend of Dio, used Jotaro’s memory disc to learn the secret. He found the method to attain the heavenly powers that Dio was going after.

The entire story of Stone Ocean is about him trying to ascend into heaven and obtain the ultimate power. Jolyne eventually learns about this and goes after Pucci in order to stop him from obtaining such godly powers.

2. Donatello Versus

Donatello Versus - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Donatello is one of the antagonistic characters in Jojo’s bizarre adventure part 6. He is one of Dio’s sons who joins forces with Father Pucci in order to help him reach “heaven.”

However, unlike his other two half-brothers, Donatello is not completely loyal to Pucci. As a matter of fact, he is irritated by Pucci’s attitude. While he pretends to help him, Donatello’s goal is to take over Pucci’s plans and attain heaven himself.

Donatello’s stand “Netherworld” is one of the most nightmarish stand in the series. It can read the memories of the Earth and recreate tragic incidents that occurred at any time in the past. With this ability, he trapped Ermes and Jolyne in a 2005 plane crash.

However, being seasoned fighters, Jolyne and Ermes use their quick wits to survive the crash and overcome his stand.

Soon after that, Donatello betrays Pucci, steals the memory disc of Weather Report, and restores his memory. Turns out Weather Report was Pucci’s brother who had a deadly stand. Pucci erased his memory so that he forgot how to use his ability.

3. Ungalo

Ungalo - jjba part 6 villain

Ungalo is one of Dio’s sons who encountered Father Pucci and unlocked his stand ability. His stand, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” is one of the most overpowered in the entire series. It had the ability to affect the entire world, showing that it had an insane range.

His stand makes all the fictional characters come to life. What’s more, the people who liked those fictional characters will become fictional.

The ones who faced off against Ungalo were Weather Report and Anasui, who were almost killed after becoming fiction. However, Weather Report used Ungalo’s own abilities against him by creating a new fictional character that brought all fictional characters back into their world.

This caused Ungalo’s confidence and mind to break, leaving him beyond recovery. At the end, Weather Report defeated Ungalo without even knowing who he really was.

4. Rikiel

Rikiel - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Rikiel is another one of Dio’s sons and an antagonistic character in Jojo’s bizarre adventure part 6. He used to have a mysterious disease that made his eyes droopy, making him unable to see anything. Because of this, he had developed an inferiority complex and was easily prone to panic attacks.

However, after meeting Father Pucci and unlocking his stand ability, he regained confidence.

His stand, “Sky High,” gave him the ability to control the mysterious beings known as “rods” that can create illness. For example, he used the power to give droopy eyes to Jolyne and her team, who were riding a helicopter. This caused the helicopter to crash, as no one could see.

However, the trio escaped, and Jolyne faced off against Rikiel in a one-on-one fight. After understanding the nature of his stand, Jolyne uses her sheer willpower in a fight of endurance and wins.

5. Miuccia Miuller

Miuccia Miuller - jjba part 6 villain

Miuccia Miuller, also known as “Miu Miu,” is one of the most formidable antagonistic characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6.

She is the lead guard and also one of Pucci’s pawns. She has been given the stand “Jail House Lock,” which allows her to make her target only retainthree3 pieces of information.

Whenever her target learns a fourth piece of information, they forget the first one, and their memory gets reset. This way, she can prevent stand users from escaping jail.

Jolyne and Emporio had a great deal of difficulty dealing with her stand and almost got cornered to the point where there was no escape. However, Jolyne outsmarted her and defeated her, even with her memory getting reset every now and then.

6. Viviano Westwood

Viviano Westwood - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Westwood is one of the prison guards at Green Dolphin Street Prison. He and one of the other guards show up at Jolyne’s cell at the Ultra Security Solitary.

Due to the attack of the stand called “Survivor,” the two started punching each other to death. Westwood came out as a victor, and then he released all the prisinors. Under the influence of Survivor’s abilities, he initiated an all-out fight to the death.

The others are also affected by Survivor’s ability and start killing each other. This is when Westwood sets his sights on Jolyne and gives her a hard time.

What’s more, it turned out Westwood had his own stand, “Starlight Waves,” that allowed him to use metiorites to attack Jolyne.

Almost beaten to death, Jolyne uses the last of her wits to turn his own against him and defeat him.

7. Lang Rangler

Lang Rangler - jjba part 6 villain

Lang Rangler is one of the inmates who got his stand ability from Whitesnake’s disc. His stand, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” allowed him to manipulate gravity.

With this ability, he made Jolyne get stuck in zero gravity. She was not able to even use her stand ability properly because there is no gravitational force. Not only that, but anything that she touched also ended up having zero gravity.

After a one-sided onslaught, Lang Rangler had Jolyne and Weather Report on their knees. He was almost close to finishing off Jolyne and stealing Star Platinum’s disc too. However, Weather Report used the last of his powers to sacrifice himself and give oxygen to Jolyne, which allowed her to defeat him.

Luckily for Weather Report, Lang Ranger deactivated his ability as Jolyne pulled him into the vacuum that was created as a result of his ability. Because of this, Weather Report survived.

8. Kenzou

Kenzou - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Kenzou is a 78-year-old Asian inmate who is obsessed with the art of Feng Sui. During his 30s, he was a famous cult leader with thousands of followers. However, since his cult was seen as a threat to society, it was on the verge of being banned.

This is when he decides to lock himself and over 40 of his most loyal followers up and set the building on fire. However, only Kenzou survived because a piece of the building fell on top of him and put out the fire.

Later, he was imprisoned and sent to the Ultra Security Solitary, where he tried to kill Jolyne. However, the Foo Fighters come to Jolyne’s rescue and fight Kenzou in an intense battle.

Kenzou is a skilled Taichi master who is also well versed in the art of Feng Sui assassination. His stand, “Dragon’s Dream,” is also a Feng Sui-based one that shows him the safest place where he will be 100% safe. On the other hand, it also has the capability to show the direction in which the enemy has the worst luck.

Combined with his martial arts skills and the stand’s ability, he almost finishes off Foo Fighters and Jolyne. However, Narciso Anasui turns his body into a boney mess and leaves him unable to even stand.

9. D an G

D an G - jjba part 6 villain

D an G was one of the prisinors in the Ultra Security Solitary who was tasked with killing Jolyne. His stand, “Yo-Yo Ma,” is one of the weirdest characters in all of Jojo’s bizarre adventure part 6.

Yo Yo Ma, at first sight, seems like a useless, ugly blob of a being that is subservient to anyone. It acted as a servant to Jolyne and Anasui and helped them escape.

However, what they did not know is that Yo Yo Ma was an automatic stand that was tasked with killing Jolyne. This means that whenever they were not focusing on him, Yo Yo Ma slowly attacked them in subtle ways.

This became apparent to Jolyne when she lost her ability to speak. Later, she somehow conveys the message to Anasui that Yo Yo Ma is an enemy.

Realizing this, Anasui quick-wittedly replaced Yo Yo Ma’s brain with a frog’s brain, which caused the stand to break mentally. Soon after, the Foo Fighters finish off D an G, who was still in the prison that destroyed Yo Yo Ma.

10. Guccio

Guccio - jjba part 6 villain

Guccio is one of the weakest characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6. In a flashback scene, Dio calls a stand called “Survivor” the weakest stand. Pucci gets that stand from Dio on his disc and later gives it to Guccio.

The stand’s ability is to send very feeble electric signals to the brains of everyone in its range. This, in turn, makes its target feel like they’re invincible and raises their fighting spirit.

Because of this, everybody in the Ultra Security Solitary started fighting each other to death in a brutal brawl.

Guccio was one of the survivors of that incident and asked Anasui to help him escape. However, Anasui uses his stand ability to make Guccio a walking trap.

When D an G touched Guccio, the trap activated, and Guccio’s ribs pierced D an G’s hand. This made D an G cry in pain and retire from plotting anything to defeat Jolyne.

Later, Pucci uses Guccio’s memory disc to understand what happened in the solitary and pursues Jolyne.

11. Sports Maxx

Sports Maxx - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Sports Maxx is one of the minor characters in JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean, who plays an antagonistic role. He used to be a gangster before being imprisoned. During that time, he killed Ermes’ sister.

Because Sports Maxx was in the Green Dolphin Street Prison, Ermes got caught voluntarily in order to get revenge for her sister.

She successfully manages to stalk him and find him isolated from others. This is when she stuffs him into a sewage pipe using her stand ability and makes him drown to death.

However, Sports Maxx had received stand ability from Whitesnake that allowed him to become a ghost and attack her. At the end, Ermes successfully managed to kill him for good, but she also took great damage in the process.

12. Johngalli A.

Johngalli A - jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 characters

Johngalli A. is the very first antagonist to be introduced in Jojo’s bizarre adventure part 6. Jotaro visits the prison to warn Jolyne about Johngalli A, who is one of Dio’s goons.

Even though his master is dead, Johngalli A seeks revenge on the Joestar blood. He is the one who framed Jolyne as a murderer in order to bring her to prison.

However, his original goal was to bring Jotaro to the prison and help Whitesnake steal Jotaro’s stand ability and his soul.

Johngalli A’s stand ability, “Manhattan Transfer,” allows him to sense people who are far away and snipe them. Being a genius sniper, he uses this ability smartly, but in the end, gets defeated by Jolyne who outpowers him.

At the end, Whitesnake killed him in cold blood after obtaining Jotaro’s discs. Johngalli A was merely a pawn for our main antagonist, Whitesnake.

That’s it for this post. These are all the characters from Jojo’s bizarre adventure part 6: Stone Ocean.

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